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  1. I saw him on this same tour and he kicked some ***. This was before he got real popular. I saw him again a few years later and it was boring as all get out. Its the only show I've been to where chairs were set up on the floor. I felt like I was in church not a concert. First time I ever fell asleep at a show. It's a shame .
  2. for a shootout... my J200 and a Zager ZAD80
  3. Keepin the offset train Rollin! My most favorite guitar ever
  4. I have a gang of PT2399s if you need a few dude
  5. Hey I have a 616 too! I like it a lot better than the other delays in that price range. I'm still thinking about selling my kidney to get a Strymon super delay box of death though
  6. I'm workin on building a Clari(not) and a Fuzz Factory into one masive box of craziness. Should be pretty insane. I'll post pics when I got it goin
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZVvbOu4qYA&feature=related
  8. Yeah now I'm stuck using my girls icky Telecaster. I'm not gonna get bent outta shape about it. As long as it can be fixed I'm alright but I'm gonna have serious withdraws. The SG is the most comfortable guitar ever. Plus they look evil
  9. Thanks dudes. I'ma take it in as soon as possible. The nut on the straplock unscrewed itself. So everyone should double check those thingys. I guess it could be worse though
  10. So I was jammin today with my people and my straplock busted. My SG took a plunge. I checked it out and it looked fine so I just upon my business. Later on when I got home under closer inspection I noticed two small cracks on both sides of the neck. You can barely see them but I'm afraid it'll get worse. Does anyone know if there a way to fix this? Can a luthier inject some glue in there or somethin? Heres a crappy Ipod pic.
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