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  1. for a shootout... my J200 and a Zager ZAD80
  2. I'm workin on building a Clari(not) and a Fuzz Factory into one masive box of craziness. Should be pretty insane. I'll post pics when I got it goin
  3. I love your signature!


  4. Yeah man I just use a hand drill. I got some step bits from Harbor Freight for 4 bones. They make drilling a breeze. The Pearl does 1 octave down, 2 octave down and 1 octave up. I hear you on the music man. I put Beats Antique on the Pandora and go to town.
  5. Thanks dude. They're not as tidy as yours but dats cool. The Octavers pretty rad. The up octave is pretty weak but I'm gonna mess with it and see if I can get it alittle stonger. Good times! Props to everyone in this thread
  6. Here some stuff I recently built Pearl Octaver clone Lovetone Meatball clone Super Duper Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz
  7. I gotta get one of those solid gold LPs! Trade ya a balsa wood Martin D129763431 for one!

  8. Dude that sucks. Did you finish that Meatball clone?

  9. Dude I'm having total building withdraws. I gotta pay for a car accident and some traffic tickets so I'm broke as fuk. Can't wait some of these projects done.

  10. I have a spare one of dem too actually but that would make a GZ. I'm actually building this pedal for Jeff-7 and it's gonna be his first fuzz so I thought the VFM would be a much better choice than the GZ haha

    I can't wait to try the VFM since you said it's your favorite. I have to wait for that 2N2907A to come in.

  11. Sweet glad you got it goin. I really don't remember what I put in there. I'll have to crack it open. Probably a 10k. I have an extra 2n2222 if you want it. I don't know what it will do but I could result in somethin crazy

  12. It worked the first time last night. I need another 2N2907A for the VFM mod still though. I haven't had time to really test it yet but it seems to sound right with the 10k resistor. Does yours have a 1k?

  13. Good luck man. Hope it fires up the first time. +1 on the VFM. I think thats my favorite DE circuit

  14. Hmm well I used a 10k so I'm gonna finish wiring this thing and hopefully see how it sounds. Hopefully it works first time I hate troubleshooting.

    I'm wiring Q4 on a switch so I can switch between SM and VFM too. Should be pretty sick.

  15. You could very well be right. I'm not 100% on that. I'm not the best with the color codes.

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