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  3. Yep fred that's about right. All us Nebraskan's are about the dumbest rednecks you will ever meet in your whole darn life! You meet a lot of locals in the hotel ehh? Seems odd in any other part of the world to run into a bunch of locals hanging out in a hotel but here in the sticks we is so stupid sometimes we forget where we parked our horses so we gotta shack up in the hotels, good thing ya can still pay in chicken feed down here. I have rode my ol' horse up Chicago way a couple times in my wanderin'. I have to say it's a fine city and I believe it is the bastion of civilized society. Oh and great slam on that Cannibal Corpse line!! HEHE!! Looked those dumb hicks right in the eye you say?!? Boy if that don't beat all!! I wish I got the joke though, what is a Cannibal Corpse? Never heard of such a thing out here in the sticks, they got a fiddle player?? Yeehaw good buddy, got to get back to pickin' and a grinin'. See ya 'round now, take care.
  4. Right on. Mike's is too sweet for me but if you like it, enjoy it. Now I will return to quietly being ignored. Thank you.
  5. Is this a quiz? Seems like you already know what you want. Go for it.
  6. Marshall JCM 800 2203KK head and usually a Marshall 1960A cab, but sometimes an A and a B cab.
  7. Don't know if its a secret but sometimes during the last song of our shows I will crank the regen on my MXR Carbon Copy and on the last big chord I hit it on and its on constant repeat, kinda gives this weird "the machine is broken" vibe. After several seconds I roll the volume pedal off. I saw Slash do something similar and I nicked it from him.
  8. Cool. That is pretty slick. I dig the on/off.
  9. Second guitarist in Tool. Wouldn't want to try to replace anybody.
  10. This song came out at an impressionable time for me. I could then and can now feel every single lyric.
  11. Had to cancel a show this week for the first time in three years because our drummer was sick. We could do a show without bass and or rhythm guitar, but without a drummer...scratch that...without "our" drummer we are dead in the water. Our songs are not complicated but only he knows the breaks and beats and everything. So yeah, drummers are pretty important.
  12. Regular high fives or awesome Top Gun complicated high fives!?! Nothing more macho than shirtless beach volleyball and some choreographed high fives.
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