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  1. thanks man. i am happy with my strat it must have some high output humbucker cause it sounds like a SG but its a strat style guitar by Squier

    i found a used gibson les paul double cut special on craigslist for 450 bucks. and that thing plays allot like an as and i can get really good AC/DC sound out of that. and it has P-90's. you just gotta get a budget guitar and work with it using your brain and your amp to find a good setting. and are you serious about learning to play AC/DC? learn blues first. AC/DC is blues just faster and more distorted. and strats cant really give you good AC/DC sound. you need something with a more solid body.

  2. I love these threads. Mine Is a 2005 Gibson Les Pauld Double Cut Faded Special. Has a fixed crak in the back of the neack so i got it for 450 bucks. not a bad price if ur not gonna sell it. its my 2nd guitar and i love it!


    here i am with it


    in its musicians friend case. this case works great!




    body. those P-90s scream!

    got it for my 13th birthday last year. i turn 14 in 14 days. :)

  3. You been playing too much cod man!? msp_lol.gif


    Anyway, I would never get a non lethal weapon. I want to make sure that the intruder is down and my family, me included, is safe. If someone breaks in he's gonna get what he deserves.


    well idk . im just thinking of a long and close range weapon. i dont thing you can get an M16 legally without being in the army. i was just thinking close and long range. i guess he could buy some cheap assault rifle and get a shotgun attachment for it. it would be scary to see. and i dont play CoD that much anyway

  4. Technically, Epiphones are Gibsons.......Sellers know this, and often mis-use this in order to generate interest in an Epi Paul by calling it a Gibson without being specific.....Legal, but not right......


    They should specify an Epiphone or, a Gibson Epiphone........


    yeah for real. i hope the guy who replied didnt think it was a U.S.A made gibson. most people call it a Gibson Epiphone, because an epiphone is just a gobson made with cheaper labor and hardware

  5. Craigs has become one of my favorite resources for snagging some good used gear deals.

    I check my local one frequently, so it's just a matter of time before something

    outrageous appears. [biggrin] The Conan guitar took the cake.

    Some cool listings you got there. That Hagar sig looks like a score. [thumbup]


    This apperared just in time on craigslist for my 13th birthday






  6. Im 13. and I do NOT smoke. i never will. i don't care how many times people say "Everyone's Doing It". i everyones jumping into a volcano,, would you do it? i wouldnt. my dad used to smoke, but then he started with Electronic Cigs. I am glad i do not smoke. but different things affect people differently. i could take one dose of meth and die, and someone else could do meth for 30 years. ya never know


    and smokers arent second class people. Obama smokes. and hes the president. bill gates might smoke, and hes has more money than GOD. i think the worst result is when a girl smokes when shes pregnant. it can have a devastating result on the baby


    so all in all, i despise the idea of smoking, but i have nothing against smokers. i just will never smoke. i might drink WHEN IM 21 every now and then, never drunk. thats all!

  7. For me, my biggest motivation was probably AC/DC. i like their sound ALOT. im thirteen and have been playing for a year. i play in the youth band at my church so i cant play hard rock.


    so my story of my discovery of AC/DC


    at the time i knew only the intro to the ocean by led zeppelin, and the main riff to smoke on the water. then one day i said"dad, who else do you know of besides deep purple and led zeppelin" and he said "well what about AC/DC" and i said" i dont know if ive heard of them" then he said "well youtube the song TNT. i looked it up and said" i think ive heard that before!"and i love the way they played them power chords in such an awesome way and had crazy solos. so AC/DC is pretty much my biggest influence, and learning their music kinda made me play the guitar the way i play it.


    So, the song from AC/DC that started it all for me-TNT


    Brian Johnson Version



    Original (Bon Scott Version)


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