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  1. id go back to 1961 and buy a Les Paul "SG". then id go jam with angus young, then SRV, then slash, then van halen, and so forth. THE MOST FUN WOLD BE ANGUS YOUNG
  2. i am an AC/DC fanatic and i m greatly influenced by angus young.... but this is just a good song. and if you think the singer is singing high its because the guitars are tune 1/2 step UP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY-z94-mFto
  3. heres mine..... its an amazing guitar. AMAZING upper fret axcess, bought it used for 450 dollars . pickups sound good for punk rock, rock, and blues. metal too. the pickups do buzz on heavy distortion, but i dont mind that. if you do just buy some seymoure duncan P-90's they are hum-less. im only 13, so its my best bet. heres me playin it
  4. seriously???? its not the guitars looks.... its the way the guitar plays and how it sounds
  5. i posted one.... but it was the double cut version
  6. some idtiot just won the bid. i hope that seller goes to jail
  7. oh the pickup difference is that there is not a cover for the pickups. that silver thing that goes over the pickup can be removed to look like yours.
  8. guitarkid

    Floyd Rose

    is it a gibson les paul??? if so leave it alone!!!!! or buy this and a bigsby B7 if you want a whammy. but dont route it out or drillholes http://www.vibramate.com/vibramate-v7-lp-install.php
  9. who cares at least you have it i still love it this one is random
  10. this isn't mine but would this be better??
  11. no i really dont . but i think the TV yellow isn't as good as mine. and the pickups are not cheap. theyre gibsons
  12. i like that. its pretty cool!
  13. well, they are kinda different, which personally i like because unique guitars are cool to me. it plays and sounds great. i play at my church every sunday night for my youth band, and i hook up my Peavey VYPYR 15 and mic it, and it sounds AMAZING. it has a 60's slim taper neck which is great for 13 year old kids.... i guess. i can get green day to AC/DC to led zep. plus in 20 years itll be vintage.and it has quite a unique tone as well. it's heavier than an SG( basically a les paul without a top), but with P-90's so it has a lighter pckup sound. but i LOVE it to death. im never selling it. even for my future kids (just kidding)
  14. you could go crack 6,000 bucks and buy an original one from 1660, it has binding. in 5 or 6 years im going to college then im going to work at the gibson factory. so in 5 or 6 years, there will be those again. or you can buy a gloss one from the 90's. i think they have binding
  15. Why dont they bring this guitar back??? me and my dad both love it (im 13) and it is a great guitar. so that way you can buy an 800 dolar guitar if you dont want an SG and yes i know they have these in the custom shop, but with a different bridge and there like THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS
  16. thats really cool. if you saw mine at the beginning, apparently i like unique guitars. but i also found that for 450 bucks, and im only 13 so..... BUT I STILL LIKE DISCONTINUED GUITARS CUZ THERE MORE VALUEABLE
  17. Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar Features: Carved maple top and mahogany back (Mahogany top on faded finish models) Mahogany neck, '59 Rounded Les Paul Rosewood fingerboard (Ebony on Alpine white) Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar Chrome or gold hardware 490R and 498T Alnico 2 magnet humbucker pickups (BurstBucker Pro on faded finish models) 2 volume and 2 tone knobs, 3-way switch hope this helps. you know it comes with a gig bag not a hardshell case right?
  18. well by the time you did all this you could have bought a standard..... but it is fun to buy a cheaper guitar and modify it..... ALOT
  19. that TV yellow isn't my favorite color. i like it, but i prefer my red one
  20. epic failure for a fake guitar. just looks like crap. i could find a first act worth more than that
  21. epic failure for a fake guitar. just looks like crap. i could find a first act worth more than that
  22. thats retarded. makes zero sense
  23. Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9-46. i like them alot. im 13 and have only played a year, so i guess they are good strings to learn to play with
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