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  1. gaxeman, yours looks better than the one in the online catalog. I guess every one of them is a little bit different. I have seen these in a new light.
  2. Yes. 1992. I had one that was darker than that, somewhere between brown and dark red. It was a '67 reissue (25 years) stamped 1992. Great guitar. Traded it for my '61 jr about 4 years ago.
  3. Great guitar! I have played the KG-11 but I have yet to get down on the 14! post those pics!
  4. I have been playing Gibsons for 21 years, and have had about 30 SGs, lol. However, I have had 4 gibson acoustics, a 1962 Country and Western, a 1917 L-1 ARCHTOP, a 1990 J-45, and now I finally have my dream guitar, a 1928 L-0 flat top that I found on craigslist. I have wanted one of these since 1990, when the RJ box set came out. I got to play a 1929 L-1 at Gruhn's in 1998 but did not have the 3000 dollars necessary to bring her home. I found this one for a lot less two weeks ago and I am IN LOVE!!!!! It is great for oldtime (flat pick) and blues (fingerstyle). It is very light and resonant. I have always been a gibson guy, and even though I had my trusty 1990 J-45 for 9 years, I had no choice but to trade it in on the guitar I have always wanted! Welcome to the club!
  5. I have two SG's from the 60's and I have a 2008 faded. The weight of SGs always varies a little from piece to piece, with the 70's and 80's being the heaviest of the lot. Both of my 60's weigh less than my 2008 faded however. Light weight is generally a good thing with SGs. The 2008 has a tremendous neck, both in width and girth, which may help the tone. The 490T in the bridge of my 2008 faded is a little weak compared to the 490R in the neck. My thoughts would be a burstbucker 3 or 500T to even it up a bit. My 490T reads 7.75K ohms, which is about where the PAFs are DC resistance-wise. I am deliberating this with my 2008 right now, but the 490T does sound good and clear when it is tweaked out, but it does not have as much bite as the early 70's T-top in my '66 which is 8.25K ohms. Oh yeah, definately go with the gibson over an epi. 'nuff said.
  6. Thanks Cabba and Dub-t! I had to look up "Igualmente", I didn't know what it meant, lol. The Jr was a project, I traded a 1992 SG custom for it about two and a half years ago. When I got it it was sanded clean down to the raw wood, even the peghead with no guard. I have since had a friend of mine put a thin nitro finish on it and relic the arm wear due to the stain in the wood from that area. A friend of mine said it was a potato chip because it is so light, so that has become its name. It still awaits the gibson silkscreen, although we have installed the Les paul junior logo.
  7. In 1989, I saw the MTV closet classics video of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" from 1970 where Tony Iommi is playing a white SG Custom through the Orange backline that everbody used on that TV show. I was hooked from that point. I bought an SG standard in 1990 and have owned about 20 of them since. Angus was also a factor in the SG obsession as well as Paul Sampson.
  8. A setup is a good idea for any new guitar; your guitar most likely needs intonated. However, something that helps me keep SGs in tune, especially the G string which has a very large amount of tension on it, is replacing the green key tuners with grover rotomatics. This will cost an additonal $50-60 for the tuners but it is well worth it. The grovers fit in the same tuner holes with no drilling or reaming. You can install 'em yourself as leng as you own a screwdriver and a wrench. You can keep the origianls in case you sell the guitar. Also, "drawing" in the nut slots with a mechanical pencil helps lubricate the nut slots, a source of friction that sometimes keeps you from getting the string tuned to the right pitch.
  9. I would remove the whole harness with the board, pots and everything so that you can keep it the way it is without cutting or splicing so that if you wanted to reverse it, you could. While you are at it, you may as well put some nice pots and upgraded caps in there, say CTS pots and orange drop caps, if you don't want to spend a ton of $$$.
  10. The 2008 special 3 PU I just picked up has a huge, wide, fat neck. Much wider that my '66 neck and fatter than my '61, with about the same width. The 2008 must have a 50's neck profile. I am in love with it!
  11. If the price is right and it plays good...
  12. I put a three electric limit on myself as well. They just happen to be three SGs, lol.
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