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  1. My RainSong is actually blue (but I can’t swim laps!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvhqip31typ4am4/IMG_1824.jpg?dl=0
  2. I have a RainSong parlor for all the riskier playing situations, and, unlike beater wood guitars I have owned for such occasions, I love its sound and playability and often reach for it in the non-risky situations, too. (Plus, the parlor size is great for traveling.) Beater guitars don’t work for me— I still need to like what’s in my hands and coming into my ears, even if I’m just noodling around outside, etc. My two cents…
  3. My lists have fluctuated over time, of course, but at the moment, I’m stuck to: TVZ’s Harm’s Swift Way and Tecumseh Valley Prine’s Far From Me, I Remember Everything, Mexican Home Patty Griffin’s Mother of God And, as usual, an assortment of originals come ‘round for a closer look.
  4. Just beautiful, John. You can play and you can sing, sure enough, but your best magic (imo) is how you deliver the essence of the Song.
  5. I love this. I always want to hear another. And another after that.
  6. Nice, Sal! Now how about a/b ing the two for us—put ‘em thru the paces and let us hear what they have. I’m intrigued…
  7. Keith— More, please…. (I wish I could hear All That Glitters again, if you’re taking requests.) 😎
  8. Very nice, Roger. I get quite nostalgic about JD from time to time; his music was big for me in my teens and into my college days. Lotsa clean, clear guitars where the likes of me could play along and learn some things. A couple of years ago, my college roommate and I reunited after 35 years. She sang and I played, back in the day, so when she came for a visit, we went out to my then-regular open mic and whipped out one of our favorites, “Eclipse,” like no time had passed. John’s songs live on…thanks for reviving this one. Well done. Eclipse
  9. When sitting, I found my J-45 to be far less comfortable to play than my J-100, fwiw.
  10. Delightful, Roger—thank you for sharing these.
  11. Nice take, Sal! Let me know when your tour heads this way. 👍🏻
  12. Or, “It’s just too hard to play with the case latched.” 🤦🏻‍♀️
  13. Oh, you are so right. And the intensity made the guitar bloom in your hands. Yessiree...
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