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  1. Delightful, Roger—thank you for sharing these.
  2. Nice take, Sal! Let me know when your tour heads this way. 👍🏻
  3. Or, “It’s just too hard to play with the case latched.” 🤦🏻‍♀️
  4. Oh, you are so right. And the intensity made the guitar bloom in your hands. Yessiree...
  5. Here’s a girl folkie having no trouble with hog. I shot this a couple of Januarys ago at the Highway 1A Songwriter’s Festival in FL—it was 33 degrees in the tent at the time. That bird kept us all warm. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c96x8r91zuniha/Video Jan 12%2C 10 48 09 PM.mov?dl=0
  6. Fantastic, Sal. Way to make ‘er sing! I, too, might want to play around with GarageBand, so if you have tips for simple functionality, I’d be all ears. (MacBook or iPhone—even iPad, maybe.) I used to use Audacity, but even that looks hard now. Really like this!
  7. Nice, Rob! That’s a beautiful ‘bird, too. 👍🏻
  8. Wow...thank you, all. As the earth comes full circle since Mr. Prine last rode along with us, what we lost—and what he gave us all those other years—continue to haunt and amaze. What a world, eh? Lots to ponder, guitars in hand, as we ride this rock together. Grateful to be here, and grateful, too, for those of you who survived some very close calls, health- and otherwise. We’ve all been down this road before...
  9. You still do not suck. And I’m still a big fan. (Never thought we’d see you quite so...animated, though.)
  10. Great demo, Sal, as always. It’s pretty as ‘birds go. I’n curious about YOUR impression so far—does she do it for you?
  11. Not enough time left to me for the practice I’d need. Maybe next pandemic. Good to see you back in these parts, Stu. Hope you are reasonably well and that the music is still with you.
  12. Poignancy and sorrow aside (as if!) for this being the last song John Prine recorded, I think it is quite the gem. I’ve been listening closely over the last day or two, trying to feel out the nuance and simplicity that make it so. And for the first time in more than a year, I was compelled to actually pick up a guitar for more than 5 minutes. (I’ve been well—just very absent from my musical self. Maybe I’m not alone in this?) I’m sharing a take I did just now, not because it’s so special, but as a way of stepping back into our little circle and saying “Hey...” Time has been un
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