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  1. Ah, you do know how to do it. Thanks, Sal. And yea, stay safe and don’t go viral! ❤️
  2. AnneS

    John Prine

    Guth, I am right there with you, thinking also of the mystical connections we have with our music and ones that bring it to us. It’s worth the pondering, for sure. Thanks for sharing yours.
  3. AnneS

    John Prine

    Like so many here, I can’t imagine what the last 45 years of my life would’ve been like if I’d never known his songs. I sometimes think he’s changed all our DNA along the way. “Wait awhile, eternity...” Indeed. https://soundcloud.com/anne-rachel/christmas-in-prison
  4. AnneS

    John Prine

    I heard on the radio just now that Fiona Prine tweeted today that John’s condition has been upgraded to ‘fair.’ That’s third-hand info for now, but let’s hope it’s so.
  5. AnneS

    John Prine

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/john-prine-covid-19-symptoms-974909/ 😔
  6. I did so enjoy that, Buc. Masterful, yes, but mainly just flat-out lovely, all around.
  7. Nice to see/hear from ya, Mark. Sounding fine!
  8. Awesome, Sal—you sound great! Keep ‘em coming, please...
  9. Nice to hear and see you, John. Thanks for share—fine job, right there!
  10. I enjoyed that, David—very cool! 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. Never mind the sage advice, but yer edgy commentary’s what’s been missing. Oh, and yer freakin’ music!
  12. Unusual these days, but yet another song has arrived, this one prompted by a beach walk the other evening. Equipment-wise, I have only my Rainsong and phone along on this annual sojourn to the SC coast, so everything is a bit rough. But the song itself, I think, seems very close to done. Have a listen...or feel free to skip! ☺️ Thanks... https://song.space/3ttjgx
  13. AnneS

    New song

    Thank you for the listens and comments, gents—I truly appreciate it! Forty, I won’t be playing it on the old LG-1, as I let it go just over a year ago. My 1930’s Kalamazoo (modified with an x-brace) is my go-to for that small-body, old hog sound (unless one day the right 12-fret tuxedo finds me), so I decided to release the LG1 back into the pond for a chance at a new life. It was a smooth, if sad, parting, but I parlayed it, eventually, into this 14-fret Rainsong Parlor, which gets me through the winter months and lets me leave it in the car. Last month, I dragged it up to Illinois and never brought it inside—single digit temps the whole 3 days. When I next opened the case—still perfectly in tune. Now, I’m at a South Carolina beach for a month, and it’s laying directly in the morning sun. No worry. As advertised. Anyway, thanks again, all, for taking in my latest. It sure is nice to hear that it hits the mark I thought it hit, too— 😉 A
  14. AnneS

    New song

    Hi, all. It’s been awhile, but I’m managing to keep a hand in, despite being a bit out of practice. Nice to know the songs still come... on occasion. Have a listen, if you like... (plucked on my Rainsong parlor and quietly recorded with iphone and Music Memos. Hope to give it proper treatment later this year.) https://song.space/3b4gcg Cheers! Yer old pal, Anne 😉
  15. Wow. This is fabulous, Sal! And that is all.. 😘
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