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  1. “A Song for You,” on my J100xtra. “Take me down to your dance floor...”
  2. Without researching, looks like an early ‘60s LG-1 (ladder braced, plastic bridge). I had a ‘64 nearly all my life, but recently sold it.
  3. Didn’t care for this at all. A humorous-less mocumentary whose only redeeming value is some of the unstaged outtakes from Dylan’s own project archive (Joni Mitchell, Allen Ginsberg). All the staged stuff (e.g., where he and Joan B “reminisce” for a few moments about their relationships) is crap and rings hollow. Sure, anyone who needs to see yet more video of yet more bootleg material will have something to enjoy. I get that he’s a genius, musically and lyrically. I’m 100% on board there. But, sorry, if he and/or Scorsese think it’s meaningful (or even vaguely interesting) to fake-explore Dylan’s iconic cultural persona, I got nothing but a giant eye-roll for the endeavor. (Next, I’ll tell you how I really feel. 🤓)
  4. AnneS


    Yes, quite nice...but I prefer still the drive of the Boys’ arrangement. There’s a gravitas that a cappella arrangements never quite achieve, imo. This is tops, for sure, but I like my nostalgia dark (and don’t take my coffee with sugar, either). But then, I’m a Pole from Chicago, so what do I know? 😅
  5. AnneS


    My favorite Danny Boy arrangement ever. These guys are both from Belfast but met each other here in North Carolina. This, this is how it’s done...
  6. You might like a 2-3 day songwriting workshop. Mary Gauthier has spots left for one in July in Nashville. For me, it was less about workshop/craft than it was about inspiration and reflection. A change of pace and likely a worthy investment in your fine musical self. (PM me if you’d like to hear more on my takeaways...)
  7. Tom, this is sad news, but I thank you for letting us know. Your shared joy has been evident in every post, and I am sorry for your loss even as you celebrate her life and your journey together. Peace to you, sir...I shall be thinking of you in the days ahead.
  8. 18 holes of golf this afternoon, then chicken enchiladas, followed by a campfire with a coupla geetars. Beautiful here, too.
  9. Hard to put into words just how great this is, on all the levels. Thanks, for posting, Em7–I woulda missed it.
  10. This is fine, indeed. What everyone else said... 👍🏻😎
  11. Truly lovely, Sal. You have developed a magical touch, not only in interpreting a song, but in all the many decisions you make to polish it up. Splendid.
  12. Fantastic, Buc...always a joy.👍🏻
  13. AnneS

    Still at it

    Larry, the bass you’re hearing is a Music Memos add; the guitar is my new RainSong parlor, capo on the 5th, which is quite even, tone-wise, but not particularly thumpy. (It’s what was out in the stand when the urge struck.) Can’t wait to give it a whirl on the J45.
  14. That’s pretty slick, sir—👍🏻👍🏻 I like.
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