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  1. Look! The LG-1 has a rosewood fingerboard and a “special” bridge!! 😅🤣😂 Just couldn’t bring themselves to spell out “p-l-a-s-t-i-c,” I suppose.
  2. I seriously want to play this one, John. Dunno why, but there you have it… (Great posts, btw. 😉)
  3. That’s right—of course it was Karnes! (The child inside stored it correctly, but the old lady fumbled the retrieval. 🤦🏻‍♀️) Lived in Rolling Meadows until I was 15, when my parents bought a campground an hour north of Madison, WI. With 4 kids in high school, they had a ready-made work crew. That was a shock to the system, but that li’l guitar was my lifesaver.
  4. This is interesting. My dad brought home a new ‘64 LG-1 because my then-8 yo brother wanted to take lessons. I was 7, but I remember my dad’s excitement about getting a student guitar for him. My dad knew zero about guitars when he walked into the music store next to his office. (Kramers, on Milwaukee Avenue in…Niles, IL. The details a kid remembers!) Somebody there most definitely touted it as a “student” guitar. I’ve told this story before, I think, but the February day he brought it home was the day we all learned about crazing. Apparently, he bought the thing on his lunch hour and stored it in the trunk of our car. So when came home at dinner time to impress us all, we gathered around as he opened the case. We oohed and aahed… and within minutes, we heard a quiet snapping and watched little spider-y lines run across the shiney, orange top. My dad’s face went white, and he was sure the guitar was shattered. A few days later, he told us he’d checked with the store and…learned that the damage was cosmetic only. He relayed in great detail the physics behind what we saw and heard that first evening, and then, wiser and a bit subdued, he turned to his four kids and wife and pronounced “The moral of the story is, ‘Never leave a guitar in your trunk in winter.’” Me, I fell in love with it at first sight, and during the 50+ years I played it, I sometimes referred to it as a teacher guitar, because I was the only student in that relationship.
  5. AnneS


    Loved this, too, Bob(by)…thanks for sharing it here.
  6. Fun, fun stuff—thanks for sharing these, Tom. I really enjoyed every single one of them!
  7. Nice—great to hear you again, sir!
  8. Oh, that was gooood! Did you use a mic, garageband…? (I just got an iphone11, so if this was a point and shoot, then I have some work to do. 😋)
  9. John, check Mary Gautier’s post just now, too. Oh, my.
  10. Aw, John… Fiona Prine wrote a lovely FB post today, and to hear JP reached out to Nanci in early 2020… well, you might want to look that up. I also have no words—quite gutted, really.
  11. She was 68. I know she had hand issues that prevented her from performing, but no cause of death is provided yet. This hits hard…
  12. My RainSong is actually blue (but I can’t swim laps!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvhqip31typ4am4/IMG_1824.jpg?dl=0
  13. I have a RainSong parlor for all the riskier playing situations, and, unlike beater wood guitars I have owned for such occasions, I love its sound and playability and often reach for it in the non-risky situations, too. (Plus, the parlor size is great for traveling.) Beater guitars don’t work for me— I still need to like what’s in my hands and coming into my ears, even if I’m just noodling around outside, etc. My two cents…
  14. My lists have fluctuated over time, of course, but at the moment, I’m stuck to: TVZ’s Harm’s Swift Way and Tecumseh Valley Prine’s Far From Me, I Remember Everything, Mexican Home Patty Griffin’s Mother of God And, as usual, an assortment of originals come ‘round for a closer look.
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