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  1. I scored this model a couple of months ago, after searching for a long while. It’s a 5-star dealer limited edition—just 65 were made. I am not disappointed. (The neck, btw, is no kind of V-shape—just your basic comfortable C, I’d say.) It’s light, responsive and balanced and just what I was after. I have not been playing much, else I’d’ve recorded something to share by now. That said, I’m glad I done it!
  2. That’s the winner, imo. The stripe is delicate, which pulls together the binding, fretboard, bridge and top and which (again, imo) is both eye-catching and suitably subtle for the L-00 size. If you’re askin’...
  3. Al Petteway posted this on FB today; the audio was recorded during a studio recording break (Jon Carrol on the piano). Gents, listen up... https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR3J2cRRKaROUfrVAj4NDb5H3Z5aUQutaBAgBI0yEsKIYHK_1eCR0C5jU0E&v=8PwHpaMlPDs&feature=youtu.be
  4. My “new” 30s-style L-00 (2015 5-Star dealer limited edition) did a nice job with the firestripe, methinks. And the ‘32 Kalamazoo Senior was pretty nifty, too. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k5h8v858qrrz0bu/AADUkTPVIjbduq2zqmRaloXHa?dl=0 (hope the link works...)
  5. I use these on my maple J100, too. My favorite.
  6. If I won a modest lotto, I might go for a Louden Wee. (No, NOT the Sheeran travesty). Would have to compare wood combos and 12-vs 14-fret options—or buy one of everything and take my dear, sweet time ranking them. Go small or go home. 🙃
  7. Rock on, friend—to one of the kindest souls among us.
  8. I am still not convinced ANTHONY was even real.
  9. Now it’s confession time... In order to do this, I had to have a heart-to-heart with myself about how many guitars—and which ones—I really want and/or need. First, I have barely played at all this year, and that’s been worrisome (but understandable), yet that’s not the reason for the shake-up. Next, I do have a left shoulder issue that crept up on me, which makes playing comfort a consideration. (I know that might be temporary in the very long run, but it’s likely to be a factor for a while yet.) Long-term, my dream guitar has always been a 12-fret L-00 tuxedo. Small, sassy, an
  10. I have lusted after this model since it was introduced, and one is on the way! Now, I wait... 😍
  11. Totally get it! Thanks for posting—I don’t know the song, but now I do. What a great fit—you, the git, and the song! The alchemy is magical. Bravo!
  12. Nice!! I like the added verse alot, and I think your instinct there was spot-on. One note, fwiw: I often lost your lyric at the tail end of some lines, which is unfortunate because you packed them with good pay-offs. Dunno if capoing up a fret or two would do the trick, or if saving up some breath so’s you don’t swallow those lines is feasible. Either way, just a thought... Good job!
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