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  1. Thanks for the replies. I received the Allparts version and it was indeed a marked improvement over the WD. Although the spring did not rest on the body like my 2013 SG Original did, it was pulled nearly parallel under spring tension, so no strings are touching the comb and the handle can swing freely around. I know there are some that dislike that or perhaps the vintage ones weren't like that, but the sonic and tuning improvements are incontestable for me. With the WD, there were strange metallic overtones and there would be endless "dead spots" when playing. The G string sounded hollow
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to share that I was finally able to land a white Firebird after years and years of missed opportunities and patience. When I was in high school and learning guitar, the Firebird never caught my eye, thinking it to be too loud of a design (but not quite as much as an Explorer or Flying V). I thought it was much prettier than an Explorer and remember seeing David Hidalgo make good use of one in the first Crossroads Festival video. It wasn't until seeing Tim Skold use it in Manson's band did I realize how multi-faceted it was. Always thought it was a Stratty Gibson, not t
  3. Hi all, I do apologize if posting this here is forbidden, but I don't Gibson has a classifieds area. I'm just trying to put as many feelers out there as possible for this as they're very hard to come by. My first electric guitar was given to me by my dad some 15 years ago or so. He gave me his 97 Gibson Nighthawk Special. It was a great guitar; not many people are blessed to have a Gibson as their first electric. As most guitar players do, however, I traded it for other things over the years and no longer have it. It's final incarnation is my '97 R8, so it definitely took me to good places. M
  4. Was finally able to get a quick sound demo down on Halloween. Very dynamic and responsive guitar. There’s a certain brightness, very slight scoop in the mids with this guitar. A lot of power on tap. Certain lighting really brings out the stunning quilt top, but this video doesn’t do it justice.
  5. I think I've finally reached the end of this origin journey. The merchant was able to have his Gibson rep track down several guitars with the serial number. Using the product description and notes of the guitar that seemed to match mine the best in regards to date and specs, I called up Gibson again and fortunately got a hold of someone who was knowledgeable and invested in digging into this with me. According to him, he pulled up this serial number specific to 1997 and found two guitars that match it (which we both thought was weird, but the list the merchant sent me indeed showed two guit
  6. Hi friends, I recently found what was described as a 1997 R7 from the Manchester Music Mill in NH. On their description, they stated that the idea of this guitar was that it was an R7 that was a Goldtop that somebody stripped and found beautiful quilted patterns underneath and refinished in Lemonburst. I was taken aback at how gorgeous that quilt top was and it was truly at a great price for a custom shop reissue. When I received it, I checked the control cavity and found a handwritten "58" in it. This leads me to believe that perhaps this was actually an R8, however, from my limited understan
  7. Hi all, I wanted to share that I recently acquired a used 2014 LP Trad with Floyd Rose right before the covid-19 restrictions. What good timing to be in quarantine. I've become a fan of the Floyd Rose system after acquiring my Axcess Custom last year. I do like whammy bars when I have them and I do pretty well at having them stay in tune the majority of the time, even the sideways trem on my SG. However, I've found out that no matter how you set up any conventional trem system, they will never get the same stability and wildness that a Floyd Rose will get. The tuning stability an
  8. I stumbled on some used for sale and am intrigued by its sonic capabilities and the fact that it’s constructed in the Custom Shop. From photos it looks very much like a Standard off the line. Let me ask for those who’ve tried it. Is the construction comparable to say an R8 or R9 with non weight relieved bodies, one piece back, etc? Is it basically a modern reissue? They seem to be going for a bit less than most of the reissues. If it is indeed constructed very similarly to the reissues, this could be a good alternative for price and features, but still having a custom shop built guitar. What d
  9. 1+ on this. Although locking tuners may be a contributor to the larger picture of tuning stability, it is certainly not the focal point. As what everyone else is saying, I suggest getting the nut worked on and eliminate any points of friction (nut slots and bridge saddles). It really should be pretty simple, quick, and relatively cheap. I also like using Big Bends Nut Sauce for extra lubrication, so you might find that useful. Also, be sure the strings are stretched thoroughly.
  10. Didn’t think to do this earlier, but I called up tech support at Floyd Rose and described the issue. The cause is simple enough. The saddles on the Floyd are not individually adjustable for action as they are on a Strat, as the action is adjusted by moving the entire plate on the two posts. Because my action on the high E is a hair lower than the low E side, the plate is not sitting perfectly level, thus not returning to perfect pitch. I was advised to level the plate and shim the individual saddles for action preference if the tuning problem becomes noticeable, and I certainly can work that o
  11. Thanks for the response. I apologize, I should have been clearer. The Floyd Rose is coming back a bit flat after diving, the Strat is rock solid. I used the Strat as the point of comparison. I made sure to equalize spring and string tension during setup with the Floyd, so I'm thinking perhaps it’s just the variation in the strength of the springs that is not returning it to perfect tension after usagw. I realize there are a lot of other little variables that could contribute to this, but this theory seems to hold water for me for now. I can certainly try new springs in the future and see what
  12. Hi all, I just want to share that I recently picked up a Les Paul Custom Axcess with Floyd from Dave's Guitar in Wisconsin. I was contemplating picking up a black Les Paul Custom during Christmas sales, but was recently seduced by the Floyd Rose after being reintroduced to Motley Crue after watching that movie. So I figured I'll wait to find a Traditional II w/Floyd on the used market or wait until holiday season to score a Les Paul Custom, whichever pops up first. Then by the grace of God, I stumbled onto this guitar the day it was posted on Dave's website. The price was right and within a we
  13. Thanks for all your input. Indeed it wasn't. Given the readings and the look of the pickups, it's most probable that they were the 490R/498T combination, as many of you mentioned. Not terrible, but nowhere near Burstbuckers. I also paid Burstbucker price, so I'm looking to get my money's worth. I suspect the seller was confused, possibly was given bad info and passed it on. Fortunately, it got resolved. I sent it back and am awaiting the refund to be processed. I went to my local shop and was able to find a Burstbucker 1 and 3. No BB2's, but was able to get a slight discount for both if I
  14. Hi gnappi, so does your BB have the Gibson USA stamped on it? It can't be reading as high as 13k, right?
  15. Hi friends, I apologize if I'm not posting in the proper area of the forum, but I know this area gets read often and I'm in a bit of a time table. I recently bought what was advertised as a set of BB1&2 from Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/20087091-gibson-burstbucker-1-and-2-pickup-set. I just received them today and upon closer inspection, I don't believe they are actually BB 1 and 2s. Firstly, I should've been more leery of the Gibson USA decal stamped on the back. The vintage reissues (such as the Burstbuckers) should have the "Patent Applied For" sticker. I chalked it up to inconsisten
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