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  1. Hey man, I have the same combo with the split coils in a 2011 SG which was a guitar center exclusive. I would agree with you that I find that the bridge pickup lacks some edge. I'm thinking of swapping it out for something else myself. I also have a 2009 standard with the 498t & 490 and a '61 reissue with 57 classics. I find I like the 57 classics in the '61 reissue best. Nice and crunchy with some bite. A little bright for some people's taste but I like that.
  2. It was Angus Young for me. The tone he got out of it was sacred. It also looked so devilish looking. I now have 5 all together - 2 Epiphones and 3 Gibsons. It is the most comfortable and accessible design in my opinion. Recently I'm starting to get into LP's but SG's always will be #1 in my book!
  3. hardrocktyler93


    Congrats man! Looks awesome! I'm really gassing hard right now. Those pics are eye candy!
  4. Got mine last year right before they discontinued them for a great price. It's a 2011 model. Love it to death!
  5. When I try to tighten the truss rod (to the right), the truss rod gets extremely loose but if I try and loosen the truss rod it tightens back up? I've never had a guitar do this before.
  6. 2009 SG Standard and 2011 SG Standard GC Exclusive
  7. I actually didn't pay $1299, I had one of those 15% off coupons and used that towards it. It might be a good idea to wait for one of those sales which they usually have alot of during the year. I'm happy with it, no problems. I'm not sure if I totally like the pickups, i might swap em' out for something else down the road but it's a great deal. What really got my attention about it was the darker cherry finish, I believe the real name for the finish color is "vintage cherry".
  8. Hi, I have the sg you are talking about. I'm not 100% sure myself what the pickups are in it because I have never taken it apart to see what pickups are inside but from the research that I've done they probably are burstbuckers 1 & 3. I also have a regular standard sg which has the 490R/498T configuration and I compared both guitars the pickups sound different from both sg's.
  9. Do it man! I'm sure it would still be a killer combo in an sg!
  10. Thanks guys. I don't know if this is a limited run or guitar center will be selling this all the time but I would suggest if you see one that you like, grab it!
  11. Thanks guys, just opened up the backplate and discovered that there is no circuit board!
  12. Hey guys, just picked this up at guitar center this past weekend. Thanks for this one gibson! Does this sg scream Angus or what? 60's neck, sg standard neck joint, coil taps, burstbuckers 1 & 3 and the darker "vintage cherry" finish!
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