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  1. Alright here are some non-scientific measurements. I used a tape measure and a wooden ruler that I've had since elementary school, no lasers or anything that awesome. The subjects are an Epiphone Standard from 1998 and a Gibson Studio 50's from 2010. These were all taken while completely sober too. Just sayin'... Widest part of body (I call them the hips): Epi - 13 1/8" Gibson - 12 13/16" Slimmest part of body (The waist): Epi - 7 1/2" Gibson - 7 1/4" The second widest part of body (Shoulders): Epi - 9 1/4" Gibson - 9" Fretboard (No nut, just rosewood): Epi - 18
  2. I haven't but that's not a bad idea, though I'm a little wary of what I might find out about my own mortality. It's got me wondering if that's just the thickness of the paint and gloss shell that standards get coated with. The Gibson is a Studio with a "worn" finish. I guess that wouldn't explain why there is a 1/4" difference between the fretboards though.
  3. That's interesting... I missed out on Mars, they closed before I had any money. I mainly stick to scouring the internet for used stuff, but keep going into brick and mortar joints with the hopes of an occasional score.
  4. There is an Epiphone Les Paul hanging on my living room wall next to a Gibson. The Epiphone is bigger. I compared the two with another Epi LP. The Epiphones are the same size, but they're both bigger than the Gibson. I ran a tape measure across the widest part of the body and there's about 1/2 inch difference. Is this happening anywhere else or just in my apartment?
  5. While browsing the used section of a chain guitar store I came across a semi-hollow Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Now I had heard of the Les Paul Florentine but I had no idea there was an Epi version. Since I had been looking to add a Custom to my collection and, preferring hollow and semi-hollow bodies (see below), I had to take this home. After the shock of my find and the giddy high that comes with a new guitar started to subside, I started to do some research on this oddball. I found out all of the readily available info that's around; From '96-'98 there was the Elite (Custom w/f-holes) and fr
  6. You might dig Andrew Bird as well. He played violin on Hot and Perennial Favorites. His first two albums are very SNZ (Mathus and Whalen appear on a few tracks of 'Thrills'), his subsequent releases are kind of ...different. I appreciate his differences though, he's doing something uncommon. Tom Maxwell also released a solo album that featured most of the Zippers, it's called 'Samsara'.
  7. It is most definitely a Firebird.
  8. It really is nice. Hopefully I'll not have you waiting much longer.
  9. That one and the 'Greatest Hits' were probably the result of a contract obligation. They got back together (without M & M) and it's no good. Mathus should just keep going with the Knockdown Society. I don't know if you've heard Whalen's newer stuff, but you'd never guess it was her. In a good way.
  10. The GC clock needs to be reset every 2 months and I just rewound it last week. They had the courtesy to inform me of this necessity via email, which I appreciate.
  11. I'm considering withdrawing them as a suggestion, I forgot about 'Bedlam Ballroom'. They just weren't the same after Maxwell and Mosher left.
  12. "Really like" maybe not, but "like", yes. I wouldn't call it a bad album. I was going to add Fantomas, but 'Delirium Cordia' was just tedious and boring.
  13. I am now seriously considering black covers.
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