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  1. Thank you gentlemen. I will run an ad at $1800. And yes, it's a beauty, but sad for it to sit in the case without being played. Let somebody else enjoy it, while I play my acoustics. - Dan
  2. Never got around to playing this electric, it's in unplayed condition, ebony finish. Include unused Gibson shell case and the original Gibson cardboard shipping box. All mint. It left the factory in February 2012 and has the baked maple fretbroard. Anyway, wondering what a reasonable offer price would be in the local classifieds (DFW area)? Thanks for your thoughts... - Dan
  3. Good one!! Forgot about Toy playing a LP, and I do love me some MTB :D
  4. Very nice looking Gibson. Personally, if I were going to spend $2900, I'd prefer a TV J-45 or TVSJ.
  5. Thanks for posting that. A lot of those contraptions are downright laughable.
  6. Nice job :-) Perfect guitar for the job too.
  7. If you were seriously recording tracks, that would be nice to have.
  8. It can go straight into an amp, no preamp is required. I think the K&K preamp helps where you use a DI and need to bring the signal up closer to line level. Most guitar amps can deal with the raw pick-up signal. The Loudbox amps surely can.
  9. KYK Shows them on their website, here.
  10. I have a K&K Pure Mini in my TV Southerner Jumbo, and I play it through a Fishman Loudbox. I like it a lot, and it does not sound 'quacky' at all. Sounds better than the Fishman Matrix Infinity under saddle I used to have. And, it sounds better than the Fishman Neo (sound-hole magnetic unit). I like the fact that it is passive, and does not have any added electronics/battery in the guitar. Signal is plenty strong for the Loudbox preamps to handle. I don't gig so there is no feedback issues at all. I went with the vintage style end-jack that takes 1/8" plugs. Weird size, but it work
  11. My TVSJ was $2900, there are lots of more expensive guitars, and many less expensive. It's in the market price range.
  12. In relation to the capo market.
  13. Ridiculously over priced. I'll stick with my $8 Dunlop.
  14. My Fishman Loudbox can run off the K&K with no extra preamp, no problems at all. I don't gig, so feedback has never been an issue for me.
  15. Another vote for Joe Bonamassa. Might not have the classic rock mojo of these other guys, but dang, Joe plays the heck out of his Les Paul.
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