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  1. Thank you gentlemen. I will run an ad at $1800. And yes, it's a beauty, but sad for it to sit in the case without being played. Let somebody else enjoy it, while I play my acoustics. - Dan
  2. Never got around to playing this electric, it's in unplayed condition, ebony finish. Include unused Gibson shell case and the original Gibson cardboard shipping box. All mint. It left the factory in February 2012 and has the baked maple fretbroard. Anyway, wondering what a reasonable offer price would be in the local classifieds (DFW area)? Thanks for your thoughts... - Dan
  3. Congratulations! I have a D21Special too. It is a gorgeous guitar. You will love yours :-)
  4. Yes, I would sell my MIM Tele. It's a natural finish model with a tortoise pick guard and natural maple neck.


  5. pfox: Thank you for your contributions.

    I would like you opinion on a custom CF-100 build I and planning with Bozeman. The CF-100 is an LG2 size, X-braced, with a cutaway. I was planning on mahogany back and AAA sitka front. You mentioned RS, and that is interesting. I was also thinking about Koa back. The finish will be cherry sunburst.

    Any tonewood comments would b...

  6. Beautiful guitar. Don't get me wrong though, if it has RW back & sides, it shouldn't be called a J-45. It's a short scale AJ!
  7. Southern Jumbos look way better ;-)
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