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  1. Now y'all done got me wanting another G-400. I want the "Goth" model. I love the black hardware and pickups. Wish the knobs were blacked out, too.
  2. I have a friend who is an absolute Gibson purist. Epiphone is a cheap Chinese clone, in his mind. He won't listen to the fact that Epiphone is Gibson's "economy" brand. I can't get him to agree to a blindfolded test, playing each one for himself, then telling us which one is the piece of crap Chinese clone. Hell, the guy plays metal. Give him a pair of active EMG's on a stick and he'll be in heaven.
  3. I've always loved the SG. I have a "Pirates SG" and an SG Express. I want a black G400 with active humbuckers next. I'm gonna run out of room to hang guitars on my wall if I keep this up.
  4. I feel fine, and I think I'll live a while longer. ;) Thanks! :D
  5. I'm so glad to finally read a review of a delivered Epi Nighthawk! Thanks for that!
  6. I had one on preorder, but I had to cancel. Trip to the hospital and some time off of work. I still plan to get one, though. I like the different tonal options, the 25.5" scale, the string-thru body, and the overall look. I want one. Price is right. I'll get one this spring.
  7. Even my wee little baby SG Express came with all the goodies in the box. Wrench, sticker, poster, cable, instructions, and even the European "don't throw this in the trash" card. I don't need any of that stuff, but I ain't complainin', that's for sure.
  8. I knew a sales guy who worked for commission based on gross sales numbers. He could sell "at cost" all day long and still make a living. Until someone discovered where those profits went.
  9. Link doesn't work for me. I'd love to see them available with a hard case!
  10. Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna be fine. Just gotta watch my BP for about another week before I go back to work. I can't afford to have a cardiac or a stroke while hours, or sometimes as much as two days from competent emergency medical care. I'll be watching this one closely. I'll be watching for reviews on these Nighthawks when they finally start reaching the players.
  11. Well, I had to cancel my Nighthawk order. Took an ambulance ride on Friday because I felt like I was having a heart attack, and I don't take chances with such things. Wasn't a heart attack, but I still have co-pays to fork over now to the hospital and EMS company. Put a little dent in my play budget for a while, not to mention the work I've missed due to illness this month. Oh well, maybe they'll still have some available in a few months when I'm back on my feet again.
  12. Yeah, the pickup is a screamer. Doesn't clean up well at all.
  13. I light candles for them at the church. Does that count?
  14. I really hope I don't feel the need to replace pickups on this guitar when I get it. I think Epiphone has good pickups, but I've still replaced most of my Epi pickups, and plan to replace those on my Dot and SG Express. I want warmer humbuckers on the Express. I can always crunch warmer pickups with a pedal. Well, I guess we have to customize everything. I like the humbuckers on the Dot, but I like the P-90 sound so much better. I'll probably end up replacing the mini with a P-90. Money money money money. MONEY!
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