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  1. Even my wee little baby SG Express came with all the goodies in the box. Wrench, sticker, poster, cable, instructions, and even the European "don't throw this in the trash" card. I don't need any of that stuff, but I ain't complainin', that's for sure.
  2. The first thing I did with my Les Paul Ultra was put a '57 Classic in the neck position and a Burstbucker Pro in the bridge position. I highly prefer that combo to the original Epi pickups. I didn't hear much difference in changing the jack, switch, and pots though. The orange-drops make a significant difference, but I think the Alpha pots that Epiphone is using these days are alright. I've had no trouble with the jacks and switches on my SG, but I'm gonna upgrade 'em anyway. Reliability might be the issue.
  3. Nice guitar, no matter what it's called. You did well!
  4. If you have any Epi pickups, you can tell them from Gibson pickups fairly easily. The screws and springs are different sizes. Epi's are metric sized, Gibson's are American.
  5. Beautiful guitar! Regarding the push/pull pots, are you sure they're "series/parallel"? I love coil tap switches, which switch from humbucking to single coil mode. Not the same thing, though. Really cool guitar you have there!
  6. Probably not helpful in this thread, but the Seymour Duncan Phat Cats behave this way on my SG. Middle position is like a humbucking position. They're set up for this, if you get a matched pair. Also, I just bought my daughter a Squier mini-strat, and I notice that when it's switched to neck/middle, or bridge/middle, the hum goes away, although it's there in the other positions. The "humbucker" theory works, even with single coil pickups, if they're arranged properly. Cool mod, BTW!
  7. Glad to have ya as a friend.

  8. I know it's kinda late to respond to this, but I bought my Les Paul Ultra from Sweetwater, and got all the goodies in the package. You're right. Those kinds of things do mean a lot to kids. I got my Pirates SG from Musician's Friend, and got the goods with it, as well. I bought a G-310, and LP Jr. at a local music store, and didn't get the goods, but they did give me their own version of the cheap cable, and they carefully checked the instruments and made adjustments as necessary, at no extra charge. The same store set up my Pirates SG for free, although I made it clear that I bought it online and fully expected to pay. I had them fix the intonation and pickup height on my Les Paul, after I screwed it up. That cost me all of $10, but I gave the guy a twenty and told him to keep the change. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if you're fortunate enough to have a good, independently owned local music store, that gives you excellent service with a smile, you might think twice about complaining when you don't get your sticker and poster. They'll remember you as a friendly customer, and you'll remember them as being very helpful all the way through the purchase, and even offering (and providing) service after the sale. Later, I went in there, "just browsing", and couldn't leave without shelling out a small fortune for a top of the line Schecter C1 Elite. Hell, I'm sure I could walk into that store any time and ask for Epiphone stickers or posters, and they'd give 'em to me. The only reason I bought the Les Paul Ultra online was because no one had one locally. The SG was because I was able to get a somewhat unique G-400 "Custom Shop" guitar for $350, new in the box. I actually ended up getting it for $250, because I noticed the price dropped the next day, and I asked them to honor that price for my purchase of less than 15 hours earlier. There are pros and cons to everything. I really like the people at my favorite local music store. I also really like being able to get awesome prices and free shipping from the big online retailers. When I get home, I'm going to my favorite local music store to have a look at some Epiphone Dots and Casinos. I think I'm about ready for some sweet semi-hollow body tone, and I really want to see and handle the guitar that I buy this time.
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