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  1. I saw them in the ‘70s as well. They were a great tandem for sure! After Roger “left” the band though, I kind of lost interest in Heart.
  2. Just received this e-mail from Roger Fisher's (a founding member of the band Heart) website the other day. The most beautiful double-neck (IMHO) is for sale: "Rog’s Masterpiece - Vintage Doubleneck Guitar In 1972, I was living in Vancouver, BC with the world-class luthier, Ed Myronyk. After some lengthy creative brainstorming, I proposed that we take my classic Gibson SG, slice off the top horn, and construct a 12-string neck to laminate between the body and horn. 26 coats of nitrocellulose later, we had crafted what is possibly the most unique doubleneck guitar on the planet. This is a VERY special guitar to me, having designed and overseen the custom build nearly 50 years ago. This incredible guitar was used to record Love Alive, and it became a signature instrument at every Heart show during the 1970's, including Cal Jam II, the Dallas Cotton Bowl, Denver's Mile High Stadium, Central Park, NY and The Forum in LA. You now have the opportunity to own a priceless, one-of-a-kind piece of Rock and Roll History. All proceeds from the sale will fund - THE ONE VISION PROJECT. Vintage Doubleneck Guitar - 100K INQUIRE HERE roger@rogerfisher.com" If only I had $100K...
  3. Thanks Chris! You're right, how bad can the pictures look when a guitar is as beautiful as that one! I love the "Vintage Burst" cool myself too. It just has the "right" look to me for some reason? Thanks for the post and
  4. Not a problem cody/TG, all L-5s are welcome here! Mine is a Custom Crimson as well! Thanks for the posts and
  5. Thanks TG! What a lovely example of an L-5 your's is! I can see why you had to take the plunge!
  6. Oh man, I forgot that one! What an idiot! Thanks bigtim and
  7. Thanks Steve! I was thinking about adding those, plus a B-Bender and locking tuners. Also, I was thinking about getting it aged as well. That should just about take care of it I think?
  8. Thanks Cougar! Certainly doesn't get much better IMHO.
  9. Thank you cody! I'm not really good at taking pictures, but these aren't bad for someone as inept at it as I am and I'm enjoying every minute of having her around!
  10. Thanks very much jdgm, I appreciate it!
  11. Some that I took: After a good cleaning with some Virtuoso cleaner and I thought I'd take a few pictures. That's a picture of Wes from an old Guitar Player magazine (as if you couldn't tell! ) that I framed and had in my office at work for years. Now that I'm retired, it's home where it belongs:
  12. Well, a few weeks ago anyway... I've wanted one of these for years and I finally found one that I couldn't resist, so I just had to buy it! The seller is a GREAT guy and these are the pictures he took (apologies that I'm posting so many, but if it's any consolation, I'm not posting them all:
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