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  1. Without a doubt my favourite music video
  2. The kid's name is Yuto Miyazawa, I think he's been talked about on the forums before, but it was probably a a couple years ago now. The kid has some chops!
  3. That's a real purdy looking axe right there! IMO it looks much better without the pickguard, look at all that grain! The price doesn't look too bad either!
  4. I LOVE my P-90's, they're killer pickups! Favourite single coils of all time. '57 Classics are damn good pickups as well, my go-to humbuckers, but I'm totally digging the custom wound pickups on the Alex Lifeson Axcess, Definitely want me one of those
  5. Hey folks! What's been going on? Haven't had time to stick around these parts, summer's been keeping me busy... Anyways, I just wanted to share with you what I'm usually up to in the middle of the night Thankfully, in-ear monitors exist, otherwise, I would've been kicked outta the house months ago! I finally got around to learning 2112, I'm about halfway through the entire epic, but I thought I'd record Overture/Temples of Syrinx real quick (If you watch closely, you'll notice I throw in a little air drum solo too ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUzDlTvQtpc Sorry about
  6. LA Music just got this super-sexy looking strat, I really dig it, almost like a Fender version of the Tom Morgan Les Paul?
  7. It adds some killer sustain
  8. Monster Days at Long & McQuade are back, and looking around the store, I came across this beautiful Limited edition Squier Classic Vibe 50's Strat in White Blonde. I've been a fan of the classic vibe serious for some time, but none of the finishes ever really fancied me. This one IMO looks a lot prettier and more elegant than the other finishes... So I went ahead and bought myself a late birthday present, I'm pretty happy with it... ...but my wallet hurts After playing it for a good couple of hours, I remembered that taking pictures was a big part of New Guitar Day
  9. Still kinda scratching my head on how to solve this one...
  10. I came across these guys when I was walking around town and they drew up a huge crowd in the street, now one of my favorite bands! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc2ttXmib-c
  11. Boy it's been a while since I came around these parts, how's everyone doing? Anyways, I know there are quite a few Rush fans around here and I recently came across this really cool album done my the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and it's RUSH! Here's 2112: I Overture They also did a few other songs like Limelight and Closer To The Heart, I really enjoy these versions Cheers! Beastie
  12. I recently caught a glimpse of Lifeson's rig for the Clockwork Angels tour and wow, some surprising stuff! No more Tri-amps? Wasn't surprised with the CoreBlade's but really surprised to see Boogie amps in there! I can't recognize what the Lerxst amps might be, I've been thinking they might be Jubilee's, or perhaps clones, anyone know about them? Beastie Edit: I found out that the Lerxst amps are built by Steve Snyder at MojoTone and are actually based on the Marshall Jubilees that he used on the CA album, boy I'd love to get my hands on one of those
  13. Hey folks! Been a while since I've been around these parts, nice to see you all again. So my band has been preparing for a bunch of shows in the coming year, and my school's talent show happened to come up. Unfortunately, half of our members have already graduated so it's just me and the drummer left He and I were thinking about playing an instrumental if we could appoint a bassist... Rush tunes keep popping up in my head since we're looking at a 3-piece band..but any suggestions would help. We just wanna have fun for our last show Thanks a lot folks! Beastie
  14. Chicken McNuggets... ..who knows they they put in those things
  15. When I'm bored on Saturday nights, I pick up my guitar and pretend I'm in Rush http://soundcloud.com/neilpanda/tom-sawyer-guitar-cover-neil It's a bit sloppy and there were a few slips and mistakes but you know, I'm only an average joe Edit: Ahh poop, haven't been here in a while, never noticed the "walk the walk" thread, my apoligies
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