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  1. I came across these guys when I was walking around town and they drew up a huge crowd in the street, now one of my favorite bands! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc2ttXmib-c
  2. RIP, Greg, we will all miss you

  3. Micro speaker I made out of a broken pair of headphones, cardboard, and tape!
  4. Yo. Dub. what other pedals can you build? lol I wanna upsize the pdeal board with out breaking the bank too much. :)

  5. hahaha I loved it too when I saw it as a top rated comment on some youtube video.

    but I guess it's always good to keep thoughts straight instead of leaving people confused!

  6. Its a mix of both, but I would call them old farts, I call them the lucky guys that got to live it.
  7. yes now I remember. at least you get some time on the forum now!

  8. as long as your back :) wait, you never told me what your job was (at least I dont remember it) :D

  9. your back? YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  10. whoops sorry that was the info on the SC-350 (my bad) yes the 450 and 550 had set necks. AND (my bad again) your guitar is actually the 450 (still good) I just noticed the dot inlays Ive seen a couple go for around 400 but since its rare, thats a steal! Im not too sure about it though. in its condition, I would say 4-500 bucks on it but Im not too sure about the prices. Ive seen a couplbe on ebay that went for 300! but I would just keep it. maybe invest on a trip to gibson restoration for the guitar. or a highly trained luthier or someone that you trust. cause I would just trust somebody with "5 years of professional service" to handle MY baby. anyways, thats just my opinion on it. just take care of it, and id love to hear it play!
  11. ahh ok. Youve got the Epiphone SC-550. they made the scroll series between 1976 and 1979. The SC-550 has the characteristic SC body with scrolled bass bout and German carve. The three-piece bolt-on mahogany neck, has an ebonized maple fingerboard with white dot inlays. The chrome hardware is the typical Gibson style configuration with 3-a-side tuners, wraparound bridge, 2 humbuckers, volume/tone controls, 3-way selector. It came in the Mahogany finish, black, natural and a few more if I recall. Im not sure about the grovers? I dont think those came on the scroll series looks good man id say its a guitar worthy of restoring Beastie oh and they're REALLY RARE so I would take care of it
  12. I think that was an orville guitar, maybe 300-500 depending on seller/buyer orville is a company by gibson/epi and made some really nice guitars post some pics and it should be easier for us to help out Im guessing the headstock looks like this?
  13. whoops sorry about that! heres a shortened link :D


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