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  1. Thanks, everyone. I’ll try that stuff.
  2. just bought a new-ish hummingbird and when plugged in the high e string's volume is much lower than the rest of the strings. any suggestions as to why and what to do to solve the issue? uneven saddle? piezo strip not seated properly? thanks! jeff.
  3. Sup dude? I am in Ottawa now - when are you coming up?

  4. my knee-jerk reaction to this was to say "no, if i dont like them, i dont buy them." and that if you bought the right one, you shouldn't get sick of it. but that isn't always the case. there are alot of factors here - some are embarrassing to admit. i get sick of electrics after a time if/when my ear changes and i get tired of a pickup combination. same thing with amps. i get sick of acoustics when i see something else i want. i will tell myself the old guitar sucks and i should seek out a model thats newer, shinier, nicer smelling etc. little games i play with myself. i guess if i did alot of
  5. interesting and kind of surprising based on leon's usual style.
  6. funny (to me, anyway, which means nothing..) but i came across a song that opened with these two very chords. the carpenter's superstar: "long ago....and so very far away" Em9 Cadd2
  7. i did an acoustic "sweet child o' mine' for someone once on valentine's day. it was very much appreciated and .. well... lets just say i got a present after as well..... ;)
  8. AJ - try this chord, let it ring and slide it down to this one - 032030 - and let it ring. nice effect.
  9. Em9 - cant say im famous, at least i can say imfamous.
  10. thanks larry and bk. i like the chord game. it gets me thinking.
  11. love chords even if i didn't know their names. i've always loved this one 075070. i think i came across it learning the cars' song 'all mixed up' long ago. i often move chord patterns around to see how they sound (read: missed fret completely)when i moved this one up to the 10th so it looked like this: 0-10-8-0-8-0. what would you call it? i mean...er..what would its proper name be? it kinda seems like Edim add4 but as a g-root what is it?
  12. +1. you see these on ebay once in a while. not too expensive, either. harmony had some very unique models in their heyday and used solid wood as well.
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