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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Blackstars are pricey but yes, i have to agree on the quality of the tones they produce. The HT1 just got released here in the UK! Will be giving it a shot once they stock them up at a local store here. I did give the VHT special 6 a shot. it was a head and a 1x12" cab though. it did well though the gain from the ht5 is way better for distortion. The clean for both was at par though. peavy vypyr is an insane modelling amp! Not really after digital effects though. Cheers guys.
  2. Check this out man: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/squawk-box/32717-blackheart-blackstar.html I'd say there's an equal number of votes for either blackstar ht-5 or blackheart little giant. the downside of the little giant being less gain. I'm alright with that i guess as i dont really go for metal or grundge. I'm after the clean tones plus the ability to get slightly dirty. Hence, i think the little giant suits me best. Plus, i read that it's built like a tank!
  3. Hey guys, Do u think it is possible to get a valve head and plug it into a solid state amp? solid state amps come with good speakers and are way cheaper than cabinets. Is this possible? anyone tried it before? Cheers.
  4. will do! m rooting more for the blackheart coz one of my mates ere just got himself a ht5. they're almost similar spec so i tot i'd add to the variety. will update the post on whichever one i end up with =)
  5. Will look it up mate, thanks =) Is maintaining a tube amp expensive? how often do u guys send urs for tuning or repair work? The gibson amp looks great! real solid looking but i'm afraid i cant seem to find many here. ebay only came up with a couple of hits when i searched. do gibson still manufacture amps? I'll try to go for amps which are common here on my side of the pond (which arent many) for easier maintenance. which means i'm down to the common brands such as fender, blackstar or the local roland or vox ones..
  6. Thanks for the replies so far guys. but i was thinkin, would it be cheaper or better if i got a valve amp head and paired it with a cabinet (perhaps a used fender cab)? been looking at blackheart's little giant by crate. seems very good.
  7. well done, mate! =) blues deluxe is waaay over my budget. could either get that second hand or the blues junior brand new. which do u think is a better bet? u seem to have used fender amps for decades now. I guess that's testimony enough for the quality they provide. i'm getting mixed reviews on the class 5 but the vox seems superb! im not sure about gigging man, 4W? Check out this video i came across:
  8. Egnater? wow, i think they only do those in the US. and the one i found on ebay here in the Uk costs £750! haha. must be really good. enjoy it man. Guitarra, would you say u prefer the fender amp then? Some of my mates claim that fender amps are "one trick ponies" with clean tones being the only "tricks" they can perform. is this true?
  9. Thanks R9, i'll take some time workin my way thru these ones. any idea if bugera or blackheart are any good? they seem to be coming up on many of my searches. cheers.
  10. Hey Josh, Thanks for the quick reply! love the tone on fender valve amps so i'm definitely gonna give blues junior a try with my guitar. crate on the other hand is quite difficult to find here in the UK. appreciate the opinion though. Cheers!
  11. Hey guys, I need suggestions for valve amplifier to use with my LP studio. I play jazz/blues kinda stuff. With a budget of about £300 / $470. The suggestions I've got so far are the blackstar ht-5 for its versatality. Personally I've tried a ht-20 which is wayy over my budget and a Fender Super Champ. Are there any others i should take a look at? Thanks. =)
  12. I did what you suggested and damn, does an Lp sound good! thanks for the reply, mate.
  13. Hi stumunro, thanks for your reply. i just checked the guitar, it looks as if the string is sitting almost half way in the slot so thanks for that. the things is, the bridge came off when i was polishing my guitar. also, i may have turned the knobs while i was polishing it. the strings prior to this were thinner and the guitar was set-up for those. how would you go about lowering the bridge though? should there be a ratio? or do i just go as low as i can (before the buzzing)
  14. Hi guys, My strings got rusty so i decided to change them to these: http://www.amazon.com/Ernie-Ball-2246-Stainless-Electric/dp/B0002DUWB2 Turns out, the 6th string, the lower E seems too thick for the grooves on the guitar. should i be using a thinner set? i noticed that even Gibson strings have this gauge. Also, the tune-o-matic bridge got loose. is there a particular method of setting up this bridge? i was watching a youtube video on how to do this and they said that the guitar could crack if one side was set-up too high compared to the other. is there a method to this? or do u
  15. Thanks for the reply, mate. seems to me that this guitar now checks out to be authentic. =)
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