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  1. I listen to a lot of Bill Morrissey. It doesn't help the Texan G.A.S.
  2. I have Seth Lovers in my gold top Les Paul Classic. I think it is a 1999. I love them.
  3. I’d really like to try one of these new Texans too
  4. No worries. Personal stuff is more important than guitar nerd stuff. Post more pics when you have time. I’m still jonesing for one of these
  5. I’ve usually just left it and consider it a beauty mark or “prestige” as Doc Watson used to say. On one of my friends guitars I softened the lacquer with acetone, drop filled with nitrocellulose lacquer, levelled and buffed it. It turned out fine... but in many cases (especially with nitro finishes) “Better is the enemy of good” If the binding starts to come lose or really separate then it’s time for more drastic measures and professional attention, but if it was MY guitar I would just leave it and play it
  6. Kelly, any more pics of your new guitar? I am bored at work. My customer is in the USA and they are off today for Memorial Day.
  7. It is the binding separating from the wood slightly cracking the lacquer
  8. This thread has decreased my productivity at work dramatically. The past two days I have been looking at 60's Original J-50s (and vintage ones) on the internet instead of working as well as thinking of selling my Les Paul Goldtop and Martin... GAS is a dangerous thing.
  9. That's what I like. A dearmond soundhole pickup run through a tweed Fender Champ.
  10. If I was going to add a pickup it would be a Dearmond like Lightnin Sorry for the derail.... more pics of your guitar please. This is the only new Gibson I am currently coveting.
  11. Maybe I am just confusing the 50s model that has the pickup. Can you take a pic of the end pin that they used? EDIT: Looks like Boyd posted the same time as me... JINX
  12. Does it have a pickup? I have seen some dealers have this model WITH a pickup and some WITHOUT. I would love one without a pickup and without the strap button.
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