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  1. while neither a vintage American, or even an Elitist Epi.......my PERSONAL favorite Epi (and 1 of my 2 most played guitars) is a 50th Anniversary '62 Sheraton reissue. it plays like butter, sounds as good as anything I own (including Gibsons), and the retro-vibe just can't be beaten. Having factory Gibson minis and electronics sure doesn't hurt. #1473 of 1962 Strangely.......I have several great Gibsons, American Fenders, and other expensive guitars......but when I want to "play my heart out", I always gravitate to this, or a Mexican Classic Player '60s Strat....because th
  2. during 3 separate Septembers (my profit-share month) I've walked out of GC with $3k, $6k & $8k, burning a hole in my pocket due to the utter lack of customer service for anyone that's not dressed like they just crawled out of a dumpster and is over 25 yrs old. Sweetwater did me OK though....for much less $
  3. Killed by Death.......my favorite all time video geez this is rough.... Lemmy will Rock Forever !!
  4. a man after my own heart !! in approximate order.... my wife our 5 K9 kids fishing/canoeing American Frontier History and collecting Frontier era Firearms. (late Frontier c. 1860-1900)
  5. 4Hayden......I really hope it all works out well for you my "state-mate" ! and yes, ole' Bender is doing dandy!
  6. doesn't surprise me at all Steve........I have guitars from every mfgr.(an exaggeration) and country imaginable, and some of the best players (after "out of the box light setup") are Epis, and Mexican Fenders. Korean Guilds rock too !!
  7. Mr.M !! mighty glad to read that you're mending nicely your insight and outlook both are inspirational continue to improve my friend !
  8. HBDD !! Gator???? that was one of my Pitts names..........
  9. Beautiful !! HBD & HNGD !!
  10. if you're using a LOT of gain/overdrive/distortion...then yeah, the overly hot cheapo p'ups are probably a terrible choice. maybe try a lower number humbucker (fewer windings) and/or some with A2 magnets.
  11. I "assembled" these 2.......and the amp behind them
  12. Aster......find a "decent" bowl of grits up north........good luck 4Hayden, i'll try posting some F-brand pics but my P-bucket and AOhell aren't jiving too great rt now.......here goes though.
  13. Mills........thoughts and prayers going out to you and yours !
  14. for some people, narcotics are the closest thing to love they'll ever feel.......... those that start early in life, call it "1st love" for a reason.
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