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  1. glad you found an engine reasonably priced.... we had a '92 "Jimmy" 4.3L (same truck) for years and it was still rolling strong with 450,000+ miles on it...only smoked when 1st cranked (valve guides). always heard the 2.8 was a 305 missing the front 2 cylinders, and the 4.3 a 350 w/o the front 2....... both are great engines!
  2. KSD......to NOT prosecute = enabling, and next time she may well take a life. she NEEDS an eye opener. even axe murderers etc. are "Great People" to those that want to believe..........
  3. i WANT one......never knew such an animal even existed! as far as needing a setup....PLEASE go a page or 3 back in this forum and check out my topic on the "JDL (JLD?) Bridge Dr." device. this little $22 unit saved my EJ200.....has the strings as low as on an American Deluxe Strat, with NO buzz.....and actually improved the sound, just like the ad said it would. it's an easy install (no hatchets involved ) and it absolutely WORKS ! Edit.....found & bumped the old thread... guess that makes me a , necrobumper! is that a new dance or an old crime?
  4. thanks....it's fine now except the bite site its-self is a little slower healing.

    good health & wellbeing to you & yours!

  5. Hope your foot is better, that sounded scary!

  6. The Grandmother I spent most of my time with was a Gospel pianist until arthritis made her stop. Her Brother, my Great Uncle Paul Elmore was a Bluegrass guitarist from Bluefield(W.Va.) to Baltimore in his day....despite having been left w/less than half his fingers (several "nubs")when as a boy his older brother tricked him into holding a lit blasting cap between his hands. (My Grandmother later chopped off the older brothers index finger while splitting firewood ) Coal mine camps/towns in the very early 1900s were rough places to grow up. One of my Cousins was a Music professor at Ohio State. Dad played Gypsy mandolin and some guitar. My favorite Aunt played and restored pump organs from the 1880s/1890s....she was a Master Craftsperson !! I've played for 39.5 yrs now....someday I may even be decent! My Son played guitar for 6 yrs before his untimely death at 17. Both sides have some musical backgrounds.....much moreso my Moms side. Edit: on the "non musical" note.....i'm a direct decendant of James Younger, on my fathers side.....and my Moms side carries Hatfield blood.
  7. identical to my 7/10 post flood standard. it sounds fantastic!
  8. So many cut offs. Basically our family would've been normal had Cathy lived.

  9. Had Cathy lived.(Sorry PMs cut off after too many words). I didn't want to highjack the KISS thread. Just wanted to offer my condolences. Stay strong brother!


  10. Bender, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you & Mrs B are doing ok. I went through the same thing in '68 or really my mom & dad did. My sister died from leukemia when she was only 6. I was just approaching 9. Our family never recovered. Dad turned alcohohic, mom lost hair. Eventually my mom recoverd & dad was sober 25 years up till he died in 2008. But our family would'...

  11. as long as the neck and fretboard are both good, hard wood, I really don't care what either is made from, but i'm terribly heavy handed and rather rough on a neck/FB, so if there's a little extra "drag" at first, it won't be there long. the only necks I don't care for are the "dipped in plastic" poly necks some Asian guitars have.....but a good dose of ultra fine 0000 steel wool fixes that really fast!
  12. you're welcome......I should have added that special runs, historic re-issues, and a few others have different numbering methods. but for most "regular production" Gibbies this formula is what's used.
  13. can't help you with which p'ups but modern Gibbies are fairly easy to de-code the mfgr date, if you don't trust "the guitar dater project" websites info, which usually even tells you which factory it comes from Nashville/Memphis/etc. 1st & 5th numbers are the year 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are day of that year numbers past 5th are product stamping # for that day such as: 822680320 would be the 320th guitar stamped on the 226th day of 1988.
  14. your origional purchase recipt is also your registration.....and to answer the OPs question, they won't release info by ser# because that would only help counterfieters. who else really NEEDS info on a guitar they already have?
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