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    North Carolina
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    Computers, gaming, Music (lot's of different kind's), Art, a good movie, cars&driving, the web, recording, audio, video, TV (not that much thou),

About Me

I'm an X-Auto industry worker that has been laid off for almost two years now, looking for work and playing show's (part time) at Coffee shop's and small bar's is about all I can do right now. I'm a solo act doing a mix of music from the 60's 70's & 80's, I'm on Myspace Music and Reverbnation if you like a good acoustic act then you'll like me a lot!

I Like computer game's and use both Mac's and PC's for audio production as well as the web and other apps, I'm into computers too but, I can't keep up with them on a day to day tech, so I keep my technical savvy with them at a moderate pace.

I was into working on car's back in the 1980's but don't like to even look under a hood any more unless I have to, I was also the drummer/lead singer in a very part time party rock band in those days. I do watch some car show's on TV but don't work on car's like I did in the past. Driving is fun but I don't have the car or money to do so right now.

I also worked in printing for a good while in the 1990's.

Did the better part of 5 years on the road doing stage production after I went to college in the late 1990's for my AS degree in Recording art's. That was fun but way to much partying and not enough money to be made so that didn't work out to well. So, it was back to factory job's.

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