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  1. Thank you for all the comprehensive answers. Although it was a long time since I posted the question I collected the answers and printed them on a paper for good reference.
  2. One more important detail: the shaft is full, not split. The photo shows the pot only from the side but the knob being transparent I can clearly see that the shaft is full.
  3. Well, I bought it online from Thomann and there lies the dilemma: should I send it back to Thomann OR should I go to a guitar shop and have them sort it out ?. If its something minor then it would not worth the hassle of sending it back, but if by the look of things the pots are broken then ... well ... may be I would consider sending it back.
  4. I attached pics with the axe and the wobbly knob (one of them). What do you guys think ? You can see in the picture that the distance from the edge of the knob to the body on the left side is smaller than on the right side. When I turn the knob, it wobbles. All 4 knobs exhibit more or the less the same "mount"(some more than the others). They are working fine but they feel ... odd when adjusting them during play. I dont know what to think. On one hand these amber knobs feel brittle and while I might be able to pull them out nicely...I wonder if they will fit so tightly back in ...
  5. I am tempted more and more to leave them as they since they are not touching the body when I rotate them. But somehow, by looking at how they wobble it seems that the potentiometer's axis itself (the one where the knob is mounted on) is bent... Is this possible ? Could they be so careless ... when they mount the knobs on ? Sorry for being paranoid but I am more worried that whomever put the knobs on the pots pressed with too much vertical force and bent the axis ... may be its just me ... I'll post some pictures as soon as I reach home :/
  6. Hi. Just got my new Epiphone LP Standard and at a closer inspection I think that all 4 knobs are somehow wobbling when I rotate them. Its as if they are not mounted perfectly straight. All 4 of them exhibit the same behaviour (more or less) Should I just leave them be ? They seem to be pretty firmly mounted so I would hate to do maintenance on the thing just because of this. Is this normal in a brand new Epi ? Other than that all seems to be OK ++ Thanks
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