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  1. Sirius/XM is super convenient in the car. Though I have an iPod too in case I want to hear something specific.
  2. If they are worth anything I sell them. I have gotten more for the pickups I pulled out sometimes than I paid for the ones I put in. But if it's like stock Gibson pots or something they go in the trash.
  3. Two small amps together is one of my favorite setup. I don't daisy chain.. just put a stereo pedal last in my chain. Two Princetons will make you wanna slap your granny. So will two Champs.
  4. I'd never heard of him, but enjoyed the read. And for anyone who got fooled, serves 'em right for not digging a bit.
  5. Alive! was the first album I bought. But after Destroyer there is nothing I have enjoyed. I still listen to the early records occasionally. On a related note I heard Back in the New York Groove the other day. Forgot all about that song... Always got a kick out of the fact that of the four solo albums, he had the only hit. That musta chapped Gene and Paul's a$$es good!
  6. Oh, man. I love low-powered amps! I could talk about small amp tone all day... A 5E3 is on my hit list.... I'll probably build one like Dub did. I have a vintage SF Deluxe Reverb, but that's a very different circuit from the 5E3. The aforementioned SF DR is 22 watts and my handwired JTM 45 clone is 30ish watts. Everything else I have is less. Here are the ones I use regularly: Silverface Fender Vibro Champ - 8 or so watts... This amp totally kills for small bar gigs (and yes it keeps up with a drummer) Silverface Fender Princetons - I have two, a 68 reverb and a 69 non-reverb - totally different beasts. The PR reverb breaks up ALOT more due to the extra gain stage. The non-reverb stays clean to 10. Use these for larger bars - or if I am not using a guitar mic. Marshall 2061X handwired reissue head - 20 watts... this is my new favorite amp for rock and roll in decent sized venues. It's loud with the 4-10 cab... real loud. I use one of my attenuators on it too. Some I use less regularly: A Champ clone made for me by a friend 8 watts with more of a Marshall breakup. Basically a Champ with a Marshall tone stack. Epiphone Electra.... 12 watts - identical to the Gibson Minuteman. Great blues rock amp. Really screams. And I built one of my attenuators into it so it's easy to dime it. Marshall JTM1 head - 1 watt... which is still pretty loud at home. This is a great living room practice rig. Sounds like a JTM should but without the hearing loss.
  7. I've had both the small and 2X Ditto. What I liked about the 2X was I could set up bass on one side of it (to a separate amp) and get a cool bass loop going. Then I could just freak out over that with fuzz and echo and sh!t. It's fun. That said I got bored with it. Lemme know if you wanna buy it..
  8. Nice job on the wife's part. Totally unnecessary though. I've been hanging my Gibsons from String Swing hangers for years without covering them.
  9. Nice pups. I have a Crossroads set in my LP. Very happy with them.
  10. Mine too. Lucky to walk away. Glad you are okay too (or I certainly hope you are)
  11. Two related tales: #1 A friend left an acoustic guitar in his hot car without a case.... sun coming right in the hatchback on the body. The bridge came unglued... boing! #2 I had a real bad auto accident recently. Car totaled. Les Paul totally unplayable until I raised the action. Telecaster... Still in tune!
  12. I saw this on FB. A beautiful picker (in all respects).
  13. Besides, you think your amps and guitars shipped in air conditioned trucks.
  14. Much ado about nothing, IMO. I leave my gear in the car all the time. I've left guitars and amps in the car for a week between gigs, and I live in Florida! The Telecasters were still in a week later of course.
  15. One of my favorite Deep Purple songs! And done very well here.
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