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  1. In person  with somebody getting to play and hear it is the way to get a decent price up near or just above  the 2 figure.  I just went and got mine out of the case  a minute ago, and it's still not for sale.  You probably have no real hope of getting fully what it is worth, if it happens to be one of the few that sound good from that time.   Most just don't, and everybody knows that.   If it means nothing special to you guys , you let it go for  whatever.  But darn, it is a Gibson guitar so spiff it up and  strive for 2, if it doesn't sound like it has somebody's old socks in it!.

  2. SJ Deluxe Newbie -    Don't give it away or anything.  The burst finish usually brings a little less than the natural.  As said, Norlin era was not a good one for Gibson.  I have a 74 SJ Deluxe I keep though, just cause I'm contrary I guess.   Condition and, most of all, somebody getting to hands on play it are the key factors to a  good sale price on such  a Gibson from that time.   One if by mail, two if in person.  How do you plan to sell it?   

  3. 20 hours ago, pg60 said:


    Interesting!  I had been going opposite way. trying to go with heavier touch with adi top & even switching to 13s.

    What strings did you wind up liking best?  I'm going to try PB 12s next to darken it up a bit (and create lighter touch than the 13s).

    I use John Pearse pb lights.        edit:  try the light touch, it really does seem to bring out the best of my Vintage's tone.

  4. 2 hours ago, mattthewmttn said:

    I actually had a 2009 standard that was a very very good standard in its own right. 3 days with the vintage and she was sold. It just sounded dead in comparison. My particular 2017 has plenty of base, probably as much as the standard did but with an amazing clarity and sparkle 

    Yea, don't get me wrong.  I like my Vintage enough to call it my go to now days.  The adi top probably makes the crisp tight sound I hear as the prominent feature.

  5. pg60 - that is how I would describe the sound of my 2016 Vintage to this day.   It hasn't darkened as I played it in, and the lack of bass is a little disappointing at times.  I finger pick only any more and have come to realize the lighter the touch the better the tone on this guitar.  It is a different sound than the standard J-45 for sure.    ' Fore I forget the neck is that hefty C shape.       *So, to op, the top wood adi and neck shape are  areas to check for difference.

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