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  1. Sorry, Longey. I think the "manual" is the best you can hope for at this point. I hope I am wrong, but an 06 off a shop wall has probably been elsewhere. The case should be black, say simply, "Gibson" and have the soft handle grey interior and protective shroud.
  2. LPCollector: Ah! All is clear, and we are in full agreement. Good to understand each other and to agree as well! I'm also with you on the matter below. To Spotondrums: Just as LPCollector, I love those big fat necks.
  3. LPCollector: What is your point? I made it pretty clear in that prior discusion on the VOS, the effort was only to come as close as reasonably possible in 2008. No one is suggesting they used less efficient braided wiring and 50 yr. old parts, etc. And I thought we all knew that. The R8 is as close as one is going to get to that original sound and nothing more; other than to say it is one hell of a fine guitar. Agreed?
  4. Hey Tim! As always I have to mention, VOS means Vintage Original Specifications. The aged finish patina has been deemed the VOS model now days and even unofficially accepted by Gibson as an easy way to keep clear the labeling trend which grew once Gibson followed the VOS with the same instrument in gloss non aged finish. VOS polishes right off to gloss, by the way. *But, that really isn't the point here, so bear with me. I have an R8 VOS and if you are looking for the closest thing to the original 50ies Les Paul sound and feel, the R8 aged or gloss finish is the guitar. I tried them all for a full year before deciding. Bought mine two years ago at a price nearly a grand less then they advertise for now. It is the Les Paul I played when I was a kid all reborn again in sound, looks and feel. The Pleking is a great feature and the solid body is not TOO heavy. Mine even has figuring on what is supposed to be a plain top. I'm a 335 player first, but I wanted that original Paul sound back in the hooch. Play several and I'm sure you will find the right one. I hope they are still making them with the care of a few years back. Quality control is becoming kind of an issue. Good hunting!
  5. Hey, singlecoil. All else aside. FennRX really did give you some good advice when he suggested you return it right now. If the guitar is new, you are about to void your overall warranty via an area of the instrument and on a matter that promises the return of difficulties. FennRX, was trying to answer a request for assistance with the most practical course of action. I hope you think about that route before you do anything noticable to negate an exchange possibility. I realize it is hard to let one go and seek another, but since it is new I know that is the way I would go myself. Good luck at getting things in order once more.
  6. Hall

    Neck tenons

    You know I have longs, regulars and bolt (screw) on neck guitars and I can't say one beats the other hands down inspite of all the documentation & testimonials. Unless a clinical type test is the measuring stick on this one, it seems more applicable as to skill, style, technique and equipment being the true determining factor. The longs usually suggest a more expensive instrument with more special features in most instances, but there still is no sustitute for know how.
  7. Go to www.HipKittyProducts.com and look at the Cream Distotion. It is great on semi hollows. P sometimes use an old pro co Rat as well.
  8. Heck! I can't even post a picture and am still on dial up!
  9. Rob_Mr: I became brave and put the same one on my 2006 Custom Shop. I found two flathead screws that threaded the same and did no more. It is a black finish and I did not even see the need to paint the heads. It looks fine as is. *Hey! You will have to ground your Bigsby as there will a buzz otherwise. I hadn't expected the need to do so.
  10. Hall


    I sure dig 57 classics.
  11. Plank_ Spanker! I dig 'em all, but I love your Pacific Reef!
  12. Brockburst, Tobacco Burst
  13. Hall

    Darn G String!

    Flyingarmadillo, hit it right on the button!
  14. 10 favorites: 1. 63 Block neck ES-335 2. 61 Strat 3. 63 Strat 4. Roy Orbison Signature, without the signature, 5. 07 ES-335 6. 06 Historic R8 VOS Les Paul 7. 78 The Paul 8. 79 The Paul 9. 52 R Telecaster (Gatton Bridge) 10. 61 Melody Maker some acoustics: 1. 69 SJ 2. 07 Hummingbird Custom 3. 04 J-200 4. 06 Taylor 814 CE 5. 05 Martin D-41 6. 05 J-150 Fender Twin & Super Reverb 1965 each, 1965 Twin Reissue, 61 Skylark, Peavy Acoustic, Epi Valve
  15. Zaphod: ZAPHOD: *USER GUIDE, www. GIBSONCUSTOM. COM, 2006: " All Gibson Custom Shop Instruments are hand crafted of the highest quality materials. Your Historic Model Gibson 1958 Les Paul Reissue is made of these materials and manufactured to the Vintage Original Specifications of the classic 1958 Les Paul Standard. Your LPR-8 Vintage Original Spec Series also includes a special finish coating to help re-create the mellow appearance and patina of a well cared for vintage instrument. See the CUSTOMER CARE GUIDE for proper care". I prefer my ES-335 in the first first place, so please don't confuse me for Joe Advocate here. It is just, I own one and there is how Gibson originally described the model before the gloss variety was made available. Big yawn for me too! It's time to get into chambering and weight relief now. That is the ultimate subject of frustration to me. Lets' just play'em!
  16. ZAPHOD B: ZAPHOD B. Sorry. VIntage Original Specifications is not a finish. People say, "VOS" because it stipulates which model type is of issue. Over time the true meaning has simply been corrupted twixt finish and model. Having said that, who gives a crap anymore. This discussion is 3 yrs. old. Lets' let it die and play our guitars. ------------------ Thanks for the snub, George. Nice guy.
  17. ZAPHOD B: ZAPHOD B. Sorry. VIntage Original Specifications is not a finish. People say, "VOS" because it stipulates which model type is of issue. Over time the true meaning has simply been corrupted twixt finish and model. Having said that, who gives a crap anymore. This discussion is 3 yrs. old. Lets' let it die and play our guitars. ------------------ Thanks for the snub, George. Nice guy.
  18. First: Thank you Live Sound Guy! Second: Raptor, would you agree VOS wasn't really ever intended to make anyone who did his or her homework believe the exact specifications were or even could be met? Such sure would have left Gibson holding a warehouse full of ancient parts and wood stock for half a century! When you and L. helped me decide on the Paul nearest to duplicating the sound of the old ones the R8 is one we discussed. I did my homework as you know, and in the process it became obvious it was a 'best effort' at most of coming near to the older models. So as always, it comes down to marketing doesn't it? You like the Robot's theory, as do I, though I did not purchase one, at least yet!. I'm not sure why the aging thing is big, but don't you think VOS does mean more than just a dulling spray for which it is often mistakenly labled. I think the guitar and its internals are, at the least, a fair marketing effort at reaching back toward the makings of the past models. Gibson has made the most of everything from the Historic VOS to the Robot. It pays to investigate before one makes a purchase, and to then do the best possible at getting close to what is of hope, no? By the way, as always, I appreciate your help on the Les Paul. The R8 is a very fine instrument. As I said earlier, I hope everyone makes peace soon on this one as it is not to much of a front page story anymore. Now, are you playing the Robot regularly and, if so, are you still happy with it?
  19. What I am amazed at is that as an excess three year member of the "OLD FORUM" with more than 1,500 posts, I am a "newbie" here simply because I went to the initials of my old forum name and haven't posted here 'til now. They missed my enlistment date of 12/27 as well. But, it is nice to be a "newbie" at something anyway! Hope everyone gets this settled and back on good terms with one another.
  20. Uh, I have an 06 "R8 Historic Reissue Vintage Original Specifications" Les Paul. And that is exactly what it says on the, Certificate of Authenticity. It sure polished up something nice both hardware and finish. And, as I've mentioned many times on the old forum, it certainly sounds like the old Les Pauls.
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