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  1. maple is special …..… well done!
  2. I bought an R8 when Gibson first ran them several years back. Still have it like new in the case; just too heavy to enjoy much. When I do play it the fat neck just takes a few minutes with which to get comfortable.
  3. I got to thinking a little more on this topic and realized I have a soft spot in my heart for Steve Miller's SEASONS and Family's My Friend The Sun. I still do both these songs to this very day so they must have reached me deeply way back when.
  4. I have a Crow CW and I say Gibson "nailed it" on a great sounding guitar and just leave it at that.
  5. Juan, I appreciate the insight. I have a J-45 Banner from that first run couple years back with the VOS and it polished up without any real effort. I'm just going to have to see the finish on the new AJ and hear the instrument in person as an AJ is the next Gibson I plan on buying. Was looking used first until I heard this was coming, and then the VOS stopped me dead. I like a gloss to start with on a new guitar. The J-45 sound and feel beat the finish issue. Maybe the same will happen on the AJ when I get near one.
  6. Anything Pearls Before Swine did, re: Use of Ashes, Rocket Man, Marjorie. And then there is always, Drunk Again by P.B. & The Butterfield Blues Band!
  7. I want the guitar, but not the VOS finish!
  8. A true sage insight …………… and plain practical also!
  9. Nice job, Sal! To me that will always be Roy Orbison's song, re: words & music … Orbison & Melson. Ever listen to his recording of it for additional inspiration? Keep up the good work as that earns a well done for you!
  10. And, I missed out on that model 'cause I had purchased an SC/CW not too long before the SJ appeared. I'm still hoping to find one someday. Ahem!
  11. That doesn't look right to me.
  12. Hall


    I have one. There is an art of usage to master before of any real value. Zappa used one in later years.
  13. It does sound as though that was a bit more than indigestion for sure. You get a …. WELL DONE on the stent! Take it very easy for a bit.
  14. Both, and a Southern Jumbo on the next run.
  15. Well done! I have one myself from the first run.
  16. I have a Crowe CW from the first run several years back that has become my favorite. I'm sure curious as to what that 1k top does for the tone on the new model.
  17. Hey Nadov 22 - Living in Ky. and holding onto a 70 Deluxe SJ for the heck of it , (fyi) on mine the center strip is also black as is the body binding.
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