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  1. And, maybe the poster's effort was simply appreciated as in …..duh.
  2. Yea, wish they would pick a poor, a beginner, an unknown, an amateur, a forum member...…… well, you get the idea.
  3. And, I'm sorry if it's so. Bad break.
  4. Very nice CW, enjoy! I have a SS Crow CW myself that has pretty much claimed first place with me among my Gibsons. … That AJ has caught my eye, hmm.
  5. Really nice. A hint of Soft Machine! Thanks for the post.
  6. Hall


    A, WELL DONE and an OUTSTANDNG to all who participated.
  7. Hall

    AJ Supreme

    That was good. Enjoyed the song , the guitar and the vocal. Thanks for the sharing.
  8. Well done, and get well soon. Sounds better there than here on caring level!
  9. Great post! Much appreciated, re: time and trouble. I have a Plate Mate from StewMac on an old Norlin SJ and it does the trick, but your own plate looks much more effective. Well done.
  10. Yea, I don't do well with change either … especially on these infernal devices.
  11. Hall


    I wash my hand before I play a guitar. That helps the strings last.
  12. I have a 73 SJ I have kept, but I would for certain have to be able to play and inspect from that era before a buy.
  13. I don't know about satin, but I have polished a couple of VOS finishes to gloss without any problems...……. if that helps your thought process any.
  14. Yes, with my Melody Maker and Skylark amp. Much appreciated post. edit: plus white T shirt, black Chuck Taylor high tops. Levis and Crew Glue!
  15. Good for you Willie! Thanks G Mac, and excellent song choice!
  16. Stayed for the entire video. Nice Les Paul guitar!
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