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  1. Good luck with this one. I know what you mean. I maintain a 58RI from 2008 and an old The Paul in my collection. The weight of the 58 has always kept me from being comfortable playing and enjoying it. Great guitar for a young strong back, but that isn't me. Hope though, you are happy this time with your new LP. It sure is pretty!
  2. Mine (79), is still maintained and played regularly. Thanks for that post Rabs.
  3. For certain here! Still have his albums and 45s.
  4. Hall


    That earns a, Very Well Done!
  5. Yea, the suggestion to keep and enjoy is my first thought also.
  6. I third it. Have preferred my own nails since it all began.
  7. Well done. I enjoyed that one.
  8. Yes, good one. I am quite familiar with her good sound as well. Thanks.
  9. Yea, guess I'll suspend all my endorsements.
  10. I'm kinda partial to him myself.
  11. quit after four...……... .zero!
  12. I don't get into the string debate too often, but since you asked for suggestions. Try, Straight Up Strings sometime. They have just about won me away from John Pearse and Pyramid as well.
  13. O.P. - Thanks for the post; enjoying it.
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