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  1. One time I had a G that wouldnt intonate for nothing i asked my tech he said try a new one again and it worked. Never had a bad string before.
  2. Just got a 2020 bourbon burst its a great playing guitar !
  3. around the 12th fret area they sound great with marshalls like most pickups
  4. Sound fine in my new 2020 Les Paul standard not muddy at all with my Marshall studio classic and studio vintage they seem midrangy with bite
  5. Just bought my first LP Standard in Bourbon burst I really like it! kinda wish it had the bigger frets though more meat! quality is realy good! $2350 2020 at GC.
  6. My 2012 traditional pro II at 9 pounds weight relieved?
  7. I traded this rocker chick my 2009 SG for her 2012 Les Paul! The Les Paul 500.00 more originally:) I think I made out pretty good.
  8. 2012 Pro II in the house:)
  9. I found a slight hairline crack maybe,its at the side by the nut. Cant really feel it though and I hope it dont spread. The Guitar does have a nick behind the head stock, maybe fell from the previous owner. I had a EPI sent from musician friend with the same thing but I sent it back. http://s653.photobucket.com/user/ken3611/media/102_1489_edited_zpsf3183d4b.jpg.html
  10. Thanks:) these actually sound pretty good
  11. whole body is made of maple? I always seen mahogany. Neck is a know. Guy I bought it from when he ordered it said mahogany. looks maple in side
  12. Just wondering because I see there making maple Dots now
  13. loosen the string up and rub a pencil in the groove, works well
  14. we lost a lot jobs here in Michigan, been off work for over 2 yrs! I do shipping, manufacturing has always been big now we lost millions of jobs. The bull **** now its like if you been out of work for so long they dont even want to talk to ya! this goverment and who is responsible for letting jobs go I can kick there ***! Every country doing this now, giving china all the work!
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