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  1. i cant tell you about there current stock but i had a cort les paul about 30 years ago that was far superior to any epiphone ive owned. but that was the one guitar. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=172930792774150&set=pb.100001716907126.-2207520000.1367964901.&type=3&theater heres a picture.. i paid 100 bucks for this guitar
  2. well in any case i wish you the best of luck sorting it out.
  3. i just remembered .. on one i put a pencil lead tip under the string to raise it a tiny bit.. this was on one in that area i believe the third fret. cured the problem. so then i used dan erlewines method of filling that nut slot slightly with shavings off the nut and super glue . and that worked very well too. that is if the nut slot is the actual problem going to the 11s should make the string sit slightly higher if the slot is cut for 10s but i think that will be temporary till the string wears it down some say from bending.
  4. now that i can tell you IS a common problem i have had with epiphones. easy to tell if you even have a plastic ruler. or any straight edge thats not too long. you probably wont want to do this but what i did every time was to take a tiny bit off the top of the next fret. worked every time but its a matter of take a tiny bit thentry it. iwould mark the fret with marker then just go at it till the marker was gone. the only other choices would be to topoff all the frets equally. or replace the fret and file it into proper height. again juat about every epiphone ive ever owned accept my dot had this problem somewhere on the neck. i have to say i like there guitars and the minor problems ive had and have fixed myself were well worth the price vs buying a gibson equivalant.
  5. well then while you have the strings off put a straight edge in the area you suspect there is a high fret. that should tell you something. . stew mac has a fret rocker which is a short streight edge . but you could use a short steel ruler. wheni do this i usually remove any relief beforehand as the relief may cover up this problem. btw i check my fret board with one of those slotted straight edges. . if you have access to the tools you mentioned they must have one of those. as to tapping down a fret. well thats common . use either a soft brass hammer or a hard rubber one and it wont hurt the fret its good to learm all this stuff. just a suggestion ...if you dont like the epiphone pickups you might want to try some filtertrons.
  6. you should try it in another amp. if you know someone with an amp.
  7. most likely its that little amp. there not the greatest thing on the market.
  8. yeah wtahs with those orange knobs. i took those off my 56 gold top epi replaced them with gold top hats.
  9. all i saw whhen i got mine was trans black and this red one. i bought the trans black took it home and had a dead pickup so i wnet back someone had just returned this ne so i took it and a hundred back home. no problems since. you might notice the knobs arent original. there off an old vox amp. they look better than the black to me. were there black pickup rings i may have left them on but they were thee only non chrome part on the body so i canged to these.
  10. this is mine with the metaloc red top
  11. ive been changing caps for years 7 might be a bit much though. my preference is 33. but you have to try it . i think it will sound like a fender with a 47. 22 i believe is what was in there so 33 is in the middle. anyhow thats what i use on all my guitars with humbuckers.
  12. i own 5 epis . the wiring is generally cheap crap. with the exception of my dot. ive rewired two right from the start. if you look ay the harness its all very thin poorly insulated crap with bad soldering joints. you get what you pay for. and epiphone went from korea to china for a reason and that is the chineese work cheaper. ad as you know quality control is not there motto. on the other hand after redoing the wiring and replacing cheap pots and switches ther very nice guitars. go figure. got a dot studio in the bench now piece of crap electricly. but i bouthg it for a porject so i didnt care. had i bought it to use as is id have been very disapointed. but on the other hand the pots were full size ones so thats am improvement but the wire was that angel hair crap like the other ones.
  13. its obviously the bridge ground. it has its own seperate little hole it should by right be black but you probably got the color blind assembly man on this one you have two choices where to solder it . one attatch it to the back of either pot both of them are grounded or go directly to the output plug and attatch it to the ground terminal of that simple the easy way is the back of the pot where it lays. btw usually if something comes loose its pretty much where it belongs till you start moving stuff around. you can probably tell by looking on the back of the pot where it was there should be a dull spot there where it was attatched . poor solder job. when you re solder it put the wire on the back of the pot and hold it there with the slodering iron. let it get good and hot then lay the solder in from the side the heat will suck the solder in. then grab the wire to keep it in place and remove the soldering iron. i put that ground on the back of pots al the time.
  14. i guess ive got the only dot with a thin neck ever made mine is very thin the thinnest neck i have ona guitar including my fenders. and old hagstrom 12 string.
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