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    I love Fast Cars, Loud Guitars and Blue Dogs.
    Cars (Ford Falcon and Fairlane and Subie WRX Type R) Lefty Guitars (Epiphone Tony Iommi G400, Ashton AG131, Dean Razorback Explosion and Schecter Devil Custom) Dogs (Blue Heeler and Border Collie Blue Merle)
  1. That's a sweet Cherry. Avoid the packs, an Epi valve junior amp will give you years of use and get a good quality lead, it will give good sound and last.
  2. Kia ora cuz, for 250 bucks it's a bargain. I'd buy it if it was a lefty. Tauranga's just down road bro, go on, buy it you know ya wanna. Cheers
  3. Working my way up to 1. You could say i'm good enough to practice everyday or bad enough that i need to practice everyday. It all depends on who is doin the listening.
  4. You could try putting your serial number into The Guitar Dater Project It dated my epi as feb 08 but did not recognize the serial number of an epi ZW LP that i was considering buying. www.guitardaterproject.org
  5. 1- So would a Norlin era SG be a good model for someone wanting a Gibson SG ? 2- Did 17 years of Norlins produce any good ones ? 3- Do any of you have one ? I like the look of it.
  6. HOSB stands for Hammer On Sonny Boy.
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