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  1. Lengle, Have the Riv p93 for two years now. Been happy with it. Did not get much stage or play time as stock as it was a bit muddy with the stock Pickups and parts. I did put a Wilkerson roller on it, changed to CTS pots and different Caps, added a push/pull pot to kill the middle pickup while allowing for single Pickup usage, and added a Big D varitone to have options to brighten it up. After those changes, feel good about the versatility and the tone. The looks of the guitar (Wine Red) are killer. So many folks ask more about this guitar at gigs then anything I have had on stage. There is a lot of data on this forum I have used in the past to make the decsion to buy the P93. The P90s add a nice change of pace from the all the Humbucker equipped guitars, even without the changes I made. Cleveland
  2. Needed to use some imagination to convince my parents to get me my first guitar. The GI Joe F-16 did the trick. I have great form, but the chords sounded real bad. Now the Real Deal with Dive Band
  3. I think I am in love.... again. Been telling my wife about the White Falcon as I have a Birthday comming up, or the Green Irish being a U2 fan, but these may satisfy the GAS. She will be none pleased however as I just picked up the Red P93. I can hear her now "Another Guitar, they are all the same and you can't paly them at the same time!" Still working on looping each guitar to prove her wrong.
  4. Line 6 M13. Just purchased this a month ago and I have been impressed with what you can do and how simple it is to use. It is basically 100+ stompboxes all in one where you can emulate pretty much any historical sounds or effect. You have an arsenal of stompbox sounds to mix and match. I have been happy that it does not discolor the tone. Does a heck of a lot of work all in one box. Distortions, reverbs, delays, modulations, loopers, etc. The coolest thing I love is you can dial in an effect the traditional way, turning knobs, and there is no save button. It remembers your settings per each effect. I can change it on the fly at a gig and it will remember the next time I dial the effect up. Before that I was using a Zoom 2020 for the mid 90s. Which was not a bad box either. Check it out
  5. Steven, Thanks for the advice. I will give the tubes a swap first and see how it goes. You are correct. I mostly want the clean headroom so replacing the tubes make sense for the best place to start. DiveBand
  6. Looking to MOD the EVJ v3 with the Bitmo trio, however, before I do it, I want to be sure I can switch back to the factory tone with the Trio installed? Is one of the settings with switches give me the option of the original tone? Have a great tone going with my effect pedals and current non mod EVJ, but would like a bit more clean headroom. Any advice would help. Thanks!
  7. All, I have been reading for a good six months in this forum about the choice between a Casino, Dot, Shari, or P93. I have learned so much for all of you and I have to agree with Damian, that the experience has made me more educated on Semi-Hollows and guitars in general. Thanks to all the P93 owners, BrianH, MidiMan, and Crust (sure I am missing some folks that have posted about the P93). All the past posts allowed me to come to the decision to buy a P93 on Turkey day. Got a great deal with free case at 15% off. The problem was my wife made me keep it in the box until last week. Not sure if that was GAS, need a new term for owning the guitar, seeing it in the box in the basement but not allowed to open it until X-mas. It was killing me every time I walked by. Either way, I made it to x-mas and have not put it down since. I plan on modding it a little. Already replaced the Bridge to a roller from Guitar Fetish. Still debating the plastic pup covers. Also was looking to add a BigD varitone. Can't go wrong with it thus far. Perfect out of the box except for action. No issues. Love the P90s. Gets me the tone I am missing from the current collection of Les Paul Guitars. Thanks all for this great forum.
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