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  1. Yep, congrats on the purchase! I sould be getting mine in the next month or so. Went to GC to play it and loved it! ya, like you, I don't think I got past 4. just messing around on it for a couple of minutes was fun. I cant wait to get it dialed in!
  2. thats a great price! that gives you the flexibility to upgrade pickups compared to a new one! great find.
  3. VERY beutiful guitar! I just wish my wine red that I had was a good looking as that!
  4. mabye not that important, but what I found out on Stew Mac's website is that the PAFa didn't have bridge and neck pickups they had the same output for both pickups. just a lttle bit of info. so if you want more of an older tone, hope that its not a 57+.
  5. completely agree! that grain is just spectacular. in car terms, it looks like a sleeper.
  6. Can't offer you much advise on the PRS. but I bought a '99 epi paul and freakin' LOVE IT!! I probably played about 3 or 4 les pauls new, and an epi dot. Played half a song with it and knew this was the one. Asked the dude that was hwlping me why it played so much better. he said that the guitar had been played, broken in. And ive been playing for about as long as you have( a year). Ive seen a couple of epi classics and they look pretty cool. The quilt top is awesome. Mabey I could help you this way, what kind of music do you like/play? Whats your current guitar? acoustic?
  7. man! this thread really took off! back on page one, I said to look for the Jet city line. Ive go a 30 watt line 6 IV. I know I can get 100 bucks for that. And with a 15% off coupon at GC that puts me at about $150. Mabey consider that plan? Same route can be taken for other amps too. Just another thought. Good luck!
  8. man he was a great actor. i cant beleive that. +1. dont call him shirley.
  9. Ya, thats what I saw too. my 1st was a wine red. do they have any of those in a flame top? cause thatd be awesome! kind of like the sammy hagar model gibson. the only thing I didnt like about mine was that the headstock was just so HUGE! it offset the guitar. when I got my '99 epi, the headsock looked smaller and had a pearl inlay Epiphone instead of the silkcreen which was a nice touch.
  10. Try the Jet city line. ranging from a $300 20 watt all tube combo to a $900 100 watt 2 channel head. Im sold on the 20 watt combo. guitar center musician's friend Jet City
  11. I would definately do that, I just dont have the bank for it. but im doin a van halen black and white cause its cheaper.
  12. nice avatar

    long time listener first time caller

  13. Alex lifeson does. well, he actually plays the original if that counts. Thats is pretty much the only guitar he uses for encores. *edit* Mick Jones from Foreigner plays his sig quite a bit, me only being to one concert... :unsure:
  14. Not a big AC/DC fan, but, if you look on guitar centers website, go to the Gibby signature, look at the specs, the pickups are speecified. just drop a 57 classic next to the Young hum bucker you were thinking of putting in, and you've got angus young tone. but if you are looking for the look of the Gibby signature, youll have to wait like me waiting for Jimmy Page to wake up one day and tell the world his recording sectrets.
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