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  1. Well, I actually like them low. I have a tenancy to bend the strings too much when playing if they're too high. I don't like that. I think if I play enough to wear them down, I'll pay for a new fret job.
  2. I see on the new ones they use medium jumbo. I wonder if that has always been the case.
  3. I think I've decided I'm looking to get an SG. Well, I think. It's at the top of my list right now. But I like my frets low. I have only played a few so far, and don't think I had an issue with the frets on them, but I played mostly epiphones. I played one faded briefly, that was brand new at Guitar Center and thought it was awful. It probably needed a good set up and cleaning, but it felt about as smooth as velcro. Anyways.... Is there a particular model I should be looking for that might have lower profile frets than others? I really am looking for one with P90's, so I guess the "Special" is what I'm looking for, possibly? Does anyone know the size of frets on that particular model? Are they all the same? It seems to me the frets on Gibby's and Epi's seemd to be lower profile than some of the fenders I've looked at and played. But even they vary, because I've owned a few teles that thought the frets weren't bad, but then played others that seemed like they were as tall as buildings. So anyways, any input or education in this particular subject is much appreciated. And any other comments about being in hunt for an SG. I currently have $700 saved, but I'm hoping to not spend all of that. I know that might be a pipe dream though. I keep squirreling away though, so that will grow. But slowly. Hehehehe. Kids to feed, bills to pay, tires for the car, etc etc, I'm just not made out of money. Typical middle America I guess. But God takes care of us and I am thankful for that.
  4. Oh, I have a photobucket account! I'll see if I can download them to there. I have been using snapfish lately. I did come up with this in my mind (but I'll post the LP pictures later): I think at this point I've narrowed down my search in my mind. After listening to 7k youtube videos of people playing, and what I've played so far, my list is narrowed down to: SG with P90's (or buckers) or a Tele with humbuckers. And I'm definitely leaning more towards the SG, just because I've never had one, and I've like the ones I played. It pretty much fits all of my requirements, besides the fact that I don't like the way it looks. I think I'm getting over that now. Plus, I like the look of the wood over paint for some reason at this point. Although I would still consider a painted SG. But you see more in a wood tone with some kind of finish over it. Those are the two on top of my list. I will also consider Strat with 2 humbuckers or something other than the 3 single coils Gibson Melody Maker with 2 pups (have yet to play one or even see one on for that matter) Les Paul "Special" double cut with P90's PRS of some sort An Epiphone Casino The challenge will be finding an SG in my range, if it's going to be a Gibby. I know I can afford a tele with buckers. We'll see who wins out first. I'm at home right now instead of church because I'm under the weather. But if I get out today and play something, I'll update anyone who is interested. Thanks for the advice guys!!!!!!
  5. Just figured that out. Sorry! What's the difference between the sherton and the dot? Besides the color of the hardware?
  6. This may be a stupid question, but is the heavier one really a full hollow body? Are you sure it's not a dot? Doesn't a vibrato need some wood to screw into if it was added after the fact? I could be all wet, but I thought I'd throw my thoughts out there. I had a line on a chinese made Dot, and I really liked the way it played, but being big AND heavy, sort of put me off. I think I could stomach big, without heavy. Meaning a full hollow. The guy had a Korean made LP, and I think it was lighter than the dot. Either that, or it just FELT that way, because it was smaller.
  7. Very nice! How do you like the vintage tuners? I have a line on an LP that has those tuners and the grovers seem more robust. How does these vintage ones hold up and work? Do your guitars stay in tune well?
  8. Simply beautiful! Great "going to sunday meeeting" guitar. "Sunday, hallelujah is not so far, not so far away!!"
  9. Good points. It still would be a pretty decent set up. If I pay the guy $325, $100 for the pickups and maybe 50 for the labor? That's 475 for a guitar I might really like. Or maybe not. Hehehehe. The point is taken. I'm trying to get out this weekend to play some guitars, but I'm fighting a bug and taking it easy at home. So... time will tell. My money is burning a hole in my pocket though. I've been saving for a while, plus I just sold a pistol to help fund it and I'm excited to have enough for a half way decent guitar. But then there is always an amp, recording software, drum set. Hehehehehhehe. It's never going to end now. My daughter tells me she wants to learn the drums. And I can teach her the basics. I'm no Bonhom though. OK, different thread. Sorry!
  10. Thanks guys. AudioMitch, when you say you have this one, are you talking about the '72 RI with or the Blacktop? I'm assuming the 72 RI because the blacktops are just out. bynapkinart, who is that? So, do you guys think I'm crazy wondering what a LP sounds like with single coils? Aren't p90's technically a single coil design? I think it could give it a less strong sound that I don't find completely desirable. I wonder if the epi I'm looking at is able to swap p90's. I was researching that model last night "limited edition" and they were saying they were actually mini humbuckers. I wonder if that guys are minis. I have to look at the pics again, but they didn't strike me as such. Would anybody be willing for me to email my pics of this guitar and tell me what it is exactly? I think the price is actually pretty decent for what it is.
  11. Yeah, I have one up as my screen saver. I went and played one the other day and I wasn't in love. It was OK, but I actually liked the way the Standard tele felt better, that I played at that place. It may have just been that "certain" one. Plus, now they're making this one called the "blacktop" series. It comes with two regular ole humbuckers that look like a gibson bucker, the plate is switched around and it's about 250 cheaper than the one you just showed me. Plus, I like really low profile frets, and the medium jumbo frets on the one you showed me, and many other Fenders, are not making me very excited. I thought frets were all standard, but I swear, many of the Gibby/Epiphones I've played SEEM like they're lower. And I like that. PLUS, I like the smaller scale of the Gibby/epi's. So, there's my quandry with playability. But that guitar you showed me is nice. They make one with P90's too, and I think I like that one even more. But not sure I want to spend that when they have this blacktop option.
  12. Easier said than done, in my brain for some reason. I like aspects of each of them. But my dilemma has always been, a bone stock tele sounds too twangy to me, and a bone stock LP sounds to "strong" to me. But I like the way either one plays. I'm not sure which I like better, playability wise. They both have their virtues. Which is why I keep trying to look for an "inbetween" guitar that sort of has the best of both worlds. I think the SG is about the only one that comes close to that category. But I think the Gretsch Pro Jet might fit that too. So.... Do I tele, LP, or something inbetween. And then there is the whole thing about if you change pickups on either the Tele or LP, it does change things too. I know some purists are saying that that isn't the right approach. But I'm not so sure I agree with that. I think those tele 72 RI's with their humbuckers produces a more "inbetween" sound, and I think an LP with some P90's probably thins it out a little. I've always wondered what a LP with some single coils might sound like, but that is usually called heresy. But I'm not sure that it's the worst idea in the world. Even a couple of people on this website have shown tapped or splittable buckers. And other guitar makers do it. So..... I know at some point there are so many variables I just have to punt and make the best of it. I'm just trying to do that in the most informed and educated way possible before dropping my money somewhere. And of course trying to find the best deal in the process. Hehehehe You know the ones you here where this grandma is selling her husbands guitar to get it out of the house for 100 bucks. Turns out to be a "insert awesomely nice guitar". Hehehehhe In my dreams.
  13. What would you guys think of this one? It's a Korean made LP, a guy in my subdivision wants $325 for it. I played it briefly and it seems like a good deal. It's some kind of "Special Edition" (correction: Limited Edition), which probably means nothing. I'm just not sure I want to go with an LP. The price is good, but it's also an epiphone and I'm not sure what I think about that. I don't know if buying a brand new 425 mexican tele would be much better. Some say the mexi's are usually higher quality than the asian. I suppose it's different for each guitar. I can't remember if I posted these pics but I'll do it anyways. My thought was I could always throw some p90's in there to maybe lighten up the sound if it's too, thick, you know? It's a little blingy for me, but I play guitar for kids at church and they might like it. hehehehe My other dilemma is that if I go with an LP, I have another offer for a guy that is resurrecting a Gibby studio and will sell it to me for $550. And it has some fantastic tuners on it, plus some DiMarzio pick ups. But I'm not a metal player, so I'm less concerned about the fancy humbuckers. I like the idea of building up the Epiphone how I want, but then again I have read that the Gibbys are just SO MUCH BETTER. I'm not sure how much of that is fact or fiction. I know, different finish, supposedly better wood. I don't know. I wish I could post pics on here. I copy and pasted this from another site.
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