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  1. Thanks for the info, Keith I like the new plan of attack... not that im gonna have the funds to add any of these but this is already kind of what was happening when I bought my J 45 custom shop reissue this year looks like they were starting to do some of this I was told they made about 50 from Don R. amd MAP was a tad over 3k i hope that many of you grab some of these special runs and post pics I love looking at and hearing them
  2. Can't seem to post it securely enough nevermind...
  3. I have a TKL Prestige in tweed that Zomby mentioned. No complaints and it looks sharp.
  4. Too much inventory? I have a novel idea... how about letting more dealers than just guitar center and a handful of others sell your guitars. In my opinion every shop that sells Martins or Taylors oughta have a few Gibsons.
  5. That Gibson is beautiful and sounds great.... and you are certainly worthy of it. First time I've heard that BJA edition played....good stuff Great job!
  6. My 2013 60s Reissue J-45 is everything I need in a guitar and love about Gibsons
  7. Hey.... good stuff! Great classic country vocals. Good luck!
  8. Sweet.... Hey, i really enjoyed that... and man that Bird sounds great for that song
  9. Thanks for the replies but I'm still no closer to getting one. Bob Colosi says he can't make one ....Philadelphialuthier tools say they are unavailable at this time and EM7 got his on eBay but I couldn't find any currently for sale their either. Anybody else have these available as an insert for these adjustable bridges? Just talking the saddle here not the whole bridge or the adjustabile hardware
  10. While I like the tone and adjustability of the adj. saddle on my 60s reissue J-45 I would like to try a bone saddle. The TUSQ one sounds fine but it's fun to experiment. It came with a bone nut and I've already replaced the plastic pins with some Colosi bone ones. Philadelphialuthiertools used to carry one but it's no longer available. Does anyone have a lead on where to get the drop in bone saddle that works with the adjustable system? Thanks.
  11. Same conclusions drawn from this video as I came to when playing them in person. i really really like the new J 35 I love the J 45
  12. http://bit.ly/10avC9d These are nice... I have a couple different colors. The Gibson logo s a thick embroidered one.
  13. That's awesome... This is one of the reasons I love Gibsons so much... the history
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