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  1. http://bit.ly/10avC9d These are nice... I have a couple different colors. The Gibson logo s a thick embroidered one.
  2. Thanks Triumph1050, for basically 'nailing it on the head'! I wish I could have said that. That is definitely where I was coming from,but could not attach those words to my thoughts. I don,t care to comment anymore on the post. It was stupid to start with. I owe you a 'debt of gratitude' for saying it.

    FWIW, Fortyearspicking PM,d me to say that he was 100% with me...Go...

  3. Wow...some great stuff here. I've always felt for Salieri...with his passion for music being equal to or greater than Mozarts...but not his ability. Thats me vs. just about everyone that's ever picked up a guitar. My own dad who is 65 plays fantastically still and gets perplexed when I struggle with the simplest of moves around a fret board. Oh well... I, like Salieri, know genius when I hear it and can appreciate it even if it'll never course thru my fingers. G...C...G...D...G...with a smile on my face... Thanks for the links.
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