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  1. In Memory of brave men: https://www.northern-scot.co.uk/news/dallachy-service-honours-canadian-war-dead-204572/
  2. It was a very short run model, I asked Gibson about the model back in 2010 when I got mine. They said "This model came with ’57 Classic/’57 Classic Plus pickups(not the 496R/500T Ceramics as on the standard Les Paul Classic model). Here is a link with more information on the model, http://www.gibson.com/jp-jp/Divisions/Gibson%20USA/Guitars/LesPaul/Classics/Les%20Paul%20Classic%20Antique/ ." Sadly the link they provided now just takes you to a general Les Paul page, but if my memory serves me correctly (not always guaranteed) the page was in Japanese, but I can't remember if it was a guitar of the week. There are a few video's on You Tube about them, there's one from Rob Chapman (it sounds like Gibson gave him one) but they don't tell you much. Great guitar's I'd never sell mine.
  3. IanHenry


    Pure genius. It was 25 years ago this week that Rory passed away. There's a chap from the Isle of Man called Davy Knowles who play a bit like Rory, here he is doing a cover of Million Miles Away (complete with look alike Strat) :
  4. There are many knowledgeable members on here who, I'm sure will help you but I'm pretty sure they will need more detailed photo's. Don't disclose the serial numbers publicly on here but it will be well worth contacting Gibson service with them, they are usually very helpful. Good luck
  5. Just in case anyone fancied improving their guitar technique during lock down Anderton's have enlisted some tutors to help. There's always more to learn🙂 https://blog.andertons.co.uk/learn/elevenses?utm_campaign=14-05-20-elevenses-round-up&utm_source=emarsysemail&utm_medium=email&sc_src=email_7428493&sc_lid=354103630&sc_uid=RegGMgZUFm&sc_llid=30597&sc_eh=82e7a333c10fd1f31
  6. Give a Fender Blues Junior an audition, it's an amp that will do just about anything.
  7. My first gig was when my older sister took me to watch Mott the Hoople at Blackburn King Georges Hall, they were supported by a band called Queen, so I guess they were the first rock band I saw. It was quite strange to a young kid watching this effeminate bloke in a one piece outfit strutting around singing "Hey Big Spender" The weirdest was The first time that I saw The Sensational Alex Harvey Band who were supporting Slade. Slade fans had a rather disgusting habit of spitting on support bands. On this occasion the spotlight came on to reveal a guy wearing a rain coat and hat, sat down on an old fashioned deck chair reading a news paper. There's only so much saliva your average Slade fan can produce so after a while the spitting dried up. The figure then calmly stood up, folded his news paper and walked up to the microphone and said "Now we've got that nonsense out of the way boy's and girls, I'd like to introduce you to my band, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band". It was quite an entrance. Or it could have been Blondie also at King Georges Hall. It was just before Blondie became famous, on their first trip to the UK and around about the time when they released their first single Denis, I'd never heard of the band but me and my mates would go and watch almost any band who played locally (it was a lot cheaper in those days). The band were incredibly bad, the sound was bad and they sounded out of tune and time. The audience started to get restless and someone shouted "get your tit's out" which didn't seem to please Miss Harry who retorted "If you want that sort of thing why come here, you should go to a strip club", to which the joker in the crowd replied "you were cheaper" Blondie didn't do an encore that night. First song that I learned was almost certainly something by Simon & Garfunkel as I only had an interest in playing acoustic until I saw the Mott the Hoople/Queen gig.
  8. Sadly Dave Greenfield, keyboard player with The Stranglers has passed away due to Covid 19: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52537293 RIP
  9. I have guitars with both types of neck, I've got a 2014 Traditional with a very big neck, it doesn't really bother me, I find I adapt to the different sizes within a few minutes.
  10. Prince Charles is self-isolating with Covid 19. Prince Andrew is self-isolating with Jennifer, 14.
  11. Kossoff is one of my all time favourite guitar players, what he plays is not really technically difficult, it's just the feel & touch that he puts into it. To me Free were a far better band than Bad Company. Paul's demise was tragic and I think robbed us of some great music that I believe he could have produced, but we'll never know. Years ago my Wife had some dealings with Paul Kossoff's father, David, himself a famous actor here in the UK, I think in the sixties or seventies, because he spent the rest of his life giving talks to schoolchildren about the damage drugs cause (She was helping to arrange one such talk). David always carried a lock of Paul's hair and one of his plectrums with him.
  12. The current lock down that the world is currently experiencing made me think of this classic:
  13. Captain Tom has now reached £18,000,000! There's also a petition been started to give him a Knighthood if anyone would be so good as to sign it. I think he deserves it😊 https://www.change.org/p/war-hero-tom-moore-aged-99-to-be-knighted-captaintommoore?utm_source=grow_gb&utm_medium=media#response-42802
  14. This is great, 99 year old Captain Tom Moore was hoping to do 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday and in doing so raise £1000 for the NHS (National Health Service), so far He's raised £12,000,000! What a man. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52303859
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