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  1. Dexy's Midnight Runners and Cockney Rebel both had violin players in their line up.
  2. Sorry to hear this, Kansas are a great band although I've never had the opportunity to see them (as far as I'm aware they've never played in the U.K). RIP Robby.
  3. Thanks Phillip, I've never seen that one before. Paul was one of the few players where you can tell it's him from a single note ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. The English Heritage website has introduced a tool where you can look up the origins of your surname, I thought some people on here might be interested. The Names of England | English Heritage (english-heritage.org.uk)
  5. IanHenry


    Very nice๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Interesting film from Guitarist magazine here in the U.K featuring the young Welsh player Chris Buck (Slash called him the one to watch) playing three 59 Les Paul's, all belonging to a collector (luck chap).
  7. Ypaul, if you contact Gibson Customer Service : Contact (gibson.com) with your serial number they will tell you what your guitar is. I've always found them very helpful.
  8. I don't drink either one, but I do use Coke to clean aluminium parts on my car, it's fantastic for that.
  9. The point of the video was the irony of the situation in relation to young people's desire to have the latest phone etc. Of course we all want to see a situation where mankind has more sympathy for the environment but I believe a lot of "green" initiatives are at best misguided and at worst false, take for example electric cars, yes they may be greener to run but the biggest impact on the environment is the manufacture and disposal of the vehicle and of course the electricity has to be generated somehow. I also don't think the commentator, at any point was suggesting shooting the sch
  10. This is an interesting and factual response to Greta Thunberg's hysterical ranting. You've got to love the Aussies, they tell it as it is:
  11. I tried a 2015 Les Paul Traditional Sprint and it was a superb guitar, some of the details like the Les Paul hologram are a personal taste thing but didn't have any impact on the quality of the guitar. I very nearly bought it.
  12. As sparquelito has said, the import tax , if you bought from the U.S would be prohibitive, I know because I've imported thing from there. The Post office or carrier will hold your guitar to ransom until you pay them the tax. In short, don't do it, it will work out a very expensive guitar.
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