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  1. Congratulations on your forthcoming retirement, may it be long and happy. Regarding guitar choice , this is a very personal thing, but if it was my money I'd go for the ES335, everyone should have a 335👍
  2. IanHenry


    All credit too you for that mate, well done that man👍
  3. I went to a guitar show, had a great day, but only spent the grand total of £2.50! excluding entrance etc. Shared a car with another Englishman, an American, an Italian and an Irishman, the banter was hilarious.
  4. IanHenry


    Hi Tman, Sorry to hear about your problems but I'm sure you will come through it (when you think about it people always do, bad times don't usually last). You've got some very generous work mates, they sound great! Keep your chin up mate, you'll get there in the end👍
  5. That's great news Ricky, so glad you've got it sorted.🙂
  6. Over here we call it shrinkflation . How they do it is, they put the product on a sale price but at the same time they shrink it, the sale comes to an end but obviously the product size remains the same. When they are challenged about it they say they've done it to help reduce childhood obesity! I think they believe the general public are stupid.
  7. Don't you just hate it when that happens😁
  8. You will need "out of phase" pickups, plenty of reverb and very little gain to come anywhere close.
  9. Maybe it's just the time of year and perhaps it's time for you to go away on holiday? I believe people in the U.S don't take as many holidays as people in Europe, I think you should change that.
  10. Cab, I hope this wasn't your last visit. I found the tone of your post a little worrying, it sounds like maybe you should seek professional help to get you out of this dark place. I also question whether isolating yourself from groups who might be able too give you support at this time is a good idea. Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of luck. Regards, Ian
  11. I had to look it up, but it was Caesars Palace between 1981 - 84. I've been to Caesars Palace but I've no recollection of the car park, it must be big though. Bit of a bugger trying to find where you parked🙂
  12. Don't forget in years gone by they held Grand Prix on a hotel car park in Las Vegas😀
  13. I think the main key too a Peter Green like sound is low gain and a lot of reverb. I once read an interview with a music shop owning friend of Gary Moore, in the run-up to Gary recording his "Blues for Greeny" album. Gary asked him what he thought about his Peter Green sound, and the bloke told him "you sound like Gary Moore trying to sound like Peter Green" even though Gary was using Peters guitar! kind of tells you all you need to know really doesn't it!
  14. That's all about to change in 2021, as the "new" owners want to limit teams budgets. The cars will be several seconds a lap slower, a huge difference in an F1 car. Liberty are changing F1 from a European sport to something more like an American model in a bid to capture the US market.
  15. Sounds like your sorted then! Good luck with the move.
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