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  1. The worst and the most bad tempered was Blondie. During my teen's my mates and I would go and see almost any band that played locally particularly if we liked the name of the band, for example Judas Priest. One night an up and coming band, Blondie was playing at Blackburn's King George Hall just as they'd released their first single, Denis. Everything about the show was terrible, and certainly gave no indication of the success that Blondie would later enjoy. Part way through the show the audience were getting very restless (the audience's at Blackburn were a little unfor
  2. Thank you for your review, personally, if I was looking I'd probably go for the 50's model.
  3. Just a Fender Blues Junior III which is what I use for gigging (can anyone remember that!), Fender Bassbreaker 007 and a Yamaha THR10 which is kind of redundant since I got the Bassbreaker, that's about all I need.
  4. An amusing little video:
  5. Hi Elmut, welcome to the forum and your guitar is a beauty! If I was looking at changing pickups, the first place that I would look at is Cream T pickups. Everyone seems to give them great reviews. Thomas Nilsen who builds them doesn't just try and copy how they were made in the 1950's, he measures all the readings from specific pickups and recreates how that pickup sounds. Cream T Pickups - Guitar Store | Liverpool & Ormskirk (creamtpickupsdirect.com)
  6. I think you've misunderstood Lars, Rick Beato is defending Paul Simon.
  7. Or, I bought this guitar but it doesn't make me sound like Tommy Emmanuel 😬
  8. I find some of Rick Beato's YouTube video's informative & entertaining but I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this one. He's commenting on some bloke who believes history will look upon Paul Simon as a musical nonentity! Paul is one of the twentieth century's greatest songwriters and has got to be viewed in the same company as Dylan and Lennon & McCartney. https://youtu.be/qoHC8K7mj9c
  9. Whichever guitar he buys to replace it he'll have to change the string's at some point. Regarding taking it to a shop to get the strings changes, it's like taking a car back because a garage can't fit in a service for a few weeks. The blokes an idiot.
  10. It's whatever floats your boat, if you can afford it why not? As has been previously mentioned, you only live once and if you don't spend it your kids will. Who wants to die a rich man?
  11. I got jabbed up three weeks ago, so now jab one should have taken effect now. I also had the Astra Zenica one, I think it's great that their supplying it on a not for profit basis. So far Bill Gates hasn't taken over my mind😊
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