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  1. I haven't seen any posts from our antipodean friend Digger for quite a while. I know people come and go from the forum but he was quite prolific so I was just wondering if he was alright.
  2. Congratulations. You know two guitars in one day is a serious addiction 😁
  3. IanHenry


    Hi Karen, This might help you: https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-gibson_eng.php I put your serial number in and it suggested 1954, but if you want to make sure, you can always contact Gibson, they are usually quite helpful.
  4. I decided to buy the Cornell Traveller 5, it's a great little amp with a huge variation of sounds available, I really like it (of course this is still the honeymoon period!). It's hand built at Southend on Sea here in the UK, so I'm figuring it's a bit like cars, if it's hand built it can always be hand re-built. In the end it was a close run thing between the Cornell and a Fender Pro Junior ltd. Thanks you everyone for all your helpful suggestions and insight's it is very much appreciated.
  5. That Bluesbreaker would be a bargain if you could get it for the estimated price but I suspect it will go for quite q bit more.
  6. Hi Crott, It doesn't look like anyone here can help you, I'd suggest contacting Gibson, they are usually quite helpful.
  7. Technical question here, maybe one for BadBluesPlayer. The Cornell has a single 12AX7 for it's pre-amp and the Vox has two, so what's the advantage if any to having two tubes, if any?
  8. Thanks for that, it's always good getting some info from someone working on the front line. I'm quite tempted by the Cornell because a) it sounds pretty good on the YouTube review b) I know where I can go to test one (but they only have the one and apparently there's a long waiting list for stock) and c) because it's hand wired here in the UK. Needless to say the Cornell is the most expensive amp of the batch. I was quite interested seeing on their site that Gary Moore used one of their amps because listening to the sound sample I'd thought that was a very Gary sound even though it was played on a Strat like instrument, although I'm sure Gary must have had an army of amps at his disposal.
  9. There's another contender which I'm quite keen on, the Cornell 5 Traveller. I've never seen one but the review on YouTube sounds great, I can go and play one locally and it's not made in a far eastern sweat shop. It's only got an 8" speaker though. https://www.cornellamps.com/traveler-5
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions, Karloff, I should have mentioned that it needs to be a combo, and Lars, I've already looked at the Vox AC10C1 but dismissed it due too it's weight at 27.12lbs it's not that far off my Blues Junior at 31lbs. Reverb would be nice but none of the amps in this range come with it so I'd have to buy a pedal (I'm not keen on pedals, I see them as an added complication/distraction but I guess I'll have to accept that in the case of reverb)
  11. Hi, I’m looking to get a new small practice amp for band rehearsals but it has to be small and light because of the need to carry it up a narrow, steep flight of stairs (my Blues Junior is too large and heavy). I’ve previously bought a Marshall DSL1 but I’ve fallen out of love with it because I find the gain channel “fizzy” and during rehearsals, I’ve had to run it at higher volumes almost flat out and because it has no headroom the clean channel just sounds like the gain one! I’ve decided that I need something with a little more power, so I was thinking 5 to 10 watts, I’ve dismissed the Marshall DSL5 because of my dislike of the DSL1. I’ve compiled a shortlist of possibility's, but unfortunately, I’m not in a position to try any of those amps out with the exception of the Vox (I also know that the shop that has the Vox will give me a reasonable trade-in price for the Marshall which is a plus) so I’m a having to rely on Youtube video’s The contenders are: Laney Cub 10 https://www.laney.co.uk/products/cub-cub10-tube-combo 10 Watt but 8” Speaker Ther are some quite favorable reviews of the Laney on Youtube. Marshall Origin 5 https://marshall.com/marshall-amps/products/amps/origin/origin5 5 Watt 8” Speaker I thought this would tick all the boxes, but there are some negative reviews of the 5 watt model not least on Anderton’s review of the Origin series. Vox AC4C1-112 https://voxamps.com/en-gb/product/ac4c1-12/ 4 Watt but 12” Speaker Some very favorable reviews on Youtube, the most expensive of the trio, but I believe I can get a good trade-in. If anyone has any experience with those amps or an opinion I’d appreciate hearing them, I’ve also set up a pole so your votes would also be appreciated. Thanks, Ian
  12. That's good to hear Ricky, I was under the impression that the life time warranty only applied to the U.S. If they've collected it I'm sure they will solve the problem one way or another.
  13. I'm not sure Gibson will fix this Ricky, as I think in the U.K you only get a 12 month warranty, I hope they do the right thing. Please keep us informed how you get on. Good luck
  14. The 2015 Les Paul Traditional came fitted with the 1959 Tribute pickups, they were only fitted to the 2014 and 15 Traditional model's and were excellent p/u's, and I think quite sought after, they were never sold as after market parts. If you can ask for photo's of the control cavity and look to see if there is any evidence of any re-soldering as it's rarely as neat as when done originally by someone who does it all day every day.
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