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  1. And why would you make such a public display of their destruction? Just think about the positive publicity that donating them to school, charity's and veteran's organisations would produce. This has just produced negative publicity because of the waste of timber, man hours etc. Very sad☹️
  2. Obscene, I'm sure there are schools that would have loved to have those.
  3. The finish, particularly the one of the back of the headstock looks satin to me, it could just be the camera angle.
  4. Very nice, I like that. Do you like Marshall DSL's by any chance😊
  5. IanHenry

    Custom LP

    Excellent, that's a beauty. Sorry to hear about the loss of your guitars I'm guessing some of those are irreplaceable.
  6. I use the carbon fibre jazz III's, they are very stiff but the great thing about them is that I never drop them. This is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dunlop-Carbon-Fibre-Guitar-Plectrums/dp/B00CNBISFS
  7. That's a very good cause they are collecting for.
  8. That sounds like a lot of car for (comparatively) little money!
  9. IanHenry


    Very nice guitar, congratulations😊
  10. This popped up on YouTube and I thought it was rather good, apparently lost footage of David Bowie and the Spiders playing live on Top of The Pops (for those who don't know the program almost all acts mimed to their records, the show rarely allowed artists to play live)
  11. Why on earth would you want to sell a guitar that you've had so long? You must have made the guitar "yours" after 44 years and you must have been happy with it for you to keep it that long! It would be like selling a member of your family, still your guitar, your choice, good luck but I think you will regret it.
  12. Bill, Jimmy Page used a Violin bow, I shudder to think what your using.
  13. IanHenry


    That's a very pretty little guitar, enjoy it Pip!
  14. IanHenry


    Very nice indeed, congratulations.
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