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  1. IanHenry


    Wow that's a stunning top!
  2. My favourite guitar is my 2014 R8, however the one that I almost always gravitate towards when I play any gig's is my 2008 Classic Antique pictured. The guitar that I regret not buying is a Custom shop Paul Kossoff VOS Les Paul which was without doubt the best guitar I've ever played but sadly I was at an eventful junction in my life so spending that much on a guitar was out of the question.
  3. Don't forget Keith Richards played one in the 60's (I think)
  4. Congratulations, that really is a nice example🙂
  5. The Gibson logo on the headstock looks like a transfer which it shouldn't be if it was a Les Paul Standard. Let's hope, as Pippy says you can get a refund.
  6. It's a bit like Wales then🙂
  7. Thanks for posting this Rabs, quite an interesting film.
  8. Thanks everyone. The colour is actually called Buttercream. Ian
  9. After always playing Gibson's and saying that I'd never get a Fender, I suddenly got a yearning for a Stratocaster, so I went out and tried a few. I eventually decided that I liked the made in Mexico Player Strat which is the cheapest one in the Fender range. I'm particularly impressed by the build quality and playability, it's perfectly set up straight from the shop and it shocks me to say it, but the quality is flawless and better than my Custom shop R8! I can't ever see me gigging it, I'll stick with what I'm used to live.
  10. What mindless morons would do this: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/vandals-smash-graves-of-war-heroes-before-d-day-commemoration/ar-AACxfWn?ocid=spartanntp Shocking! Ian
  11. Steady on Rct, don't do anything rash😲 Ian
  12. Brave Men, everyone of them. They were interviewing one British veteran on TV, and the interviewer called him a hero and the bloke replied "I'm not a hero, the hero's are all dead". We owe them a lot. Ian
  13. Hi, the cracks on your guitar look pretty deep to me, almost certainly all the way through the timber. The good news is that almost any skilled wood worker wo works on furniture should be able to repair the crack and make it stable, however if you want if you want the finish repairing to conceal the damage ever happened you will need a good luthier used to working with those finishes. The repair itself shouldn't cost much, it's just a case of working some PVA glue into the cracks and (very carefully) clamping it up. I think Gibson will charge you a lot more than a good local bloke. Good luck, Ian
  14. The bloke next to him looks to be playing (a Heritage I think) with the strings upside down.
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