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  1. There's an album out shortly featuring previously unreleased Gary Moore material. I'm always a bit sceptical when they find recordings like this because there's probably a good reason why it was never released but listening to this sample track, I'm thinking it sounds pretty good although the riff sounds like an amalgamation of Still Got The Blues and another GM track which I can't bring to mind the name of. Unmistakably Gary though, I think I'll be buying it.
  2. Found this on YouTube, Stone the Crows featuring the great Maggie Bell. She always makes me think she's like a female Stevie Marriot. Jimmy McCulloch on guitar who went on to play with Wings.
  3. I believe the lack of F-holes does lead to less feedback, as regards sound I'm not so sure, I've only ever played two, back to back, one was great the other was horrible so I'd say it varies from guitar to guitar.
  4. Very nice indeed. I've always liked 345's, they always make me think of Bill Nelson & Be Bop Deluxe.
  5. You could contact Gibson's Customer Service, they're usually quite helpful. If the bridge pickup is to hot you could always lower it a bit.
  6. I have no experience with a Flying V but I'd strongly recommend Hercules stand's, I have a couple like those: Hercules Stands - GS412B PLUS which I'd have thought would be suitable for a Flying V.
  7. I'm very envious, have a good time.
  8. Hi, welcome to the forum. Though I'm not a bass player myself, I would suggest that any light gauge strings for the major manufacturer's will suit your needs. Look at Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop, Rotosound & D'addario. I think D'addario are always a safe bet.
  9. Congratulations on the new guitar Pinch, it certainly looks the part and thanks for the review.
  10. I once read that a famous musician (could have been Bernie Marsden, but I'm not sure) put stickers on his guitar cases so that his daughter would have some idea of the value's and for his 59 Burst simply put "think the price of a nice house".
  11. Yes Brad, I agree with you on that. I saw them when they toured the album, I'd never heard of them until then but my friends and I would go and watch any band who's name looked interesting, but you could go and see bands for about £1.50 (about $2 I guess). I went to watch them again a year or two later and they were like a different band, all leather & studs. Not much interest to me then, however I do like their version of Diamonds & Rust.
  12. Very nice, too good an opportunity to refuse.🙂
  13. Way back in the 70's Judas Priest used to be a very good rock band.
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