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  1. Found this on Youtube and I thought I'd share it. Sadly Styx didn't have very much success here in the U.K, I think they deserved more.
  2. I don't know about the Steve Ford one but here's the ISBN number fort Bernie's book: SBN 10: 0008356556 ISBN 13: 9780008356552. I've no idea why there's two. Here's the book on Bernie's site: Where’s My Guitar?: An Inside Story of British Rock and Roll - Signed Edition | Bernie Marsden
  3. I'm patiently awaiting the delivery of: Where's My Guitar? An Inside Story of British Rock and Roll by Bernie Marsden, which is, so I'm told highly recommended.
  4. No, I don't think I'd part with it, but sadly you couldn't really use it for a pub gig and thinking about it, I probably couldn't afford the insurance premium😆
  5. It seems Bernie is selling off some of his collection and there's some interesting guitars on offer. He's not selling his 59 "Beast" Les Paul though. https://issuu.com/gardinerhoulgate/docs/gardiner_houlgate_guitar_catalogue/64
  6. Juliana, I suspect someone more knowledgeable than I will post a better estimate of what the value of the guitar is, but I think it's of an age where some would class it as a "vintage" instrument and as it ages the value will only appreciate. I hope someone with more understanding of values helps with this, but don't forget different country's markets have different values, it's supply and demand. The guitar certainly looks very nice! Good luck
  7. Hello Buckfish, welcome to the forum. The choice between the 50's and 60's models are a very personal thing, the best thing you can do is to go and play a few. The 50's model has lower output pickups (like you'd find on 50's PAF's) and a chunkier neck. The 60's one has hotter, more modern sounding pickups and a slimmer neck. My personal choice would be the 50's, but it's not my guitar, it's yours.
  8. Hello Juliana, and welcome to the forum. It's a little difficult to answer you question without seeing it, could you post pictures?
  9. IanHenry


    Congratulations RCT, Fenders Mexican products are really outstanding now.
  10. So just to be clear, does this mean you won't be buying one?😀
  11. Sorry to hear that but I guess you win some & you lose some.
  12. Guitarist magazine in the UK have just done a review of Cream T pickups (the Billy Gibbons ones) and they were very favourable about them. Might be worth a look. https://www.creamtpickupsdirect.com/
  13. IanHenry

    Oasis tone

    Hi Henry and welcome to the forum, I don't have personal experience of this guitar but I can't imagine that you'd have any problems achieving the Oasis sound, however I think your choice of amplifier may have a bigger impact on it than the guitar.
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