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  1. Interesting Andertons video comparing Custom Shop 58 reissue to a Tom Murphey aged 58.
  2. Hi Michael, All the 335's from that period came with a "Gibson Custom" certificate and with "Custom" on the case but they were built in the now defunct Memphis factory and are not "Custom Shop" guitars. This is something that comes up quite frequently and causes confusion for obvious reasons. If the seller is claiming it's a "Custom Shop", he either doesn't know his guitar or he's being slightly economical with the truth. Of course non of this is important if it really is a great 335, but it's something you should know before parting with your cash.
  3. Retirement looks very appealing when your working but it's not all it's cracked up to be, sure you can do what you like when you like, you can have plenty of hobby's and interests to keep you occupied but when all is said and done you become an irrelevance, you change from someone people need and relay upon and become a nobody. As Mutha's uncle says "eh, what we gonna do after?" basically your going to wait around till you die. Given the choice again I wouldn't rush into retirement.
  4. What if it sticks to the Nitro? I wouldn't risk it, just play it and let it sort itself out in it's own time. My J15 just gets better and better with time and playing, I have to say the J15 has "developed" more than any acoustic that I've ever had.
  5. Welcome to the forum Fran. Nice collection of guitars, but I think you need a few more amp's 😄
  6. I think if you turned up for a gig with one of those, you'd be digging your own grave professionally.😀
  7. Personally, in a gigging situation or at least the gig's that I play I don't think anyone in the audience would notice any difference between an Epiphone or a Gibson Custom shop Les Paul and I doubt very much if they will hear any difference in a live environment. I don't think anyone would care either. Having said that, if I had an Epiphone Les Paul and someone wanted to do a straight exchange, I wouldn't say no. That's Humans for you, a fickle species.
  8. Welcome to the forum BuckFlicks, and congratulations on the new guitar, I hope you enjoy it. Also you won't get "Don't you know anything?" on this forum, everyone here will help you.
  9. Great to hear your happy with your new guitar, hope you enjoy it for a long time to come.🙂
  10. Is the price a typing error? If not you would have to be insane to pay that.
  11. Sadly we have lost another great guitarist, not from the world of rock this time but the classical world. https://www.classical-music.com/news/guitarist-julian-bream-dies/ RIP Julian.
  12. I hope you enjoy this, it looks awesome.
  13. Irish Girl, I think it may be worth your while e-mailing this chap and asking his opinion: http://www.es-335.org/ (He knows a lot about those guitars) and yes as Jdgm has already pointed out this guitar is worth a lot of money.
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