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  1. Everyone needs a laugh in those grim times😁
  2. Sorry to here this Kidblast, I hope everything works out for you. On a positive note, it's great that know one was injured, "stuff" can be replaced unlike people.
  3. In those dark (& boring) times, I found myself looking at guitar lessons on YouTube and was transfixed with this one:
  4. Congratulations, great guitar and great wife!
  5. Oh Paul, your in the U.K! There seems to be quite a few 339's for sale on e-bay. I'd be wary of the "Custom Shop" moniker, as far as I know all 339 & 335's were made in the Memphis factory not the Custom shop. It's just something Gibson chose to do for some strange reason.
  6. Hi Gremlyng, The photo of the fret board clearly shows that the nibs are missing so it's probably had a re-fret, i'd pass on that one if I was in your shoe's unless it's particularly cheap.
  7. I can't understand why everyone is hording loo roles, people seem to be obsessed with them, for the most part the virus causes problems at the other end, if it gets to that end you'll be in hospital anyway, what are you going to do, take your stash of loo roles with you?
  8. Wow, what a voice, I nearly fell off my chair when she first started😁
  9. And an ES345 should not have any inlays on the first fret. It's obviously a fake, I'd report it to Gibson to try and stop any other people being fooled by this.
  10. Hi Nick, Welcome to the forum. I think this site is always a good place to find information on anything "ES", but the chap who runs it is only really interested in vintage example (he is a dealer), but always interesting and entertaining: http://www.es-335.org/ Good luck with your hunt
  11. This is an interesting film highlighting the differences from year to year:
  12. Hi Philby, welcome to the forum. In my experience most Les Pauls have their own characteristics and I think this is especially the case with the Custom shop re-issues (as was certainly the case with the original 50's ones). The other thing that I feel is massively overlooked is the influence the amp has on the tone. Glad to hear that your enjoying yours. What year is your R8?
  13. I think my 335 is a great guitar and is without doubt the most versatile guitar that I have, it has a very "woody" sound to it that sets it apart from a Les Paul. I have no doubt that you will be satisfied once you have a 335/345/355. Regarding the price, I really can't help you very much because I'm not very familiar with US prices (I'm in the UK) but converting it into pounds that works out at roughly £1771, so it's probably not far off if it's in good condition, but I would suggest looking on Reverb to get an idea of how much they sell for in the US. The very best of luck, Ian
  14. For all things ES335/345 & 355, this chap knows his stuff: http://www.es-335.org/
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