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  1. Ed, from a conversation that I had with one of the Gibson Virtual Tech's all Custom Buckers are unpotted and always have been. Regarding the difference's between a R8 & R9, as far as I'm aware are the neck size and the figured tops (and a lot more money!) but it's certainly not uncommon to find a R8 with a slimmer neck and highly figured top as each one is indevidual and yours certainly looks a beauty. It seems that there is a small difference between a real 58 and a 59 which is explained by Burst collector Phil Harris in this video (at about 1:25) Regards, Ian
  2. It's all going to get so much worse when it all kicks off between China and Taiwan, which at the moment is looking increasingly likely given China's belligerent attitude. Obviously this isn't going to effect Gibson directly but certainly Epiphone. Given that the South China sea is one of the Worlds main supply route's, I'd imagine it's going to have a knock on effect on everything, so if you want to buy any cheap Chinese rubbish you'd better get it quick.
  3. So sorry to hear this, RIP Dave.
  4. Leo, I'm guessing that what you've done is similar to what Danish Pete (From the Anderton's YouTube channel) did to his guitar: I hope you can rectify it!
  5. I sympathise with you on this, for a product at any price to arrive in that condition is pretty poor. Thankfully Gibson's customer service department are being helpful to you, so that's the way to go, I'm sure you'll get the guitar you want (and paid a lot of money for!) if you persevere. I know the Murphy Lab have employed a different type of finish for their guitars and there has been unforeseen problems with it after people have had their guitar a short while but sending one out from the factory in that condition is just not on. Good luck with the next one.
  6. Sadly Alan Lancaster, the original Bass player with Status Quo has passed away. I'm guessing that the majority of members of this forum aren't very familiar with Status Quo, but in the U.K they've had over sixty top forty hit during their long career. Alan always looked more like a truck driver than a rock star but he always had an undeniable "presence" on stage. Alan left Status Quo during their heyday in 1985 and moved to Australia, however the band did have a reunion of the original members in about 2013. Here's some film of that reunion: RIP Alan
  7. Jojo, there's a very good series of video's by Gibson's Master Luthier Jim DeCola on Youtube, just search "gibson TV setup and you'll find them. Alternatively you can contact Gibson via their "Virtual Guitar Tech" service (I think in your position I'd do this first): Gibson | Virtual Guitar Tech Service As Kidblast has suggested make sure you use only compatible guitar polish like Gibson Pump Polish because some types of polish can harm the nitro finish. It really doesn't look like it needs much work then it's ready to be enjoyed 🙂 p.s I've just noticed there's an icon at the top of this page for Gibson TV, click on that and scroll down to find the set-up series.
  8. There's not much wrong with the guitar as it is, the finish on that model is supposed to be satin, anything else is just part of the guitars "character". All it needs is a good clean and a set-up.
  9. A very nice nice R8 there Ed, congratulations. I think you've now got Guitar acquisition syndrome😄
  10. "Put it on the washing machine every time you wash clothes" I used to know a Girl who did that, she always looked forward to wash day😊
  11. Congratulations Ed, I'm glad that you took the plunge🙂
  12. The idea of playing music too guitars is an interesting one, because when I was looking for a classical guitar I discovered a Japanese manufacture called K Yairi, and I read somewhere that once completed all Yairi guitars are put into a room where they played music to them for a few days. I haven't been able find where I discovered this but here's the company's website> K. Y a i r i E u r o p e
  13. I'm guessing it's a reference to the weight of the guitar. The guitar sounds pretty good to me.
  14. Hi Eg, Guitarist magazine here in the U.K did a review on the new Les Paul Junior (Murphy Lab) a couple of months ago (issue 474) where they compared it to an original 1957 example that they own and they give it a very favourable review. I hope that helps.
  15. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come😊
  16. This is exactly right. As they say, there's two things in life that are certainties, Taxes & Death. Personally, I believe that when you die you simply return to the state you were in before you were born.
  17. Buy a new guitar😄
  18. Charlie will be missed, in my opinion one of the top four drummers in rock, alongside Ginger Baker, John Bonham and Cozzy Powell. RIP Charlie, and thanks for everything.
  19. Guitarist magazine has done a review of the new LesPaul Deluxe. They've given a great write-up, and point out that this isn't a "reissue" more of an inspired by tribute (no pancake body for example). There's none of that muddiness that you can sometimes find with the neck pickup on a paf style humbucker. One interesting point is the weight of their example, 9.77ib for the guitar but when combined with the new style case it weighs in at 22.8lb so you'd better hope you haven't go a long walk from your van to the stage otherwise your going to need arms like a Russian shot putter. I like it.
  20. The brothers were amongst the most influential artist in the history of rock 'n' music, and I don't believe they have ever been been awarded the credit they deserve. RIP Don.
  21. One of my favourites is the intro, to Miranda by the band Hustler, played by Micky Llewellyn on a Flying V. Hustler only released two albums and I think their biggest claim to fame was supporting Queen on their 1974 tour, I also know that Queen were big fans of the band. I really doubt anyone on this forum has ever heard of Hustler, but the track is well worth a listen:
  22. Yes, but they are "giving" you free delivery😆
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