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  1. I think my 335 is a great guitar and is without doubt the most versatile guitar that I have, it has a very "woody" sound to it that sets it apart from a Les Paul. I have no doubt that you will be satisfied once you have a 335/345/355. Regarding the price, I really can't help you very much because I'm not very familiar with US prices (I'm in the UK) but converting it into pounds that works out at roughly £1771, so it's probably not far off if it's in good condition, but I would suggest looking on Reverb to get an idea of how much they sell for in the US. The very best of luck, Ian
  2. For all things ES335/345 & 355, this chap knows his stuff: http://www.es-335.org/
  3. All 335's made during that period came with a certificate and "Custom" on the case, my 2010 has it, but it was not made in the Custom Shop, it was made at the Memphis factory so the Custom aspect of it is a little misleading. Of course if you are selling then it becomes a Custom😉
  4. I played a 2015 Trad (I think it was labelled "Sprint Run" or something like that, it was a very nice guitar and the build quality was exceptional.
  5. Quite an old thread. The 59 Tribute pickups are IMO some of the best pickups that Gibson have produced in recent years, only fitted on the 2014 and the unpopular 2015 Trads. It was after hearing one that I searched for a new old stock 2014 & I wouldn't part with it, I would even go so far as too say the build quality and timbers on my Trad are at least as good and maybe better than my Custom shop R8 of similar vintage.
  6. This is an age old question, people have argued about it for as long as I've been using guitar forums! Here's my take on it. I have four Les Pauls two weight relieved (2008 Classic Antique & 2011 Studio 60's Tribute) and two solid (2014 Trad & 2014 58 Reissue). All four guitars have different characteristics, but if they didn't I would never have bought them all, but don't forget two identical guitars cab be vastly different otherwise we'd just buy them online, there would be no point in playing as many as possible would there? Do I think the weight relief makes any difference? No, not really, maybe a little, but that's all part of the character of the individual guitar, I buy the one that I like, I wouldn't pass up on any guitar because it was/wasn't weight relived.
  7. Our current Prime Minster plays guitar with a capo on (I know I've posted this pic before, but it always makes me chuckle).
  8. IanHenry

    ES 335

    Very nice, you must be a very happy chappy😀
  9. Very wise I think. Nice guitar😉
  10. Sadly no, I have to rely on re-issues. Actually I don't think I'd want a real Burst, I'd never take it out to gigs, I'd be scared of it getting stolen or damaged.
  11. Oh, dear me, It's like the worst drunken Karaoke😲
  12. All 335's came with the certificate and Custom shop case during that period (I don't know if they still do), my 2010 ES335 has them, which was bought new and was never sold to me as "Custom Shop". Also, I'm no expert (there are others on here far more knowledgeable than myself) but I don't believe the P90 is actually a 335, I think it's called something like a 330 but I'd check that. Good luck
  13. So, to sum all this up, do you like R9's?
  14. Guitarnerd, what happened to your town?
  15. I think that I also would keep the two guitars. Re-issues are very nice but I'm guessing that your two LP's will have completely different characteristic's so you would lose some versatility. I also think it's all to easy to be seduced by a brand new shinny guitar. Your call at the end of the day.
  16. Good luck mate, sounds like you've got it covered though!
  17. ES 335, whatever you play on it, it always feels right.
  18. Does anyone actually watch this kind of award show? I can't stand them, all those 'celebrities' patting each other on the back. p.s please don't send Sharon Osborn back!
  19. Some people really aren't very nice.
  20. Microfiber cloth can be harsh on a polished surface just use a cotton one. Gibson Pump Polish a couple of times a year will do the trick, it also adds a little lacquer to the surface.
  21. Digger, I whish we could send you some of our rain, we've got way to much of the bloody stuff! Keep your chin up😊
  22. Good luck Digger, I hope everything works out ok for you.
  23. Yes, merry Christmas everyone.
  24. This is absolutely correct, my Les Pauls are split 50% Weight relived and 50% solid, it makes no difference, only some of them make me look like Quasimodo at the end of a gig!
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