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  1. Thank You for all the kind comments. The seller first listed it for $1500 OBO then lowered it to $1200 OBO after a couple of weeks. I guess he had no bites, there isn't much of a market here for higher end guitars . After talking to him for awhile I got the impression he just wanted to see it go to someone who could appreciate it for being in such mint condition which I do. It plays perfect and has a thin/flat feeling neck that I find very comfortable .
  2. Yeah, I don't mind it like it is , we'll see .
  3. Thank You ! I couldn't be any happier with it other than when I get pickup covers for it.
  4. Thought I was over it but the first guitar I bought was a 79 or 80 Cort Flying V and I 've always wanted a real one. This came up for sale literally a 5 minute drive from home , 2012 67 reissue mint condition , $1200 CAN. O.B.O. Looked it over, yep mint , talked guitars for a few minutes , offered him $1100, he says" just give me $1000 ($790 US) ,that will be fine".😲 Glad I went to check it out . Cant seem to get pic to load. https://imgur.com/a/MZXUc2M
  5. I think it' cracking due to shrinkage . The cracks under the bridge look to have started at the string pin holes which is not uncommon .
  6. I've been thinking about trying these in a Squire partscaster build I' doing . Under $100 US a set . https://www.riverpickups.com/home
  7. My dad's 1951 ES 300 (now my brother's) is the first guitar I played . It too needs knobs as 1 of the original got lost due to the post hole deterioration causing a loose fit. The remaining 2 were damaged from glue being used to keep them on . I looked for the original style, can't find them anywhere . They are deep barrel knobs (gold) with no set screw or splines . I drilled out some Les Paul knobs to fit but had to touch up the paint after drilling. I used black knobs to make color match up easy . Not ideal but they worked .
  8. The weirdest experience at a concert for me was 6 years ago at a Cheap Trick show at a local casino . After the show , I was in the washroom washing my hands when I heard someone behind me say " That was a great show tonight " Thinking a member of Cheap Trick was in there . I turned around and saw a guy standing there (not a band member) I looked at the guy at the sink beside me and he looked puzzled also . Then the guy behind me says " You guys sounded really good tonight " . I looked at him again and asked "Are you talking to me" ? He says yes and repeats the compliment . I told him I wasn
  9. Nice ! If I were to get another LP or any Gibson for that matter(and if price wasn't a factor ,they list for $5400 up here in Canada)it would be one of these , with a late 60's style Flying V a close second . My first electric was a Cort set neck V and I kinda always wanted a real one still almost 40 years latter😊
  10. I also saw him as John Cougar backing up Heart in 82 at Castle Farms Music Theater in Charlevoix Mi.($12.00 ) Did'nt even know who he was at the time but he was great . Never really got into his music though.
  11. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

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  12. R.E.O. Speedwagon - You Get What You Play For Bob Seeger - Live Bullet
  13. I don,t know what's more amazing . The fact it was returned after so long or that it was not played much if at all . CBC News
  14. Sad to hear. R.I.P. Ed Sun News Link
  15. I would just get genuine Gibson parts if you want to be sure. Here's a link to a site in Canada . ( - 20% for U.S. prices) https://www.long-mcquade.com/?page=departments&DepartmentsID=113&FilterBrand=237
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