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  1. a dreadnaught with an OM depth would be interesting. Anyone know what type of Walnut it is?
  2. My WL-14X Tbar(#56) is my dessert island guitar. Mine has an Adi top on it too :D Love the MASSIVE V neck and the resonance.
  3. I googled Kopp guitars and this image came up. I'd be choked if someone was using my headstock design....
  4. I googled Kopp guitars and this image came up. I'd be choked if someone was using my headstock design....
  5. Does it have a narrow neck? I love those birds with narrow necks... If you want to part with her, and would be interested in a trade..... let me know please...........
  6. I got this beauty a week ago. However, I had a crazy work schedule and today is the first day I am actually spending some time with my new AJ. The specs are; • Adirondack Red Spruce top with Bhilwara Rosewood back and sides • Trance Amulet M • Amberburst • Gold vintage open-back tuners She sounds great. though my Bhilwara back and sides look like EIRW, it sounds more like RW than Hog. Ren Ferguson has said that this tonewood sound somewhere between RW and Hog, but to me it's way more RW than Hog. This is the first time for me to play an AJ, it sounds like a balanced HD-28 with Gibson's thumpy-ness. I'll get some good pictures later but here's a phone picture for now. one concern I have is, it came with really no documents. just a hang tag that says that it's gone through QC. As a customshop instrument, shouldn't it come with a COA and a gold pamphlet that says "American Made" and such? By the way, I purchased from an authorized dealer and the dealer didn't know of such paperwork and told me to contact Gibson directly....
  7. Wow, look at that burst on the AJ and maybe a Jackson Browne?
  8. Aaaaaand..... They still can't do the burst right... Their amber tone guitars look great but a nice burst? Just can't do it...
  9. OWF, You'd like this one.... http://theunofficialmartinguitarforum.yuku.com/topic/162113/Chris-Martin-with-a-17-jumbo-prototype-at-NAMM-really
  10. I went to a local L&M store and played a Northen J45. I've never been a fan of RW J45's but this one had to be one of the best guitars I've ever played. If the price tag didn't push $3k after taxes, I would've brought it home...
  11. I saw one of these way back when I bought my J45 in Winnipeg. It was very used but not abused. Priced at $1800. I was tempted but it didn't sound all that well, almost sounded like there was a loose brace.
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