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  1. Here are mine. The last two are Epi's but no one specified.
  2. Is this it? I think it is a '67 and he is playing Red House?
  3. Yeah I have a friend who had one of those amp heads. Great tonal options and lower watt options but really pricey. I think it's worth it if you feel you gotta have all the options. My Orange amp head sounds like a different amp now I have replaced the Chinese tubes with JJ tubes. peace Bro keep on rockin!! Rewd
  4. Hey Tom, What's happening? Yeah most people don't realize that 5W can put out some volume. My Orange goes down to 7W and I still can't crank it full without ear damage. Peace Bro Keep on Rockin!!
  5. Hey Tom, What's happening? I think my Marshall sounds the best over all but it is louder than all heck so I use my Orange Dual terror most often (I replaced the Chinese tubes with some JJ long plate tubes, sounds a lot better for what I play) and it comes in a close second. A lot depends on the type of music you play. I play mostly 70's and 80's hard rock and blues rock. Some stuff might be considered metal but that term wasn't being used much in the 70's. I prefer tube amps over solid state amps but they cost more and are more expensive to maintain ala(tubes etc.) and you must warm them up for a few minutes before playing. It's worth it to me tho. I hope that helps for now. Let me know what you are considering and I'll see if I can help further. Peace Bro Rewd
  6. I think someone mentioned in this thread that the single coils SG3's would have to be routed to fit standard humbuckers. Possibly you can find some Fender humbuckers that are made with the coils stacked on top of each other and will fit into the routed cavities.
  7. I know what you mean about the necks. It's definately different when you start out on a slim tapered neck and go to the SG3. The SG3 is still a very playable neck. I have seen bigger on some Les Pauls to where I almost can't play them. lol My axcess is not quite as chunky as my SG3 but it by no means is as slim as a 60's style neck. It might be some kind of hybrid. The axccess is perfect for 70's and 80's style hard rock and some so-called metal songs. I wish I could get that 70's tribute SG with a Floyd Rose trem. I would be making payments on one right now. lol Later Dude, Keep on Rockin in the Free world. Rewd
  8. Hey Tom, A belated Happy New Year to you also! That Tog pot sounds interesting. I have never used one before but is better than just a 3 way switch. The neck is going to be exactly like on my flying V. I think the 61 reissues had the 60's slim tapered neck. They are fast necks and the finishes resemble my V too. Those type of finishes don't get sticky on the neck so your thumb just glides up and down it. You also gotta like the 24 frets. The price is almost at custom level though. Like I said I am not a big fan of the Bigsby. Its an oversized one trick pony. The trem arm can get in your way if you like to strum like Jimmy Page and it doesn't go into tension which limits what you can do with it. So I guess the price and the Bigsby would stop me personally from getting one. Here's some different pics of my Les Paul axcess and my Schecter V hope they are of better quality. I know they are not SG3's but thought you might like to see. Any be cool and Keep on Rockin Bro Rewd.
  9. Hey Tom, Merry Christmas! Here's one in lime green. Available in Lime Burst, cobalt, orange and red fade. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SGDXLICB-13?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_campaign=none&gclid=CKjSq5jOtrQCFStgMgod6ggAsQ I like most of this guitar. I am not a big fan of the bigsby tremelo as far as playing but asthetically it looks great! The only other thing I am not big on is the 3 way selector switch I prefer the 6 way rotary like on ours. other than that everything else is tip top.
  10. Hey Tom, What's happening? Things are good still banging on my guitars. If you get a chance check out the 70's tribute SG guitar for 2013. Pretty cool! 24 frets, Dirty Finger pups and comes in ebony, red and sunburst for $899. Only drag is a HS case is seperate but still a nice buy. Man I am getting serious GAS for this. Well hope all is well. Merry Christmas to everyone on Gibson blog! Rewd.
  11. What's up my rockin bros. Here's a pic of my Schecter V with Blackout pups, ebony FB, grover tuners, 24 frets, speed tapered neck and FR trem.
  12. Here's my Les Paul Custom Axcess Gun Metal Grey With 496R/498T pups.
  13. Hey Tom What's up Bro? How are things? Good I hope! Funny how things work out. Just as I thought I was in the position to have to sell my beloved SG3 things turn around. I will be keeping her after all. I also had the opportunity to trade my Epiphone Custom SG EX for a mint 2010 Schecter ATX Blackjack flying V with a Floyd Rose. Its an awesome metal shredder. Slim tapered satin neck, ebony FB, 24 frets, Grover tuners and all Mahogany It's Black satin color with aged triple binding. The guitar was made in Korea and assembled in USA. It has the Seymour Duncan Blackouts which I like much more than EMG's just a personal taste thing. I happened to be in the local guitar store when the kid and his mother brought it in. He had gotten it for Christmas and only played it a few times but he doesn't like the V shape for playing. He prefers to sit and play alot apparently. Anyhoo I think it's a good buy for $400. I'll post some pics whenever I get my camera away from my daughter. LOL Peace Bro and Keep On Rockin!! P.S. here's some info on the guitar a pic of a white one is at bottom of page http://www.schecterguitars.com/Products/Guitar/Blackjack-ATX-V-1-FR.aspx
  14. Hey Tom its been a while. hope all is well. Here's a link to a used 07' SG3. I think the description is a little deceptive and the price a little high. I need to keep an eye on it. If it sells it gives me an approx. selling price for mine. i am at a crossroads and may have to sell one of my guitars. I hope things change and I get to keep her. check it out and let me know what you think. Rewd. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251012337285&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en
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