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  1. Here are mine. The last two are Epi's but no one specified.
  2. I would check out the 5 watt varieties now being offered by most makers of tube amps for home use. I have an Orange Dual Terror and at 7 1/2 watts it can get real loud for home use and 15 watts no way I can crank it up at home and not get my ears ringing so bad it almost hurts and irritates my neighbor too. The 30 Watt mode just needs to be for flat out stage or gigging. I am just running thru an Orange 1 x 12 ext. Cab. its even louder thru my 2 x 12 cab. LOL
  3. Is this it? I think it is a '67 and he is playing Red House?
  4. Congrats on your new guitar! Gotta love you some Dirty Fingers. I have them on one of my guitars. They are great. Sound sweet on low volume clean and when you crank up the gain and distortion they are monsters. Best all around pups in my opinion. Like I always say you can always tame down a hot pickup and get great sounds and tone but you cannot take a tame pickup and make it hotter. lol As far as your pickups. You have the exact same pup in the neck as in the bridge. The pup is sold as both a neck and bridge pickup. The tonal variance is all due to its position on the guitar. http://store.gibson.com/dirty-fingers-pickup/ Peace Bro and have fun with your new axe. Rewd
  5. For people that know the difference how would you describe the neck profile on an axcess standard not the Alex Lifeson model? 50's style, Hybrid or 60's style. Thanks Rewd.
  6. A Laney tube amp with your guitar playing through the bass input would get you the Sabbath sound more than an Iommi sig. guitar. Any guitar with hot pickups would sound close through the Laney. Rewd.
  7. [quote I'm sorry I tried to watch those vids as painful as it was and there was no reference to 57 classic pups as far as I can tell. I know a lot of people like the 490r/490t pups in their Les Pauls because they are not overly hot pups. Check the output chart below for Gibson pickups: http://www.gibson.com/Files/_gear/datasheets/Pickup_Guide.pdf Hope this helped Rewd
  8. I don't know who you have been talking to but a 57 Classic plus pup has relatively the same output as a 490t pup. If anything the edge goes to the 57 classic plus as being hotter and just slightly while that is the bridge pup for the 57 classic setup. If you want hotter you need to go to a 498t or to one of the ceramic mag pups.
  9. Yeah I have a friend who had one of those amp heads. Great tonal options and lower watt options but really pricey. I think it's worth it if you feel you gotta have all the options. My Orange amp head sounds like a different amp now I have replaced the Chinese tubes with JJ tubes. peace Bro keep on rockin!! Rewd
  10. Hey Tom, What's happening? Yeah most people don't realize that 5W can put out some volume. My Orange goes down to 7W and I still can't crank it full without ear damage. Peace Bro Keep on Rockin!!
  11. Rewddawg


    Congrats on your new guitar! She's a beauty for sure. You gotta love the 25 1/2" scale. That's all I played for years and when I switched to my Gibsons it was just a tiny bit awkward at first. Happy NGD!! Rewd
  12. Thanks Willy. I don't know if the people that wrote the article are just trying to sell capacitors or are trying to drum up business in repairs or whatever but they make it sound like that if you put in orange drop caps that your guitar will have this new tone to die for and oip caps will make your guitar sound like a guitar from the late 50's etc. That's why I came to you guys because my local guitar shop does not have a true luthier and I would have to drive about 100 miles to find one. You guys have always been knowledgeable and steered my in the right direction. You know how it gets you play the same guitars for years and tweak your amps and effects. Then you start wondering if your guitar can be tweaked for optimal sound (I play mostly hard rock and some older metal. Thanks Again Rewd
  13. Thanks for the input people. I read an article on capacitors and it said caps could drastically change your sound. I also have read inputs from several luthiers who agree with what you people are saying. I guess I'll just leave my guitar as is for now. No need to fix what isn't broken. lol Thanks Rewd
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