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  1. I even go over the top of the stop piece on the tuneomatic on my LP.just been a habit for many years.I dig all the different bridges you put pictures of (thanks) but I must be lucky my intonation is good on my MM.
  2. My dad was a photographer in Korea and flew a few times with john Land the inventor of the land camera.i have a video he did with the Smithsonium institute telling stories of his Korean experinces it's as funny as any episode as MASH.Guess thats why he liked the show so much.
  3. I dont want a pat on the back i just wanted to say it felt good to me to do just a small thing for my dad,Lets not get carried away about war or the thread will disappear. Lets just say the troops need every bit of support we can give them,after all they are human beings.
  4. JaylinLA I couldnt agree with you more,I dont like or think we should be the worlds police but thee troops need something to do with their down time.As i shipped the box i thought of the episode of MASH where the biggest thing a soldier could have was a harmonica.I just thought I would be very happy if a soldier got some enjoyment out of the harmonicas.I would have felt so guilty selling them when my dad was in the Korean war and I know its what he would want to do with them.I used to play a lot of diatonic many years ago and loved me some James Cotton, 100% cotton I could play most of the alb
  5. No custom i have a 2014 LP studio hot rod and all it says about the fretboard is composite fretboard. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Studio-Hot-Rod.aspx
  6. I ment it as they just dont take only guitars but other musical instrumennts.
  7. When my dad passed away my mom sent me all his smaller instruments.Dad played harmonica for the golden age harmonicat's so he had 5 very expensive Honer harmonicas and a few other brands.I couldnt in good conscience sell them even though the cromatic harmonicas were all worth around $600.00 plus. (I didnt know how expensive they were) I play the regular marine band and blues harp but the cromatics are in the hundreds of dollars.Also I sent from my dad a bunch of recorders and some steel and older wooden fifes and 2 flutes from 1900. I hope at least a soldier overseas gets some use from the har
  8. My LP says composite fretboard in the description,what does that mean?
  9. sweet LP,great color too,lets have more pictures,please
  10. Guess theres no discussion on weather or not to string the strings over or under the stop tail piece.
  11. I am cornholio, are you threatning me!I miss those dumb mindless guys.
  12. I dont think Ibanez made another 3 pu destroyer after the origional,there's plenty of destroyers with 2 pickups but a 3 pu I havent seen since I owned mine. I also never realized my 73 LP Deluxe had gold hardware until I started going through some old polaroids.I think that is strange and never would have thought they had gold hardware in a 73.Now that i know it i'm not happy i traded it for a 24ft pool.Is it worth any extra money because of the gold hrdware and is it very unusual especially on a deluxe.
  13. Sorry to hear about your carpel tunnel it can be miserable i hear.I don't have that but what i have is called Dupuytrens syndrome or celtic hand.It's where a few of my fingers start to bend inwards because a tendon in my hand shrinks.So far its only on my strumming hand (Right) and my ring finger so it dosent affect my playing much.It does hurt every now and then and i guess I should be happy it hasnt gotten worse or spread to my fretting hand and fingers.Hope if clears up with some visits to a doctor and with some physical therapy.
  14. I'm amazed how much that def leopard ibanez destroyer 3 pu guitar is going for now.i sold it for $600.00 to a music store a few years ago. Seems like some demand for the 3 pu version,I'm supprised Ibanez dosent make a retro one.
  15. Seems like I have two choices either get a subscription or read stuff on line, oops i forgot one other i could always switch my hobby to guns.I have never seen so magazines about automatic weapons or handguns in my life,even just the regular hunting magazines were few and far between. I do get something online called Premier guitar an online magazine, not a lot of info but some decent stuff.Maybe being 56 years old I'm used to holding an actual magazine in my hands and not on a computer. Are there still actual mag's to even get a subscription to like guitar player or guitar world but by doing
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