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  1. euclid

    Jet City amps

    I'm still on my new amp quest and I've tried out a number of low watt tube amps. I just tried out the 20watt all tube model and now I'm back to square one as to what amp to get. Price wise the Jet City is tough to beat. I like the simple one channel set up and the reverb on the combo didn't sound bad. Anyone on the forum own and or play though one?
  2. 1. Metallica- 2009 St. Petersburg Times Forum. 2. Megedeth- 2005 St. Petersburg Times Forum 3. Motorhead- 2005 Pinellas Park (1st annual and only Hellraisers Ball.)
  3. euclid

    Boss Tu-2

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the one pedal I will never play without. My Boss Tu-2. I've had it for over 5 years now and have had zero problems with it. My wife gave it to me as an early Christmas present because the band I was playing bass in at the time tuned down to C for several songs in our set and I didn't like taking a 2nd bass with me as we only did a 45-50 min set. I hated having to unplug and use the guitar players rack mounted tuner in between songs. I looked at a few different brands and decided that the Boss was the one for me. I have not regretted chosing the Boss. I know
  4. Very true. Humbucker Music is currently offering a $56 discount or rebate for a new Tiny Terror.
  5. euclid

    New SG day!!!

    Grats. Awesome color for and awesome guitar. SG's rule.
  6. If you want an even more stripped down guitar try the standard Melody Maker. I love mine.
  7. euclid


    Thats funny I have a similar thread going on the Gibson Lounge. IMO Orange amps rule. If you want a darker mid-low sound thats great for rock and some metal you cannot go wrong with an Orange. I myself am going to be getting a Tiny Terror 15 watt head asap IMO the best in the low watt all tube amp class.
  8. I agree they are pricey but you are not only paying for quality but brand name as well. The QC from my limited experience and from talking with other owners is very good on the Chinese made products. I don't really want to get into the pros and cons of foriegn made products here but if Orange were to produce the TT in Great Britian it would cost twice as much. They do make a hand-wired version of the TT. Orange is doing what a lot of other gear maker are doing and thats producing a good product and holding down the cost as much as possible allowing as many people as possible to own a quality p
  9. wow 78 views and no responses. I was kinda hoping the Gibson CEO would take a look at this post and then send me an SG JR LOL wishful thinking on my part. In all seriousness though I did see were Musicians Friend did sell this model till about around 07 maybe early 08 before it was discontinued and was hoping someone on the forum might have heard something to the effect that this model may be started up again.
  10. I really am looking forward to getting one and hopefully sooner rather then later.
  11. I got hooked on their sound about 6 years ago after seeing Fireball Ministry for the first time. The rhythm guitar player uses one and it looked like she was running very few if any effects. I was maybe 15 feet away from the stage so I heard the amp really good and could not help but be impressed with how great the amp sounded. Since I have noticed quite a few bands that are now using Orange amps which is not a bad thing. I also did a little digging and found out several other band I'm a big fan of have recorded and tour with Orange gear. So ive been listening to them for years and didn't know
  12. That they are hard to find. I'm gonna end up having to order one from Humbucker Music.
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