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  1. Saw them in concert with ozzy back around 84. They were completely drunk and put on a terrible show to be honest. Chuck Berry i saw a few years later and he rocked harder than they did, go figure.
  2. Neck breaks/cracks scare the crap out of me, it could be a money pit. A great project for a luthier, but a luthier i am not.
  3. Ive bought vintage gits before. i just try to stay away from electrics unless someone pulls the pickups, because there are many pitfalls to those. On fenders, you can have parts from 3 differet years even on a git thats never been modded. My last vintage was a Gibson j-50, it was totally unchanged other than a repaired crack, i mostly just like vintage gibsons and martins. I used to sell les pauls, i can tell fakes from the real, i just dont know the vintage les pauls. i wouldnt buy a vintage gibby for the collectible value, i buy for the tone and fun of owning an antique, so its ok if one thing here or there was replaced, a pickguard or a tuner etc. If i have any doubts i usually send pics here or the gibson lounge and people can usually spot fakes, if its a toss up in the comments, i dont buy. i actually did see one gibson a guy was selling at an estate sale he labeled a j-45 and i could tell from pictures its clearly a smaller size body like a lg-1 or something.
  4. I thought a re fret means they take the rosewood off piece by piece and replace it with new wood? i know the seperator of the frets is the metal wire, but isnt a refret replacing wood? am i missing something here?
  5. Oh crap, i just noticed it had a re fret. to me, that kinda kills it. The old frets were almost all brazillian rosewood werent they? The new frets are probably not, sigh.
  6. Love it! I had to sell my j-50 to pay some bills a year ago and dam ive been having severe gas for a nice hog, if you ever want to trade that for a les paul, let me know lol...
  7. I saw this used J-45 the seller claims is from 59 or 60. The bottom of the neck has a crack or break repair, and there are tons of wear signs on this guitar. I know to collectors, this git is trash, but i would want it for the tone, not the looks. I personally love beat up old Gibsons. Can anyone tell just by looking at the pictures if this might be unstable? Would you fork over 1600 for this? Im not keen on thick necks either, i rather hate them so i was hoping it was a 60 rather than 59, chunky does not feel comfortable in my hands. What do you guys think, would you consider this git or pass? https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/msg/d/portsmouth-vintage-gibson-j45/6784624066.html
  8. I used to gravitate towards rosewoods because of the volume, especially great for fingerpickin. My Taylor and Martin both have rosewood, tons of volume, tho admittedly more on D-28, but the 214 is shockingly good for a laminate and the profile of the cutaway is extremely comfortable. Ive heard people say Maple is a bright sounding tonewood, but the Dove does not sound bright to my ears, not at all. It sounds mellow, smooth, and balanced. When i said blows away, i meant for my particular taste. Ive been really missing my j-50, the guy who had it drilled a hole in it and when i asked to trade it back, wanted my bass amp, my les paul special, and wanted my taylor. When i had sold it to him for only 1k, he wanted 2500 worth of gear back, and this was after he drilled a hole in it!
  9. While i am not a fan of the tobacco colour, the sound of that Dove blows the Bird away here. Sure, the bird is loud and a cannon, but the subtle beauty of the Dove and its smooth, mellow feel just sounds like heaven to my ears.
  10. Eight bands, one song, and a truly unique cover from our brothers across the sea, well done lads, well done.
  11. Last year i got sick a couple weeks and couldnt work. During that time i had a choice of selling one of my acoustics, the taylor 214ce or the 1974 gibson j-50, i put both up for sale, but the Gibson sold quicker and i really needed the cash so i took it. Today, i am kicking myself. Taylors are a dime a dozen on craigslist for trade, but that Gibson was a sweet vintage strumming monster. I actually had a chance to re acquire it however, the new owner wanted my taylor, a les paul special AND my bass amp. Add to that, he drilled a hole in it to install a pickup. When i played it again, that hole did something to it, not the same woody tone i loved so much before. I declined the trade, because to me, that magic was gone, or at least enough to not overpay for. Even tho i can get it back, its just not quite the same any longer. Lesson learned, next time ill trade the modern git before the vintage, that was the coolest guitar i ever owned. Have tried multiple times to trade for another and even offering my lp standard for a 60s version, but no dice. Oh well, maybe ill try an original gibson gospel someday :)
  12. Nice Tele man! if you ever want to trade it, lol. I had a similar situation on Amazon but it was not a guitar purchase. Was buying the complete Dark Shadows Collection like 131 dvds all 5 seasons of the original gothic soap from 1966. I paid 300 for it, but when i got it i compared someone told me to check it was not a counterfeit. So, i did, sadly every telltale sign of it being fake turned out to be true, it was a fake and the fakes were known for several broken discs and lower picture quality. Asked the seller if i could send it back and get a refund, he begged me not to feedback bash him, he said he bought it at a flea market and had no idea it was a copy, he just asked give me good feedback and you can keep the set AND get your refund. I was skeptical, but he kept his word, after i left positive feedback i got my full 300 and i got the entire 131 dvds free! Only 1 dvd out of the entire set did not work, so i lucked out twice :) Here is a lil picture of it.
  13. Haha, i have good credit, i know how to manage it. But, sometimes gas takes over. I just paid off a 3500 dollar credit card, now only have a couple hundred on another before working on the last one. But, i keep seeing ads for Sweetwater gibsons in my web browser and the gas is overwhelming to get a Gibson Hummingbird. One of these days i will finally pull the trigger on one, i love gibson hog acoustics, midrange strummers is what they do best.
  14. Gibson, Martin and Fender have all gone up in the last 10 years like 20-30+ percent The Martin D16 rgt i bought for 1200 back then is like 1900 now. Fender did changed the names on many of their products so customers wont freak out over higher prices so instead of american deluxe tele, you get american elite, and to be honest, those new pickups are not that good, they're wayyyyyy too muddy for my taste. American standard is replaced by Professional too, at least the martin i bought can still be had with the same great quality. The new higher prices are pricing out a lot of guitar players, i wanted a j-200 but a new one is like 4000-6000 dollars!
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