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  1. This is supposed to be a 65 j-45 is this legit or fake? The pickguard is totally wrong and no inside tags???
  2. Well, it was my first vintage and if i can help it, ill never sell it. I traded guitars all the time, owned over 55, but for some reason, this one git i got an emotional attachment to it. But, when i broke up with my ex and went into financial ruin, i had to sell a bunch of things off.
  3. Yours is still a beauty, bet she still sings.
  4. I had a relationship end and got the short end of the stick financially, had to sell something fast. But, its great when you bring back an old friend isnt it? Hope you're enjoying the one you got back too, whatever it was.
  5. Two years ago i sold my 1974 Gibson j-50, and after a tough breakup and losing my shirt. i traded to get it back. Could have gotten any other but i wanted this particular one back it had the mojo, it had the magic and though i will wait 3 days to play it (airing it out due to Corona) i couldn't be happier to have it back in my arsenal. It's beat up, it's road worn, but oh the dry/warm tones that come out of this are a strummers paradise. Check my pictures.
  6. I have owned plenty of guitars that had both bone and tusq nuts and honestly, the difference is one makes your git sound a lil brighter and nother warmer. There is no such thing as "bone is always better" There is no "best nut" for everyone, i am firmly in the camp that each guitar is its own individual with its own unique tonal characteristics based on the many types of wood/combinations used. I have played Tusq nut gits that sounded good and some that sounded awful and conversely, ive played some bone nut Gibsons that sounded like a dying cow when people put bone nut in these vintage gits. But, one person's dying cow, its anothers treasure. With the hundreds if not thousands of wood combinations acoustics come with, i really don't believe there is a perfect nut for all, my opinion, others are free to disagree, but i just believe certain gits need a certain thing to give them the magic, if you found yours, keep it just the way it is! Just my2c Ps, let us know if you decide to keep, those are great guitars!
  7. I tried a guitar,one that has caused a great controversy all over message boards everywhere. The guitar i looked at? A Zager Zad80ce, about a 1700 dollar git, wasnt meaning to, i was looking at an old laminated rosewood Gibson Blue Ridge. But, honestly, the Zager was better in every single regard. The controversy stems from the fact that Zager kind of claims to make their guitars in usa, but theyre actually made in Indonesia and finally assembled in America, so made in the usa? Meh, not really. However, i did still want to at least try the guitar to see if it is the total piece of crap some people say or does it make some decent sounds? Well, first impressions was , oh, this is a tiny body! like a 00, so then i figured, i pray its not boxy sounding, most small gits sound like tiny boxes lol. To my surprise, it did not! Not only that but WOW this thing boomed! Like a killer Martin kind of boom. After playing it only about 3 chords in it was painfully obvious this was VASTLY SUPERIOR to my Taylor 214ce deluxe with rosewood back n sides. I mean, not even close, this reminded me of a Martin 000-28. Now, i am certain the brand snobs and country snobs will reply how this git is trash because its not usa made blah blah blah, but i dont think anyone who has actually played the Zad80 can say it does not sound good, it sounds like a 3500 git to me, its boomy with tons of lovely bass, its amazing to think this was only 1700?? It also felt very light, im not sure how good the construction is on these, it felt like it was fragile to be honest. But, the cedar top and rosewood back really resonated well, this was a stage ready instrument 100%. Moral of the story? Well, ive been posting on the Gibson forums 10 years and the best advice ive ever received from the old timers was, forget other peoples reviews, go try the guitars out in person for yourself. You may find that an Epiphone or Zagar or Breedlove plays betters for you than a super expensive be all end all brand. Far too many people on all these message boards get caught up in other people's opinion and not their own. Oh and get this, i bought an epiphone hummingbird last year, it had more sustain than 3 Gibson acoustics i played right next to, those being a j-45, j-15 and dove. So, yea, i still love Gibson, my favorites are dove and j-45s but i keep my mind open to others brands. Did i buy the Zager? Well, no, but would i trade for one? If it sang like the first one? Yes, and ive owned 55 guitars in my 50 years so id certainly acquire one if the opportunity presented itself.
  8. Both Musiciansfriend and Sweetwater and Guitar Center all have platinum cards that dont charge you interest if you pay off the guitar in the slotted time. For example, Sweetwater is offering 36month financing on the j-45 original right now, if you pay it off in 36 months, zero interest and its min payment is only 70 bucks a month. I have both Sweetwater and Muscians friend cards, but Sweetwater is the best, seriously, they do a full 55 point inspection and will even put on new strings if you ask and if they have a used demo model, you can get the 36 month financing on the demo model! While musicians friend is still great, it doesnt always offer the full payment plan on all its open boxed gear. Plus, they dont inspect the git the way Sweetwater does. Also, Sweetwater will even set up your git (i think a small add on price) for you if its a brand like Gibson which occasionally doesnt set up gits well, especially on their electrics. No hate here, ive been a gibson fan for over a decade, but truth be told, their gits arent always set up right out the box. Sorry to sound like an infomercial for Sweetwater, but if you can get their card, id go for it.
  9. Im hoping you are correct, and im tempted to wait for a Demo model to go on sale lol. A lot of people frown upon a used git, but ive gotten many incredible deals this way. I once got a les paul studio for like 500 that way because of a scratch and when it came in, you literally could not see the scratch unless you had a magnifying glass.
  10. So i see Gibson selling Gibson j-45 60s original for about 2500 and 50s original for 2700, i was wondering if anyone has tried them? I had heard the 50s is a canon which kind of bums me out, i was hoping for a dry/mellow/soft tone but a j-45 with a slimmer nut profile than the 1.725 most gibbys come with today. So, the 60s original really appeals to me, but my local gc did not have any in stock so if i buy, im buying sight unseen. Another question is are they braced the same way as the Standard j-45? Other than a slightly different look, im not sure how these differ from a Standard j-45 anyone tried them?
  11. Decide what you want. Dry tones for strumming and rhythm, or Bright tones for finger picking, or versatile. There are true vintage models but also J-35 and the walnut gits they make are pretty versatile, they can pick and strum with amazing consistency. The j-15 can do many styles well, it has most of the volume of a rosewood back without overpowering as much when strummed and finger picks fantastically. But. there is also a series of original 50s and 60s Gibsons out right now that sound and play really good. The 50s j-45s are like 2600 right now and the 60s versions are 2500, they are actually cheaper than the Standard j-45s with more classic looking appointments. So, yeah, you can get the true vintage models on the used market, but these original 50s 60s gibsons terrific! Now, a player like me who prefers a thinner nut width can get a 60s j45 for only 2500! Of all the guitar woods, i believe maple is the hardest to describe. Its a beautiful sounding tonewood, the Dove and the Guild 250 and the Taylor 600 series all make fantasic gits are varying prices and i believe it definitely miscast as a "bright" tonewood. it just shifts its focus and while seemingly brighter than j-45 its nowhere near rosewood, closer to a walnut with a more flashy bottom, less bass but sparkle, its so dang hard to describe lol. When the virus ends, try several gits and a few maples while you are at it! The guild 250 is like 500us dollars, and has a solid spruce top and flamed maple (laminate) back with a pickup, pretty sweet deal for the price. Obviously, budget constraints can effect your choices, but if money was no object, id take a Dove before anything, including a j200. Good luck in your search.
  12. i just came back to the Forums and had knew i had an account with a company like photobucket, but could not remember the name. You just reminded me, thanks.
  13. Thank you so much! it would seem the 2 week thing is overkill, but i dont want to contract anything that would hurt my mother. Truth be told, it should all be dead by the time it arrives by those charts.
  14. Ok, i've been away for a long time so please forgive me if i have not read any recent updates. My mother lives close by and visits often, so i am desperately trying not to get this virus as she is in her late 70s and the last thing i want is to get her sick with something her immune system may not handle well due to age. There are a couple made in China guitars i am currently interested in and i was wondering does anyone know how long the virus can survive on cardboard, and in guitar wood, strings and paper? Can't believe i even i am even asking this but i have thought about purchasing the git and putting it in a closet for two weeks? Would that be an adequate amount of time to kill the virus? Has Gibson or any other major guitar manufacturer discussed this scenario?
  15. First time back in awhile and i was looking at some Gibsons on Sweetwater and they seemed to be cheaper than the last couple years, especially the acoustics! I swear the j200s were well over 5k and now i look on Sweetwater and they're 4500 and i dont see any special kind of sale, so they lower the 2020 models?
  16. Saw them in concert with ozzy back around 84. They were completely drunk and put on a terrible show to be honest. Chuck Berry i saw a few years later and he rocked harder than they did, go figure.
  17. Neck breaks/cracks scare the crap out of me, it could be a money pit. A great project for a luthier, but a luthier i am not.
  18. Ive bought vintage gits before. i just try to stay away from electrics unless someone pulls the pickups, because there are many pitfalls to those. On fenders, you can have parts from 3 differet years even on a git thats never been modded. My last vintage was a Gibson j-50, it was totally unchanged other than a repaired crack, i mostly just like vintage gibsons and martins. I used to sell les pauls, i can tell fakes from the real, i just dont know the vintage les pauls. i wouldnt buy a vintage gibby for the collectible value, i buy for the tone and fun of owning an antique, so its ok if one thing here or there was replaced, a pickguard or a tuner etc. If i have any doubts i usually send pics here or the gibson lounge and people can usually spot fakes, if its a toss up in the comments, i dont buy. i actually did see one gibson a guy was selling at an estate sale he labeled a j-45 and i could tell from pictures its clearly a smaller size body like a lg-1 or something.
  19. I thought a re fret means they take the rosewood off piece by piece and replace it with new wood? i know the seperator of the frets is the metal wire, but isnt a refret replacing wood? am i missing something here?
  20. Oh crap, i just noticed it had a re fret. to me, that kinda kills it. The old frets were almost all brazillian rosewood werent they? The new frets are probably not, sigh.
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