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  1. Youtube has TONS of lessons waiting for you! I've found most things I've wanted help with have been covered; it's an awesome resource. I'd suggest Marty's 'guitarjamzdotcom' account would have dozens to get your teeth into.. http://www.youtube.com/user/guitarjamzdotcom/videos?view=0 There are a few brilliant Orville Johnson lessons; This guy's brilliant; I'm sure there are plenty of others, but maybe these suggestions might interest you. There are also plenty of performances to study, jam tracks to play along with, etc.
  2. If I've not played for a while and get sore fingers again, I find a bit of E45 cream a few times a day takes the edge off the burning. Normally within three days it's no longer a problem as the skin's hardened up enough. (I don't have tough hands to begin with!)
  3. I've seen models with f-holes painted black, and others not painted; there seems to be some inconsistency with that. What fret the neck joins the body is the best way to tell for sure which model it is. Also, the neck is slightly fuller on the IBJL. They're the structural differences. I seem to remember the wiring on the JL was different; that silver casing. It isn't on my standard, so going by what's visible in your photos I'd be inclined to think yours is a JL, personally.
  4. When I played a standard Casino against an IBJL version (with Gibson p90's), the standard was less meaty and more toppy in comparison. The guy in the shop described it well; as if the treble had been turned an extra quarter on the amp. (I bought the standard in the end)
  5. I don't know if you've got an ipod, but I've been using a great 4 track recording app recently. It's called Studio mini. Sound quality is ok from the internal mic actually, but you can get a device to plug in a guitar or proper mic directly. Damon Albarn used it to make a Gorillaz album in an ipad while on tour. You can import the 4 tracks individually into Garageband (and in theory export those back into the ipod as one track, to add 3 more, etc) Not quite 24 tracks(!) but a simple solution I'd recommend. I think it's great.
  6. Local to the UK! Don't think the States has ever appealed much to him. Yes, the other guy (Steve Cradock) uses a Gibson, which I believe Weller bought him. Interesting the 'spots' have been Casinos; presumably the Beatle link gives the model prominence.. I can't recall ever noticing someone using (say) an Epi LP on TV, they're always Gibsons.
  7. Love that! Enjoyed the Radiohead, too. I think I'd throw something by Weller into the hat. He's probably the few people I know to regularly use an Epiphone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5QQEyM7QwE
  8. Gary Clark Jr seems to be a big Epiphone fan... Casinos and Masterbilt acoustics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECbgzgvfG4Y
  9. Vintage Casinos don't have poly finish and join the body at a different fret; obvious differences. I'm finding these vintage spec mods to modern Casino threads very interesting.
  10. Well, standard casinos join the body at a different fret to the Inspired by and have a different paint scheme on the back/neck, which would give away any ebay faking of the more expensive model immediately. (which clearly this isn't) I seem to remember the electrics might have looked completely different, too. It's been interesting to see someone replace a blue label; thanks for posting it. I've thought about it as I think they look better but ultimately like mine being original. Looks harder to get off than I expected! You did a great job with George's strat, too.
  11. Hello. I paid £219 for mine, that's without a case. I think it's a great instrument for the price. The sunburst is WAY better than that of my 09 casino, too. Good luck!
  12. I had my eye on one of these for six months or so but they're almost impossible to find in the uk. I'd decided to get a Hohner parlor in the end but the shop happened to have got an El00 in just days before! I think it's a great guitar. I do wish the nut spaced the strings out better though, so might get that replaced in time. Has anyone noticed much difference after replacing with a tusq saddle or bridge pins?
  13. I'm another happy Casino/ Pathfinder 10 user! Not a tube, but sounds like one. I think they're fabulous sounding amps for the price. I might try the little ACTV one day, which is a tube, but the Pathfinder does everything I need so well.
  14. I looked around for a similar strap for my casino (a standard), and came to the conclusions it was possibly made by Ace as they seemed to be of that period, but who knows who else was in business at the time. I could find old Ace straps online like this one, but not that specific pattern, so maybe not one of theirs. Ultimately I decided 'a strap is all I need' so bought a Planet Waves retro Hendrix pattern. Hippie Straps dot com were the closest to the period rooftop one I could find, though ebay had a few similar patterns as well.
  15. I made this decision last year, and went with the standard in the end. The JL's were hard to come by and it just worked out the only example I could play had a few things that niggled me. I'd say they are a better instrument than the standard though. The neck of the standard is slightly slimmer than the IBJL. For me it felt easier to play. In terms of sound, the JL was meatier; the standard was more toppy in comparison. Good luck!
  16. I'd be too afraid her signature might make my left and right hands fall out with each other and not want to make music anymore.
  17. You've done a great job with that. I've been tempted to do it to my standard sunburst, but put off by the problem of matching the bare wood to the paint colour and finish.
  18. Definitely; I thought the cube had less character to the sound. If you check out the Pathfinder it'd be interesting to hear what you thought. I play a Casino through it and like it best with the overdrive 'just' on, set about 10%. I've seen Youtube videos of Norah Jones using a Pathfinder live.
  19. I'd recommend you try a Vox Pathfinder 10, which is a solid state amp but to my ears has a very tube-ish chime played clean. For the money (£49) I think it's unbeatable, and am very pleased with mine. I've played a friend's Roland Cube but didn't think it had anywhere near the same tone. They also look great!
  20. Thanks for posting that Youtube video; there are one or two others I found on there, too. These are hard to come by the in the UK.
  21. If you get one, could I ask if you'd post some photos please?! I'm thinking of getting one, and most of the photos online are stock.
  22. (postscript) Eureka! It was the string.. the winding around the end under the tailpiece just broke when I was playing.
  23. I made sure I locked under the strings, yes. I'll put a few windings on in future though. A heavier gauge string would probably grip itself better, but I don't want to go any heavier the 009's because of my fingers. (I'm the delicate, artistic type!) I appreciate the suggestion though; thanks.
  24. Thanks for your responses. It's having trouble holding the note when I bring it up again, so I think that rules out foul play or mischief. There's little more beyond one turn of the string, so it slipping sounds a good reason to me. I'll try replacing it and see how it goes before looking at replacing the tuners. I think it's nice to keep it original. Thanks again for the help. I might add a photo of it to the other thread.
  25. I have a four month old standard Casino (Hooray!), which I put D'addario 009's on and play a bit every day. It's held tune perfectly until this morning, when I noticed the top E had dropped quite a lot; it took about eight turns to get it back again. In an ideal world, I'd like to keep it original and not replace things on it, but looking online, a set of Grovers isn't that expensive and something I think I could do myself. So, I'm wondering if anyone might have any advice? Could I fix the standard tuner at all? Would most people just replace them with Grovers? Are they easy to fit?
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