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    New logo?

    Maybe I was a bit confusing in my ramblings, but what you just said totally agrees with what I said. The Pacer is a historical, traditional Kramer guitar. That is exactly the guitar that Kramer should be making. However, under Gibson Kramer is now making guitars like the Assault 220 & 221 and the Pariah. Those guitars have no heritage with the Kramer brand and won't have lots of pull under that name. In short I think Gibson is trying to make Kramer into something it never was. Don't misunderstand what I am saying in that I am not trying to say the products with the Kramer name on them are bad. What I am trying to say here is Gibson is resurrecting a brand name that has not done much for the past 20 years. While bringing this brand back they change the traditional logo and product offering. So why call it Kramer then? There is no brand identification with the logo and little identification with the product offering. As such Gibson could call this brand offering anything they wanted to. I suggested the name Henry would provide as much brand recognition as how the Kramer guitars are being marketed.
  2. studiodtk5

    New logo?

    Well, I can't say that I even knew that Gibson changed the Kramer logo until I read this thread. The old logo was better. Just add this to the list of great marketing moves in the history of Gibson. seriously at this point Kramer only has one thing going for it...1980's heritage. You put a new logo on it and make guitas that aren't from the Kramer heritage, then why use the Kramer name. I mean seriously what weight does the Kramer name have on selling guitars in 2010? You might as well just call it Henry. You are trying to market it from nothing anyway.
  3. Depending on the issues repairing the tremlo and electric components will add to the value. However, the same can not usually be said about finish repairs. Again it all depends on the extend of the issues.
  4. Not much experience with different Gibson Amp models. I have the GA20RVT Minuteman and the GA30RVH Super Goldtone. I like both a lot for different reasons of course. When recording the Minuteman is hard to beat. Put it in a room by itself and put the controls to 10, sweet tone & breakup. Also, it has a different Reverb circuit in that you can turn the normal circuit to 0 and still have reverb coming from the amp, kinda a pre-fader feed type of thing. I like the controls and channel switching abilities of the Super Goldtone. Great modern amp! The ability to turn both channels on at once is awesome. If you have the foot switch, it is like having a five channel amp.
  5. On my Super Goldtone the reverb quit working. I tried to trouble shoot it for a few days and gave up when I couldn't find the problem. I sent to British Audio Service. It is back up and running now. They said that there were some bad JFET transistors in the circuit.
  6. I have been looking for a new case for an ES-125, but I have not been able to locate one. Does anyone know of someone that makes a replacement case for this guitar?
  7. The following is the model number off the reverb tank on my GA-30RVH (head version): Accutronics 8BB2C1A. My Amp was a manufactured (assembled) in the USA. On the inside some of the circuit boards are dated to 2002. I state this because I do not know if Gibson had different versions. Based on information from the accutronics web site (http://www.accutronicsreverb.com/) you will not want the unit noted by CR9. Here is a breakdown of the number system: 8: 8 series unit (short for compact spaces and high quality). It includes 3 sets of springs. The 9 series can work in the Gibson Goldtone. THe 9 is a longer housing with two sets of 3 springs. B: 190 ohm input impedance. B: 2575 ohm output impedance. The C is a 10000 ohm output impedance which wil cause a mismatch. 2: Delay time Medium (1.75 - 3 seconds) C: Connections Input isolated/output grounded. 1: No lock A: Horizontal mounting with open side up. This is key since the reverb tank is mounted to the top of the head. The B is for horizontal mounting with open side down. Since you are in Europe, you will want to contact: EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTORS The Tube Amp Doctor Consumers OR Manufacturers Weinbrennerstr. 1, 67551 Worms, Germany Phone 011-49-(0)-6247-904090 Fax 011-49-(0)-6247-9040928 ah@tubeampdoctor.com
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