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  1. Hello...Its been fun here, but I really need to pack it in...can you delete my account?

  2. Both of those albums are etched into my brain. There isnt one so/so song on either album. Brilliant!
  3. When I see some guys (Not all) posting 20-30 little ditties a day, and then go read some of what they have posted, I have NO doubt in my mind that its done for no other reason then to boost thier post count. Not all of you, some guys around here have appreciated input that helps the forum, but there are a few...and you know who you are.
  4. Oreos taste like crap now compared to how they used to taste. They changed thier formula to get into the no trans fat zone, and it changed everything. The cookie now is brittle and disolves like dust in your mouth. The filling as always is just icing sugar.
  5. Im not on here as much these days to care. lol
  6. Hi Suzie....nice to meet you.

  7. True, but Marshall is the pride of the UK. Its just a nod to its wonderful heritage. I personally like that look.
  8. "Only Fools and Horses" was great!...Im hooked on Corrie too.
  9. I get nausea after playing video games. After only a few minutes I feel sick to my stomach. The old style didnt bother me (Nintendo 64 etc..) It started with the 360 degree gaming systems. Its too bad, I enjoyed them.
  10. Thanks guys. Its my personal e-mail. For some reason text letters go through, but as soon as I attach a picture it gets sent back to me
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