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  1. Apropos of nothing whatsoever...….[blink]

    Glasgow was a renowned  inhospitable and disease ridden place to live until the late 1850's

    Then, thanks to the Victorian era of  'clean water provision'

    Loch Katrine was  dammed and became the source of clean water for Glasgow, allowing it to thrive and become a major world city......

    Set in the beautiful Trossachs area only a stone's throw from Glasgow and Loch Lomond...



  2. Many folks enjoy the 'new strings' sound and spend time and money changing strings often....perhaps for each performance....:blink:


    Personally I am less picky and find several month old strings have played in and are stable for tuning etc


    Makes sense for 12 string guitar in particular


    Nylon strings also take several days to settle in, so will not be changed every week for example....





  3. An excellent 'retrospective' on BBC 4.....presented by the distractingly desirable Fiona Bruce.....[glare]


    Difficult to 'get one's head around' Leonardo's allround genius and contribution to world knowledge , understanding of nature, engineering, art etc etc...…


    Iconic paintings and drawings which have become part of the international psyche.....:blink:





  4. Have dug John's music since the 70's Mahavishnu days.....[thumbup]


    So many superb collaborations over the years...


    No particular favourites, but stand-outs for moi include...


    Free Spirits with Joey deFrancesco and Dennis Chambers


    John plus Kai Eckhardt and Trilok Gurtu…..




    :-({|= (Not forgetting the violinists like Jean Luc Ponty who have moved the posts somewhat...:blink:)

  5. Bonjour and welcome to the forums....[thumbup]


    Notre Dame means a lot to millions across the world....both for it's status in the Catholic Church....and for it's architectural beauty.....


    Good to see some very large donations coming in from wealthy patrons....[thumbup]


    York Cathedral had a serious fire some years ago


    Historic buildings like these run deep in our cultures....





  6. Interesting to compare the many thousands of session and studio players who often work for wages with no credit or recognition


    With the relatively rare session men/women who sought fame and fortune


    Jimmy Page


    John Paul Jones


    Glen Campbell


    Chet Atkins


    John McLaughlin


    Also the great musician and personality Carol Kaye from the Wrecking Crew....making a huge contribution to the popular musical landscape....





  7. Personal journey started with fingers on nylon strings


    Plectrum and fingers on Gibson SG


    Fingers on steel strung 6 and 12 string acoustics.....:blink:


    Currently settled on fingers on nylon strings....thumb pick and 3rd finger pick on 6 and 12 string acoustics


    Dunlop white and clear plastic L thumb pick plus same finger pick


    For some guitars and banjo with closer string to body spacing I file the thumb pick down to avoid hitting the top/vellum....


    Pick Wisely and Often....:-({|=





  8. Open mic's can become a way of life.....[thumbup]


    Some very active ladies and gents in their 60's and 70's playing out 6 or even 7 nights a week....:blink:


    The host can make or break the event


    Sometimes a noisy crowd can be the best....when things veer towards a 'knees up'.....dry.gif


    At an event recently, the crowd were very noisy, the relatively inexperienced host turned up the PA to compensate.....resulting in amplified crowd noise, requiring louder speech to be heard over...…[thumbup]


    Mixing in instruments other than guitars can relieve the monotony sound-wise.....





  9. Glenn Tilbrook is indeed a fine musician and guitarist....


    Ian Broudie….Lightning Seeds and other activities....


    Bert Weedon....so good he was often lampooned by lesser folk.....session man and BBC feature guitarist.....creator of 'A Tune in a Day'....inspiration to millions of young aspiring guitarists, including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Brian May....


    John Lennon is often overlooked..... a powerhouse rhythm player and creator of many memorable riffs and phrases....


    Many more which might spring to mind.....[thumbup]





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