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  1. Interesting character One of Richard Branson's first signings to Virgin Sister Sally is a fine singer too
  2. A well composed picture of a guitar outside in a garden setting can look superb...outdoor natural light is better too.
  3. A White Album classic with a serious message.....lol !!
  4. My 2nd favourite subject...lol Worcester Sauce was invented in Worcester, England A beautiful riverside town in the mid 1800's by Mr Lea and Mr Perrin Brown Sauce is a generic term for a more viscous Medium hot savoury sauce epitomised by the brand HP....originating from Nottingham, England Made for a long time in a famous factory in Birmingham, England Until the owner Heinz rationalised production to the Netherlands In 2007 The brand HP alludes to Houses of Parliament where it was/is popular Ketchup is a familiar term in the civilised world Mainly Tomato Ketchup as enjoyed by Columbo et al, Brown Sauce is often referred to as Brown Ketchup And provides a hotter/spicier counterpoint to the Mild slightly sweet Tomato Ketchup. Most Cafes and Greasy Diners here have Vinegar,Red Ketchup and Brown Ketchup And Salt/Pepper cruet to satisfy every possible 'added taste' desire Of their sophisticated clientele.
  5. That's a lovely vintage waggle-bar. The Firebird I never seems to get a look in....
  6. Andy Summers is rarely mentioned As a true genius of guitar Often overshadowed by Sting's talent as a songwriter Andy I think brought an original tonal palette And use of 'space' to those timeless Police classics.
  7. Yes I agree Brian is given due credit But Freddie was a terrific keyboard man With lots of good harmonic ideas Together they were fantastic....
  8. Sir Walter Raleigh Has got a lot to answer for.
  9. Are we talking super demo type work here Or is there more involved?
  10. Gary was a hugely precocious Talent in the 70's With Skid Row It was his 'Wooly Hat' period....
  11. Beautiful guitar Is it a P90 or H/B? Is it a lefty too? Looks not that old from the pic
  12. Yes there is a vinegar component to it...like most savoury sauces But it is more versatile (sic) than that A melange of herbs and spice Suitable for sploshing onto most fried fast foods And for the experimental cooks hereon Can uplift and add poetry to Stews, soups, curries...almost anything That you can shake a stick at....
  13. It's a tough job....but somebody's got to do it It's called Self Assessment
  14. Somerset Maugham was a great and intelligent writer...similar to Noel Coward he used to lampoon 'Britishness' as was the trend for self deprecation in those days.
  15. Interesting point Could be a number of things Small size=trebly tones which can be perceived as 'loud' I have a yamaha 12 string which seems to be getting louder It is 20yrs old now Heavy strings make for more volume The ageing of the wood could increase response and volume Perhaps by drying out and becoming more 'springy'.
  16. Nice one !! I can smell the fried taste....is it a Little Chef Big Breakfast, as I suspect?
  17. I feel moved to support English cuisine...there are many classic dishes mixed in with other World foods on most restaurant menus. Roast beef or lamb, fish prepared in various ways, cakes and desserts too numerous to mention. Curry houses are hugely popular...a British invention really taking off with Indian immigration in the mid 20th century.
  18. The basic concept is sound I was under the impression that most People nowadays knew that red sauce was better Than brown in this context I often also bring fried sliced mushrooms Into the equation (with or without sauce). This, I venture to suggest, is Haute Cuisine. Footnote: Always use white bread....not that namby pamby wholegrain 'healthy' stuff.
  19. Great posts...!! Benny Goodman was A lucky man indeed....!!
  20. Devil's Advocate Forget the Night Train Get a Vox AC30 1x12 Or a Laney VC30 1x12 Nice combos.....
  21. Everybody should study G&S I saw many D'Oyly Carte productions in the 80's Great tunes, humour etc My favourite is the Mikado Elliptical billiard balls etc....!!
  22. Do it....7 strings are cool They have an extra string.... Who enjoys a low B5...?
  23. I have this video It is inspirational....
  24. Bebop meets Manouche I like it !!
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