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  1. Thanks for reminding me...!! Zep's III and IV are my favourites Good to hear the accoustic counterpoint....
  2. Yes you are right there Joe Pass had the most fantastic Ear for solo lines And harmony too....!!
  3. mmmmmm whatever Try flourescent nail varnish With EVH licks......
  4. These are great guitars Check out the Gordon Smith too I have a single bridge 90 which.... Is excellent.
  5. The epitomy of cool is to ignore one's audience.
  6. I had the Peavey a few years ago It was nice...looked good...hummed a bit And no reverb I've now gone 'Voxy' with a Laney equivalent Seems punchier with a wider tonal palette But I might be slightly UK biased...lol
  7. I know and like some of the previous posts I'm a diehard Beatles and Police nut Probably the White Album does it for me Apart from that ghastly Yoko Ono section Regatta de Blanc I can enjoy many times over And currently Free Spirits with John McLaughlin Bears repeated listening
  8. I'm a sucker for a Gretsch...Brian Setzer is a great player too...
  9. That guitar is too shiny for words....
  10. That Casino is too gorgeous for words....
  11. How could anybody even think of drilling into that top? Oh well...each to their own !!
  12. Yes a great selection Plus Herb Ellis and Joe Pass
  13. Thanks for a great post It is, as you suggest, wild Some jive... Was Gene Kelly involved?...
  14. Thankyou for these posts This item could grow and grow Lots of great jazz played on Gibson guitars From the 'first electric man' Charlie Christian Onwards I nominate Wes as 'the' soulful player Any other ideas?
  15. An interesting subject to say the least !! I have experimented every which way on various guitars down to 9's (Ernie Ball) on a Sheraton for bendy bits 9's and 10's on a dot 335 both 13's and down to 10's on an ES175 For some reason 10's can feel quite heavy on occasion 12's on a hollow semi can be really good for that extra 'airy' tone Moving bridges can be a problem (if floating) on semis with light strings It can be nice to 'dig in hard' with heavy strings on any guitar But bends can be awkward and the 'wound 3rd' issue comes to the fore
  16. Hats are very important for image We currently have 'anti hats' Knitted woollen hats Which apparently are cool Some older gentlemen wear Waxed cotton hats Which are totally uncool but excel at keeping the head dry.
  17. Gretschs can be an aquired taste...I find the filtertrons difficult to get on with but love the dynasonics to bits.
  18. A very exciting thing to do Buy your first guitar(s) In my opinion (if you have the space and commitment) Is to purchase a comfortable size accoustic Steel strung or nylon depending on desired music styles Yamaha seem to offer a real value/quality advantage And an electric guitar to go crazy with for added motivation Fender Strat or Tele...Mexico/Japan/Taiwan Epiphone LP or 335 Vox VT30 or Roland Cube amp Equipment you can grow with All for $1500 or so.
  19. We live in a sanitised digital era I remember when nice vinyl lp's and cassettes gave way To not so nice glassy CD's with 'perfect' noiseless reproduction Dangerous valve amps became nasty transistor amps Thankfully only for a short period The retro 60's etc thing has firmly taken hold Sometimes plywood sounds better than solid Excuse the random thought (think ES175) The old 'needs must' days were character forming.....
  20. I love Strats since Hank and Buddy I love Teles since Luther and Jeff I love Gibsons since Charlie and John I hate aged faux instruments Until I played a top price, aged SRV Strat in a shop with heavy strings It was superb.....
  21. Yoko always was beyond the pale I'd better not say anything Too discourteous though.
  22. Be prepared for hard work And nerves...initially !! Draw up a schedule Have a load of fun Post something here please !!
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