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  1. Thankyou so much for this post My all-time favourite 'Dan' track Do you happen to know who took the solo On the semi?
  2. 'Janet loves Versatile...who reciprocates in full measure' Recently discovered Stone Age graffiti in Middle Europe.
  3. I enjoy Monty Python Therefore by definition I enjoy Spam....
  4. Many modern (and older) song lyrics are silly/amusing/surreal How about Marezy Doats and Dozy Doats? Paul Simon (solo) writes some surreal lyrics : 'It was Sunny Day' etc. Paul McCartney 'Rocky Racoon' etc has great humour in a lot of his songs Long may it be so....
  5. Yes great fun...written for a laugh...some jazz people had great senses of humour !!
  6. Yes they are terrific...bring jazz sensibilities into a popular arena with humour and originality. Their music is as fresh today as when it first came out.
  7. You are completely missing the point This song (and Elvis in general) Was all about good time Dangerous Swivel Hip...Lock up your Daughters Music Somebody must have liked it It sold by the truckload !! Try 'The Ooby Dooby' by Roy Orbison....
  8. Remember the guitar is the best substitute This kind of thing could only happen in America....
  9. Yes I agree...huge respect to Johnny...bridging the gap between blues and rock...and those Firebirds are desirable....
  10. Happy Birthday....I'm a Rioja man myself Cheers...Salut...Bon Jovi...etc !!
  11. The National Anthem...to set the appropriate respectful tone Drink up thee Cider...to encourage and promote the drinking of cider Rivers of Whisky...similar for whisky Any song that mentions beer...
  12. Mark is a great and original guitarist Good acoustically and great electrically Chet Atkins style lives on !!
  13. Waffles can hold their own against Pancakes with the right sponsorship....in addition to which, a Waffle comes to life with Creme Chantilly.
  14. Establishing the key comes with experience....sometimes but not always the first chord. Some tunes move through more than one key (just to confuse the issue!) With experience you can look for chord patterns which belong in a particular key. One clue can be to look for dominant 7th chords which are the 5th of the key ie B7 places the key as E (could be major or minor). Blues can confuse (yes I am a poet too) as often all the chords are 7th chords. Reading a music score will always indicate the key with the key signature at the beginning, but major and minor need a little more understanding. It's worth a bit of study and begs the eternal question...whether to learn to read music and study some basic theory.
  15. Fear not...these semis are lovely and not an age thing....some gypsy jazzers play them from 10yrs upwards. Start mild with a 335 then progress in stages to a big fat L5 or Scottie Moore type....Air Rocks !!
  16. It could be good....or it could be bad. Either way it will be good....
  17. I have found curly cables can affect tone and even add hum. They have a role to play though in facilitating artistic movement/dancing etc without the inconvenience of tripping over and looking foolish (although even that can look cool). Check out Dr Feelgood for inspiration.....
  18. I feel your pain Jedi...I had something similar with an amp recently : very noisy hums etc...none of my other equipment suffered....back to the dealer, plugs in no problem...huge embarrassment. Dealer suggested check grounding and cable. I messed with cable and found that proximity had an influence but was able to eliminate the problem thus. Shows how sensitive things can be. Enjoy your Firebird...sex on a stick....!!
  19. From your pics I infer that you like basses....correct me if I'm wrong. They look great, I want them....that SG is very nice.
  20. Yes a treble boost can be remarkably effective whilst retaining the basic sound character.
  21. Spread a little happiness....give and ye shall receive...can't remember where I read that !!
  22. Hi there...common sense prevails as ever !! It could be a good deal...helps if you can establish history/usage etc. Outward condition to start with...what age and has it been retubed...are there receipts for servicing? Beware stuff that seems too cheap, and of course no crime has been committed along the line...an original purchase receipt would be ideal.....Good Luck !!
  23. The Jazzmaster is a great guitar...unique tone and feel...and very cool looks.
  24. Yes you make a very good point there...wood will go it's own way if you allow it !! Some sort of stability has to be built into the guitar.
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